Total War: Shogun 2
Longtime fans will surely find a lot that’s familiar in Shogun 2, but will also find Creative Assembly’s most polished, well-presented and playable version of its Total War franchise. Shogun 2 is an expertly tuned turn-based strategy game filled with exhilarating real-time tactical battles against a capable artificial intelligence or others online. With a gigantic multiplayer suite and fantastic visuals and sound, Shogun 2 is a high point for the Total War series, featuring a staggering attention to detail and immensely satisfying gameplay.9.0 from IGN

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy is a game for history buffs and war game enthusiasts. If this is your bent, you will not find a more enthralling and historically accurate game9.0 from NZGamer.

Anno 2070
Dropping the familiar strategic economy simulation and city building gameplay into a new future setting really refreshes the franchise, but it’s great to see that beneath its gorgeous new sci-fi sheen, Anno 2070 isn’t simply a re-skinned version of its predecessors. While the many of the core elements remain intact, the new ecological focus adds a lot to the gameplay. Sure, I was lured in by Anno 2070’s good looks, but its brains and depth that make this one a real beauty. She’s a keeper. – 8.5 from IGN

Frozen Synapse
Instead of the drawn-out affairs so common to the turn-based strategy genre, Frozen Synapse delivers brisk tactical encounters that are loaded with risk and excitement. The subtle tension that builds as strategic plans are hashed out and executed simultaneously on the battlefield is priceless, resulting in a fresh, chaotic experience you’ll want to dive into over and over again.8.5 from IGN

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution
Dawn of War 2 – Retribution is a great strategy game, and at its price point of $30 there’s simply no excuse not to pick it up if you’re a fan of the series or have been curious to check it out. It makes warfare into something violently beautiful, and pays homage to the nerdy lore that Warhammer fans like me can’t get enough of.8.5 from IGN

The Sims Medieval
The Sims Medieval has successfully breathed new life into a franchise that was getting pretty stale. The Medieval setting combined with the streamlined gameplay and quests create an evolved Sims experience that feels deeper and much more fun than any of the other recent Sims games. If you’ve given up on The Sims, you’d be smart to give The Sims Medieval a try. Even with its minor flaws, The Sims Medieval mixes a great sense of humor with simple role-playing game mechanics that result in hours of fun.8.5 from IGN

Cities in Motion
Cities in Motion is a very good traffic and transit planning simulation.(…) Overall, fans of transit simulations will be quite pleased with Cities in Motion, and for only $20, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.8.5 from Out of Eight

Might and Magic Heroes VI
Might and Magic Heroes VI may have some issues with battlefield tactics in the late game and its story, but the strategy remains a blast nonetheless. Near infinite hours of gameplay await, and anyone looking for a well-made and addictive turn-based strategy game need go no further than this. –8 .0 from IGN

Panzer Corps
Panzer Corps is a great turn-based strategic wargame that captures Panzer General’s deep and involving classic gameplay. 8.0 from Gamespot

Men of War: Assault Squad
When you get right down to it, Men of War: Assault Squad is a tactical WWII RTS game for those who have mastered the somewhat easier-to-handle Company of Heroes. This is a challenging battlefield experience somewhat closer to a wargame than to a traditional RTS game and as such is geared to more of a hardcore crowd. It isn’t such a great option for tank rushers who don’t have a lot of time to spare to learn combined-arms intricacies. Be aware of these demands going in, and you will have a great time refighting this war.8.0 from Gamespot

Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a clever twist on tower defense that will rope back in gamers that think they’ve had enough of the well-worn formula. The balancing act between action and strategy is nicely tuned. Even when the firefights are ferocious, you’re still thinking about adjusting routes and how to smartly deploy precious power-ups so you don’t run dry later in the mission. And to top it all off, Anomaly’s good story and great locations give you constant reasons to fight. You always want to see what happens next. Thankfully, the gameplay itself is strong enough to bring you back even after the final act.8.0 from IGN

Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: The German-Soviet War 1941-1945 Review
The best thing about War in the East is the sheer scale of the game, almost perfectly simulating in intense struggle for Russia during World War II(…) If you ever wanted a game that simulates the enormous size of World War II, then this is your calling.7.5 from Out of Eight

Men of War: Vietnam
If you’ve never played a Men of War game before, Vietnam is as good a place to start as any. There’s an incredible depth to the tactical options available, and single-player scenarios are clever, challenging and varied. It’s far from a perfect game — inconsistent AI, a campaign that borders on the short side, and limited multiplayer options certainly hamper the experience — but there’s a lot of challenging satisfaction to be found beneath the thick jungle canopy.  7.0 from IGN

Age of Empires Online
For all its flaws, I can’t help but like Age of Empires Online. Caught somewhere between massively-multiplayer online role-playing game and hardcore competitive real-time strategy, Age of Empires Online delivers some of the most addictive parts of both. Some sloppy mechanics and balance and reward issues detract from the core Age of Empires experience, but not to the point that it’s not worth playing. It’s definitely worth trying the free experience, because if you like that, the premium packs just make everything better. – 7.0 from IGN

The first few times I tried Sengoku, I was lost, but the more I played this game, the more I enjoyed it. – 7.0 from PC Gamer UK

Atom Zombie Smasher
You’re unlikely to get more than a handful of campaigns in before your interest in AZS begins to wane, but that should be more than enough to get your money’s worth.  – 7.0 from Eurogamer.

Battle of Kingdoms
MMO game inspired by Defense of the Ancients, made by creators of DotA Chaos.

Stellar Impact
Space-based DotA-like game.

Stronghold Kingdoms
Browser adaptation of Firefly Studios’ most well know series.

The Settlers Online
Browser adaptation of classic series.

Dungeon Empires
Browser game inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Overlord
Browser game inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Cultures Online
Browser version of popular city building series.

World Supremacy
Turn based “conquer the world” grand strategy game from Malfador Machinations, makers of Space Empires series.

Patrician IV: Rise of a Dynasty
First expansion pack to the best trading game of recent years. Adds a ton of new content and multiplayer mode.



Star Wars: The Old Republic
I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Old Republic is a stand-out, wonderfully crafted MMO. The story elements deliver on every front, the vocal performances are excellent, and some genuinely clever innovations have been applied to PvP combat. There’s also a massive volume of content to keep you hooked for a long time. (…) BioWare has a lot of room for improvement and expansion, and I’m really excited to see where The Old Republic goes in the next few years. You should be, too.9.0 from IGN

Trion has come out of the gate swinging with Rift. There are flaws — it’s a game that will overwhelm anyone who hasn’t experienced an MMO before, and it brings little new to the genre — but to my mind the quality of the content, the detail of the world, and Trion’s excellent early support outweigh those flaws. There’s a steep learning curve, but once you’re comfortable with what Rift offers, you will find a deeply immersive experience. Telara is a worthy alternative to Azeroth for anyone looking to explore a new world. 8.5 from IGN

Drakensang: The River of Time
It’s not fancy, but Drakensang: The River of Time is a well-made RPG in the tradition of the genre’s classics. – 8.0 from PCGamer

Avadon: The Black Fortress
Avadon: The Black Fortress is like a time capsule waiting to be unlocked. The sparse visuals, uncompromising interface, and lack of tutorials will likely prevent those who cling to polygons and sweeping orchestral themes from embarking on its adventure. But those who venture into Avadon with an open mind will be transported to one of the richest fantasy worlds to grace gaming in many years. They just don’t make games like this anymore. New RPG from makers of Geneforge and Avernum series. This time Spiderweb finally has completely redesigned their graphics system.- 8.0 from GamePro

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
Mount & Blade is far from the perfect series. It’s buggy, ugly as sin and extremely difficult to advance through successfully, but it offers a huge amount of enjoyment to players who are willing to stick it through. That said, With Fire & Sword’s storyline doesn’t impact the core game in a meaningful way, and the addition of firearms, in my experience, is a detriment, making progression even harder than before. There’s still a lot of good here, and if you haven’t played Mount & Blade before then this is a fine place to start, but for fans of the series, Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword simply isn’t a must-have expansion.7.5 from IGN

Playing Magicka isn’t about going through the motions with a control scheme you’ve used a thousand times before. It requires some reflex training that can reward you with wildly entertaining success on the field of battle. Unfortunately, Arrowhead’s game is in need of patching at the time of this review, and bugs, crashes and connectivity issues occur with regularity. Even so, with a level-headed team of four, Magicka’s cooperative action is entrancing chaos. It’s rare for a game to feel this mechanically satisfying.7.0 from IGN

There are some really great things about Darkspore. The vast amount of customization options and the simple but fun battle system kept me interested enough to overlook the poor execution of story. – 7.0 from IGN

Drakensang Online
Cooperative online RPG.



Gemini Rue
Having done all the writing, animation and programming himself, Gemini Rue took Josh Nuernberger a total of three years to make—the same amount of time it takes some triple-A titles to hit the shelves. If only more triple-A games turned out this well. With (for the most part) seamless, intuitive gameplay, impressive atmosphere and one of most well-crafted and interesting storylines seen in recent years, Gemini Rue is a game not just for adventure fans, but for anyone who loves a good, gritty yarn.9/0 from IGN

Black Mirror III
Black Mirror III is a thoroughly satisfying ending to this dark mystery trilogy and an impressive game in its own right.8.0 from Adventuregamers

Gray Matter
New adventure game from the empress of the genre: Jane Jansen (creator of Gabriel Knight series)

Vampyre Story 2: A Bat’s Tale
Sequel to one of the best adventure games of 2008

The Next Big Thing
New adventure game from Pendulo Studios. The last game from this team (Runaway: A Twist of fate) scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising
The first one got 7.5 from Gamespot

The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales: the cattle’s chronicle.
Prequel to humoristic adventure game that scored 90% on Adventure-treff, 91% at Adventurecorner.de and 85% from Gamestar, making it one of highest rated adventure games in germany in years)

Blackwell Deception
Fourth entry in popular adventure series.


Shades of Violet: Episode 1 – Tale of the Clockwork Princess
Indie steampunk adventure game

Edna and Harvey: The Breakout
An english version of one of best german adventure games of 2008 (it gathered 84% average of scores from german sites and magazines, including 83% at Adventure-Treff and 87% at Adventurecorner)

New puzzle game from makers of Void and Pathologic.



Though on the surface it looks like just another “me too” indie game seeking to ride the coattails of Minecraft’s success, Terraria expands on the familiar sandbox gameplay with a greater emphasis on combat and adventure that proves very satisfying. Fresh elements – like an absurdly expansive weapon crafting system, a broader scope of monsters to battle, and a slick retro 2D presentation – make it a stand out among the pack. Hell, it took all the resolve I could muster just to shut the game down long enough to write this review. That’s rare indeed.9.0 from IGN

Inside a Star-filled Sky Review
Inside a Star-Filled Sky is a rare game. It’s satisfying to play as an increasingly complex and difficult shooter. It’s also a mechanical metaphor, a segmented view of the infinite, broken into the simplest possible form. The subject of infinity is beyond our understanding, but it has isolated aspects that we can break down into individual pieces Inside a Star-Filled Sky is a small segmented recording of infinity, filled with endless variations that all struggle against the limit of our linear brains and lives.9.0 from IGN

From the splash screen down to the final credits, it’s evident that a huge amount of TLC was poured into crafting Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony. It’s an accessible, punchy shooter with some clever mechanics at play and a surprising level of depth hiding beneath the 16-bit surface. The level of polish found in the graphics and gameplay alike is outstanding for an indie title. Peculiar ideas and inventive mechanics make this quirky bullet-hell shooter a frenzied, fun affair.8.5 from IGN

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Death is fast and frequent in Red Orchestra 2. Tripwire’s World War II shooter distances itself from the rest of the genre with a realistic style of gameplay set in gigantic, detailed maps. The single-player component is a waste of time thanks to unreliable artificial intelligence, but the online experience against real players can be outstanding. Glitches do pop up, but they’re tolerable given everything Red Orchestra 2 has to offer. With such a thin line between life and death, every shot you fire and every move you make has significance. In Red Orchestra 2 carelessness is swiftly punished and careful positioning and teamwork ultimately rewarded. It’s a game for the patient, and despite its slower pace, no less exhilarating than any other shooter on the market.8.0 from IGN

Bloodline Champions
Bloodline Champions is similar to the idea behind Unreal Tournament: a game that thrives on player competition without levels or endless character attribute tweaking bogging it down. Stunlock’s game largely succeeds, and though it’s not the prettiest piece of software on the planet, it’s definitely one of the most entertaining. The player community isn’t as populated as it probably should be, but finding matches is usually no problem, especially if you play in the evenings. Considering it’s free, I heartily recommend everyone who enjoys player-vs.-player competition to download it and at least give it a shot.8.0 from IGN

A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda
I liked A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, and if you’re into old-school action-platformers or Mega Man X-like titles, you probably will too. The game can be difficult, and although it’s short, the overall A.R.E.S. experience promises to be episodically delivered.7.5 from IGN

Hard Reset
Though a limited in many ways, it’s still easy to have a good time with Hard Reset. It’s a classically styled shooter where your main concern is how to blow stuff up as fast as possible without losing all your health. The disposable story and flat characters shouldn’t be surprising for a game like this, but other issues like a the lack of enemy variety and short overall length are disappointing. Despite that, the versatility of the weapon system and flashy visuals make Flying Wild Hog’s product exciting from beginning to end. If all you’re looking to do is shoot at things and watch them break apart into pretty pieces, you’ll get what you want in Hard Reset.7.5 from IGN

Night Sky
NightSky is a nice place to visit. The physics-based gameplay is clever, but the real draws are the beautiful scenery and the ambient electronic soundtrack. It’s recognizable at a glance, which isn’t something that can be said for every game.7.5 from IGN

Indie first person platformer.

Ougon Musou Kyoku
Fighting game using characters from popular visual novel series.

A mix of Asteroids-like arcade shooter and DotA gameplay.

Rusty Hearts
Action fighting MMO.

Interesting mix of FPP action and tower defense, running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Dead meets Lead
Indie zombie action game.

Blitz 1941
MMO Tank action game with light simulation elements from the makers of Navy Fields (it was similiar MMO action game with sim elements)

Spiral Knights
Cooperative F2P Action-adventure from Sega and Three Rings (makers of Puzzle pirates)

Unique puzzle platformer, which was awarded Best Overall Game and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards 2008.

Battlefield Play4Free
Free to play entry in classic FPS franchise.

Indie FPS/RPG hybrid running on Source engine. People who work on it previously made great Half-Life mod called Syndicate Black Ops

Ground Branch
Tactical shooter from Blackfoot( which is composed of RainbowSix, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon leads)\



out of park baseball 11
If you already own last year’s game, OOTP11 is not an essential purchase. But with that said, this year’s game does more than just tread water with its many incremental steps forward. The interface is the most user friendly it has ever been, MLB players out of the box is a great addition, and the historical enhancements make for more accurate season replays than ever offered before by an OOTP game. So even if you don’t need this sequel, you likely want it, and for most diehard baseball simmers, that will be enough.7.5 from Gamespot

Deluxe Ski Jump 4
New entry in the classic indie ski jumping series.

New Star Soccer 5
New entry in the best indie soccer franchise.

Fritz 13
New edition of the best chess program around.



Trackmania 2: Canyon
The best PC arcade racer is back with brand new engine and even more moddability



DCS: A-10C Warthog
DCS: A10C Warthog is a tremendously – and at times obscenely – demanding game. You will experience cranial overload, and you will, unless you’re a devout ED disciple, curse the developer for being so damned cryptic. But for those who favor stepping into the shoes of a real pilot who flies but a single plane, and for those who are willing to commit fully to a program that may well take months to evolve, this is the current peak of the genre.8/0 from IGN

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Follow-up to one of the greatest flight sims ever made. Broken at release though, but one day it will be great sim.

World of Tanks
A MMO PvP tank combat game set in World War 2 setting from Wargaming.net,akers of Massive Assault (8.4 from IGN) and upcoming Order of War

Battlestar Galactica Online
Space combat MMO

Black Prophecy
SF space MMO.



As much mental workout as excellent puzzle game, SpaceChem challenges and entertains, plus it has an engaging story.89 from PC Gamer

Revenge of the Titans!
Tower defense game from Puppy Games, makers of Droid Assault, Titan Attack and Ultratron.


Portal 2
The original Portal benefitted from its brevity. It had a concise story paired with inventive first-person puzzle mechanics that challenged you to be creative while pulling the trigger. Portal 2 makes the original look like the prototype it was. It’s filled with a larger cast of characters vividly brought to life through brilliant writing and some of the best voice acting in video games. Its puzzles are challenging without being unreasonable, and, once you’re finished with the single-player mode, one of the best co-operative experiences on the market awaits. Valve cuts no corners and finds ways to make you care about everything from the major characters to the cubes used to solve puzzles. From the beginning of the single-player story to the end of the co-op mode, Portal 2 is a novel, unforgettable experience.9.5 from IGN

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
It’s difficult to ever feel completely satisfied with a play session of Skyrim. There’s always one more pressing quest, one more unexplored tract of land, one more skill to increase, one more butterfly to catch. It’s a mesmerizing game that draws you into an finely crafted fictional space packed with content that consistently surprises. The changes made since Oblivion are many, and result in a more focused and sensible style of play, where the effects of every decision are easily seen. Featuring the same kind of thrilling freedom of choice The Elder Scrolls series is known for along with beautiful visuals and a stirring soundtrack, playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced. 9.5 from IGN

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
The Witcher 2 is a dense, deep role-playing experience where your decisions have a significant impact on not only the structure of individual quests but also the direction of the main plot. Its world is stunningly realized with beautiful effects and an obsessive attention to detail. The plot stubbornly refuses to slow down and often unexpectedly spirals into crescendos of betrayals and wild revelations involving a huge cast of scheming characters who don’t feel like tired video game stereotypes; they feel human. Combined with the remarkable environment design and to a lesser degree the decent writing and voice acting, the atmosphere of The Witcher 2 is one of unrivaled authenticity. The fast-paced swords and sorcery combat system, though not without quirks, provides plenty of entertainment, and the crafting and alchemy systems mean there’s incentive to explore and collect. The Witcher 2 is alternately offensive and endearing, grimy and gorgeous, and never ceases to surprise. It’s one of the great titles of 2011, and one of the best role-playing games in years.9.0 from IGN

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
While Deus Ex: Human Revolution can’t be the revelation that Deus Ex was in 2000, it’s an achievement nonetheless. It’s a visionary, considered piece of work, and while my thoughts drift to the things that could have been and the compromises made due to the possibilities of video games in 2011, they’re just as quick to consider playing through it again. Human Revolution is a smart, rewarding piece of transhumanist noir that does justice not just to Deus Ex, but to the fiction that inspired it. 9.0 from IGN

Dead Space 2
Dead Space 2 is more than just an action game and it’s more than a survival horror game — it’s a game that tells a really personal story about a guy who has been seriously scarred by the events around him. That premise alone makes it interesting, but Visceral Games melds it with rewarding combat, shocking enemies, and huge set pieces before tossing it into a world that’s truly creepy and scary. I didn’t find multiplayer that interesting and would’ve liked to have seen Isaac stop being an errand boy, but none of that spoils what you’re getting here. The shocking moments, the gruesome deaths, and the fun of playing through this experience again and again are what I took away from this one. Dead Space 2 is an excellent game, and it’s well worth your time and money.9.0 from IGN

Battlefield 3
When you shut down Battlefield 3 and let the Frostbite 2-powered dust settle, it certainly has some problems. But DICE’s adoration of and expertise with the online experience permeates every aspect of its multiplayer. Regardless of the narrative missteps or the occasional glitches, Battlefield 3 offers an unforgettable, world-class multiplayer suite that’s sure to excite shooter fans, whether they fired their first bullet in Battlefield 1942 or have just now heeded Battlefield’s call of duty.t. – 9.0 from IGN

Crysis 2
Crysis 2 succeeds. It’s a beautiful, engrossing experience that avoids the anemic, scripted playbook made law by the 500 pound shooter gorilla. It plays well, encourages creative problem-solving, and confidently delivers a series of escalating and changing encounters and scenarios that will push you to think in a way few shooters have in an era of increasingly funneled experiences. While Crysis 2 loses its footing during a few odd moments, Crytek more than delivers on the promise of their previous games.9.0 from IGN

When I beat Bastion for the first time, I reloaded my save and played through for the second ending. When that was done, I started my new game plus. I’m not the repeat type of gamer, but Bastion’s leveling, weapon upgrades, and difficulty tweaks are just too gosh-darn addictive. The story could’ve been better, but it doesn’t matter. This game is amazing and you owe it to yourself to download it.9.0 from IGN

From Dust
From Dust is memorable, beautiful and unique, something that stays in your mind long after you’ve moved on to something else. It’s a game that’s as fascinating to watch as it is to play, a thought-provoking spin on the power fantasies of the traditional god game. Sometimes it takes the challenge too far, and superfluous mechanics occasionally overcomplicate a simple and elegantly limited formula, but From Dust is nonetheless an extraordinary achievement.8.5 from IGN

Shift 2 Unleashed
Shift 2 Unleashed’s a violent and immersive racer that recreates the driving experience like no other game on the market. In doing so it builds well on the first Shift’s foundations, benefiting from Slightly Mad Studios’ more refined touch and the inclusion of Autolog, but its handling is still too loose and its steps forward too small for it to truly beat Gran Turismo and Forza – although it does enough to ensure that it’s pulled ever closer.8.5 from IGN

Tropico 4
I’m having a blast with Tropico 4, but I know it’s not for everyone. Tracking stats, managing an economy and building a million projects at once keeps me engaged, but without a little patience to learn the interface it’ll overwhelm many a strategy newcomer.. Still, if you’re the type that’s spent hours with the likes of Civilization or Sim City, or has an unhealthy need to be in control, then it’s time to become el presidente. 8.5 from IGN

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
Considering Super Street Fighter IV was never released on PC, the additions offered in the Arcade Edition are substantial. The roster is expanded from 25 to 39, there is a greatly increased number of modes for online play, and the replay channel is a drastic improvement over what was offered in the original Street Fighter IV. It’s a fighting game with a huge amount of depth, featuring some of the most finely tuned, flexible combat mechanics you’ll find. If you’re not a hardcore fighting game fan but always wanted to check a game out, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is an excellent choice. And for any serious fighting game fan who mysteriously hasn’t already purchased the console version, this should not be passed up.8.5 from IGN

Despite the lack of genuinely exciting context, all the content packed into Rage is still a blast to play, including the surprisingly entertaining car combat mode and co-operative challenges. Rage isn’t revolutionary, but is an expertly crafted, beautiful shooter.t. – 8.5 from IGN

Capsized is another fine example of what a small development team can accomplish with enough ambition and talent. The game is good-looking, entertaining and boasts a fluidity of play many bigger games would envy. Even with a handful of minor missteps, it’s a clever, interesting platformer worth every cent of its asking price and every hour spent playing it.8.5 from IGN

Back to the Future Episode 2: : Get Tannen
Back to the Future: The Game — Episode 2: Get Tannen! follows in episode one’s tradition of being rad. It features familiar characters and setting but keeps everything fresh with new people, places and pacing. If you were turned off by something other than the controls last time, episode two won’t fix your issue, but there’s nothing here that would keep me from recommending this episode to folks looking for an adventure game or some time travelin’ action.8.5 from IGN

Dragon Age II
It isn’t the wonder its predecessor was, but Dragon Age II is still a quality role-playing game that focuses on the element of choice to great effect.8.0 from Gamespot

Dead Island
Dead Island probably won’t win any game of the year awards. It’s got visual bugs, the controls take a bit to feel normal, and the presentation in general isn’t up to snuff. But the game gets a lot right. There is a huge world to explore, thousands of zombies to kill, and tons of side quests to take. Here on the other side of a 25-hour playthrough — where I skipped a lot of side quests after Act 1 — I’m anxious to get back into Dead Island, and despite the game’s flaws, that’s not something I say often.8.0 from IGN

F.E.A.R. 3
I really like F.E.A.R. 3. While it’s an experience that’s far from flawless, it’s one of those games that still gives you a lot of bang for your buck. And that’s perhaps what impresses me most. Sure, there are better shooters on the market in terms of gameplay, setting and story, but very few of them give you so many reasons to keep coming back. From the single-player campaign that can be played through twice with two different characters to the co-op campaign that you can play through with a friend locally or online to an incredibly thoughtful multiplayer offering, F.E.A.R. 3 has a lot going for it. Whether you’re looking for a new, solid shooter to play or something set in a unique, horror-filled atmosphere, F.E.A.R. 3 has something for you. You won’t find the be-all, end-all shooter experience with F.E.A.R. 3, but you’re still bound to have a lot of fun.8.0 from IGN

Who’s That Flying!?
Who’s That Flying?! is enjoyable, funny, and cute. The story mode kind of fell flat for me as each city’s three levels felt similar and dragged a bit, but that’s just a portion of the game. The challenges and Infinity Modes provide quick doses of shmup action that speed the gameplay up and give you interesting objectives. It’s a polished package that’s best on the PC thanks to online leaderboards and awesome in-game visuals.8.0 from IGN

Bulletstorm demonstrates the value of “why” for action games. Taken out of the context of its fiction, People Can Fly would have something fun but forgettable on their hands, but the way Bulletstorm fits together results in something cool and memorable. Multiplayer failings notwithstanding, Bulletstorm shines as a single-player shooter. Despite its crass humor and wang-flinging bravado, it’s got some real character and heart to it. I’m not happy about the story’s sequel-bait belly flop of an ending, but I’m excited to see where Grayson and Bulletstorm go next.8.0 from IGN

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
There’s a lot to like; the game is undeniably solid, while the multiplayer offers a unique experience. The game runs well on a modest modern gaming rig, and while the graphics aren’t bleeding edge, it’s hard not to be impressed by the scale of its recreation of Rome. PC owners also benefit from the inclusion of all the DLC to date out of the box. If you’re new to Assassin’s Creed, this is a solid entry, but picking up the threads of the convoluted story may be a challenge. If you’re an experienced assassin, on the other hand, expect to tread pretty similar ground to the last title. 8.0 from IGN

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine PC
Space Marine may stumble here and there, but manages to remain entertaining from start to finish. For every moment where a character gets stuck on part of the environment, has an animation that breaks, or just randomly pops into the world, I’m left remembering great boss battles and encounters that made me feel like a badass. It may not be the best or most original action game, but it’s a fine first outing for the franchise, and a rare gem for Warhammer fans. 7.5 from IGN

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages remains fun despite its problems, and makes for some great local competitive play. The campaign gets annoying at times because of the time constraints with defense building, but is quirky and funny enough that it ultimately remains worth the time. If you’re looking for something unlike what you’ve played before, it’s time to let Rock of Ages rock your world. 7.5 from IGN

DC Universe
I wish I loved DC Universe Online, but instead I just like it. It’s got a lot going for it — a great license, some superb voice actors, a lot of well-crafted settings, fast action-based combat, and an entire market of people who, so far, have barely been exposed to the MMO genre. It’s an important game for MMO developers who for years have been claiming that their title will be multiplatform, only to let that claim sink quietly into obscurity in the months after it is released on the PC. The fact that Sony Online Entertainment has launched an MMO on the PS3, especially in unison with the PC version, is impressive. DCUO is far from a bad game; there are indeed times when it shines fantastically with the potential for greatness, but its many faults, most minor but some quite large, ensure that it never reaches those heights.7.0 from IGN

Alice: Madness Returns
Playing Alice: Madness Returns isn’t as exciting as looking at it, but you’ll still enjoy getting lost in this twisted fantasy adventure.(…). Looking back on time spent with Alice: Madness Returns is like remembering a vacation from your childhood: you remember where you went, but not what you did. Yet Alice’s broken psyche is so tortured, her waking nightmare so vivid, that you’re tempted to push forward to see what deliciously morbid sights yet await. 7.0 from Gamespot

Red Faction: Armageddon
Despite its forgettable story and pacing issues with the campaign, Red Faction: Armageddon is good fun for letting out your inner destructive child. They ability to tear apart and repair the environments at will is a hook that keeps working, and when the campaign gives you plenty of stuff to tear apart it’s easy to lose yourself to a primal need to destroy. Combine this with the other modes, including the especially fun take on cooperative survival, and you have a flawed game that definitely deserves a try.7.0 from IGN

Zeit 2
Zeit Squared is a fairly generic-looking shooter, partially saved by an interesting game mechanic: rewinding time. I haven’t played a shooter like this, and it’s fun to shift outside of the genre’s comfort zone into a more strategic and cerebral game. I just wish there was more here. Unfortunately, it’s pretty short, but Zeit Squared is also one of those games that can spark some intense high score chasing among your friends list.7.0 from IGN

Trine 2
Sequel to 8.2 platformer.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure
A co-op puzzle game from makers of Lead and Gold (7.0 at IGN).

Dungeon Siege III
THird entry in the popular hack and slash franchise. This time it’s being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known for creating RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic 2 or Neverwinter Nights 2.

Top Spin 4
New entry in the best tennis series of all time.

Section 8: Prejudice


Batman: Arkham City
Sequel to action-adventure game that scored 9.3 on IGN

Indie retro action and sandbox construction game.

Virtua Tennis 4

Driver: San Francisco

Gatling Gears

Hector: Badge of Carnage — Episode 1: We Negotiate with Terrorists
Humoristic adventure game. The iPhone version scored 8.5 from IGN.

Serious Sam 3

Orcs Must Die!
Defensive Action-rts from makers of Age of Empires Online.

Puzzle Agent

Burn Zombie Burn
Indie action game. PlayStation 3 version scored 8.3 at IGN

A New Beginning

Indie platformer.

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes PC
Console versions scored 9.0 from IGN.


  1. I just wanna leave a note because this is THE BEST MOST AWESOME LIST EVER that I seen in my entire gamers life! (from when I was 2 years old actualy) and Im talking about ALL the website not just this page!!(Can’t leave a message on the list of game 2010) When I will have the money I will certainly donate for you!

    I dont know how all of this started, im the one who love to make a list of unrelease game, maybe you started like that and than wanted to show all the great game that are coming out to everyone but man KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (and pardon my english)

    And the thing I like is that you show Almost Every greatest game ever, for all the genre (Action, MMO, etc)

    I dont even know how much to show you my gratitude!

  2. I am a big fan of the Football manager series, and I think that, because of its greatness, it should have the honor of being in your list!!!

    Cheers… great lists, both 2010 and 2011

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  5. I hope Grim Dawn will keep us playin b4 D3, and Titan Quest was so awesome, Grim Dawn looks the part man

  6. OMG your lists are the best. 2011 what a year for gemers, i think that year has to go down in history.

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    … but I’m in the doubt if MG Rising gonna be on pc… not sure about that but, cool!!! almost all games on this list gonna be available on pc!!!!

  9. Amazing work !!!

    I need 196 hours per day… and I need them now.

  10. WOW your list is the best online keep up the great work.

  11. Keep up the good work man.Awesome list.

  12. This is a great read, a great list. Thank you very much 🙂

  13. This list is gonna make me broke :,(
    but Im looking forward for half of these games 🙂

  14. Tremendous list with many games that I wasn’t aware of. Great job!

  15. Blizzcon should give a better pic as to actual release date. I am hoping for a holiday release on D3, but with fucking blizz time i will likely be dead by the time it actually drops.

  16. There isn’t really “Blizz time” in the same way there is “Valve time”

    Blizzard never announce when their games will be out until the very last moment, their Diablo III dates have been deliberately vague, someone from Blizzard will have said something like “It’ll probably take a few years”

    Someone in the media will have said: “A few is usually 3, since today is July 22nd, that must mean a summer release in 2011!”

    Valve on the other hand are just sloppy about being unrealistic.

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  18. […] Adrian Werner has done a fantastic job assembling the full list over at his blog. You can find it here. […]

  19. Wow… looks like its going to be an AWESOME gaming year…. sadly it also looks like I’m going to have to quit my job in order to play these full time 🙂

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  21. How are there this many games coming out that I was not aware of!? This…this is beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes.

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  24. Oh my god :3 Epic list of epic games ❤ 2011 looks promising !!

  25. I came.

  26. very good I liked this

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  29. I am looking forward to the Strategy titles more than the multi-platforms ones, but still, this is one hell of a list. Best news to come in almost half a decade.

  30. great list!

  31. This list is so awesome!

  32. super duper list!

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