Posted by: adrianwerner | February 18, 2009

Update (Feb 18 2008)


Battle Group Commander: Episode One
New hardcore realistic wargame from ProSIM (makers of BTC Commander, Air Assault Task Force and Armored Task Force, all three got 8+ scores at PCGamer, those games aren’t for everybody, but those who are into extreme depth and realism love them)

World of Battles
PvP centered MMORTS from Frogwares (makers of Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games)

Gratuitous Space Battles
2D space RTS from Positech Software (maker of Kudos and Democracy series)

Airborne Assault:Battles From The Bulge
Airborne Assault is one of the best wargames series PCgaming ever had. Despite it’s hardcore nature it has gathered acclaim even from mainstream press (PCgamer have AA:Red Devils Over Arnhem 87%, AA:Highway to the Reich got 89% and the most recent one AA:Conquest of Aengan recieved 84%), from specialised sites and from gamers (Conquest of Aengan won Wargamer’s Readers Choice Game of the year). Wargaming doesn’t get much better than this series.

Stalin vs Martians

Chocolatier: Decadence by Design
Highly polished business simulation. Thought-provoking gameplay. Great story, characters and environments. Many different kinds of recipes9.0 from GameZebo

Boonka offers a fresh look at a packed genre. Don’t let the cutesy graphics fool you. This is a robust match-three that stacks up against any of them, and will hopefully Super Crushka its way into your casual game library.8.0 from GameZebo

Funky Farm 2: Farm Fresh
A slick combination of click- and money-management (…) people looking for something beyond a basic click-management game should check out Funky Farm 2.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Nick Chase: A Detective Story
verall, though, HOG and adventure fans should feel this game is worth the investment. Some mini-games accessible from the main menu (and different than the ones during the game) add some replayability, too, including clever clones of Pong and Breakout (a.k.a. Arkanoid). Be sure to download Nick Chase to “investigate” its worth during the free trial.7.5 from GameZebo

Delta Force X2
A follow up to Delta Force Xtreme, but unlike it’s predecessor it’s not a remake. Instead it will be all original missions, all new maps and terrains ( plus all the old terrains as well)

Terminator Salvation
Yes, it’s a movie game, but this one has a good developer (GRIN, responsible for PC GRAW 1-2 and Bionic COmmando Rearmed) behind it.

2009 MODS

Fighter Squadron – World War One 1.5 for Fighter Squadron: Screamin’ Demons Over Europe
Three parts mod that turns this WWII sim into WWI game. Just be sure to read the install instruction and install the 3 mods in proper order!.

Heroes Unleashed for Ghost Recon
A the redux of popular content that has been introduced to the game by various other mods in the past. It’s a huge package that offers more than 100 maps and missions available in single and multiplayer mode and offers over 200 different weapons to choose from

2009 FREEWARE games
Cave Demon
Action game where you fight against monsters by throwing a ball. The twist are combo kills, ie: if monsters are touching eachother then one hit will destroy all of them at once.

Infinite Chamber
Infinite Chamber is a challenging little number from Bulortio. Your task is to get from one side of the playing field to the other… and then back again… and then back the other way… et al. What starts off as a simple platformer begins to get rather more difficult after a while and it’s genuinely interesting to see how far you can get. All kinds of randomly-generated obstacles get involved, including disappearing blocks, fireballs and flickering lights.– Indiegames

Left 4k Dead
A top-down 4KB variation on Left 4 Dead

Restrainig Order
Yes, you play as a wacko who’s chasing poor women while avoiding being catched by police 😀

Super Mafia Land
Super Mafia Land is an amusing take on the classic Super Mario Bros 2, turnip-pulling and all, but with an added Mafia storyline going on.– Indiegames

Descent is a new platformer created by the developer of the Visit series, where complicated moves such as air jumps, spring jumps and ledge grabbing must be mastered if you are to stand any chance of completing the game. Players assume control over an unnamed character who has to explore winding corridors and climb down pits, so that he or she could discover what lies at the bottom of this massive cave.– Indiegames

Gang Garrison v2.0
Awesome demake of Team Fortress 2. Simply brilliant.

I Love You
I Love You is a 2D platformer created for increpare’s friendly Love Letter Competition, a contest where participating developers will attempt to code a full game in under two weeks as a present to their loved ones. There is a puzzle near the end that might require some thought to solve, but the adventure itself is rather short and won’t pose too much of a challenge for anyone to complete.The game is intended for mature audiences only.– Indiegames

Jump on Mushrooms: The Game
A short 2D platformer created by Hempuli (FIG) in under two days, where players would have to retrace their steps around each level based on the number of coins collected and the location of every mushroom men they’ve squashed. Players can jump as high as they like, although touching the ceiling will cause the protagonist to fall. Fall from too high, and you would have to replay the level from the start. Some understanding of how physics work in Mario’s universe is required to overcome many of the obstacles in this adventure– Indiegames

Classic Night
Classic Night is a strategy game with arcade elements, where players are asked to help a talking moon grow brighter by constructing utilities or buildings which give off light. Light from flowers and structures can then be collected as the main resource for upgrades or new constructions.– Indiegames

The Space Game
A space-based RTS, very fun, even if it is a big Harvest rip-off 😀

30 Second Hero
An action RPG which consists of really short battles that require no interaction, as players race against the clock to save the kingdom from an evil wizard’s wrath. As indicated by the title, you only have thirty seconds to level up your character sufficiently for the final battle, although additional time can be bought from the castle at the cost of a hundred gold pieces per increment of ten seconds.– Indiegames

Exit Fate
Epic singleplayer RPG inspired by SNES jRPGs

Block Drop
Uniquely engaging, captivating and relaxing—all of these things in an enjoyable puzzle game with great replay value besides.– Jay is Games

“An experimental game for two players, one using the left shift key and the other using the right shift key. the goal is to collect 400 points. a counter in the middle of the screen keeps increasing, and whichever player presses her key first gets those points added to her total. you want to press the key before your opponent does, but you also want to hold out as long as possible before doing so. read your opponent, intimidate her, distract her, press your button right before she’s about to press hers.”

Mirror Image
Another quality puzzler from Nitronome

Colour My Heart
Colour My Heart is a short adventure game with easy puzzles to solve, and takes only a couple of minutes to play from start to end. Note that certain objects can be clicked on for surprising or amusing results, as the developer had made no effort to mention this inside the game.– Indiegames

Neverending Light
An exploration game set in dark caves where your main weapons are: your flashlight and wits. It’s Part 1 out of 3 and I sure hope the author will make the remaining two, because I had a blast with it.

Exploration game with light puzzle elements. It’s barely tech demo, but it’s just so damn atmospheric and unique that everybody should try it.

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