Me: Hi, I’m Adrian Werner and I’m a huge PCgamingholic

Crowd: Hi Adrian!

Now a bit more seriously, in this blog you will find comprehensive listing of all worthwhile PC games that appeared in past years as well as selection of the most promising upcoming titles.

What do I mean by “worthwhile” and “promising”? Well, I never intended to just wildly list every game that can be played on PC, so I had to set up some criteria. For games that already were released the easiest way to judge their quality is through reviews. This listing originated from Gamespot and for long time it was the main source of reviews for this list.However in recent year or two Gamespot has switched to mostly console-only site. PCgames are getting reviewed with long delays or they don’t get reviewed at all. So I’ve switched to IGN as my main source of reviews and game links. IGN PC has large of staff and reviews almost all retail PC releases and also plenty of those released only through digital distribution. So IGN it is when it comes to review scores here. There are exceptions though,when I don’t use IGN. Mostly because while IGN staff reviews a lot of games, they still aren’t capable of reviewing all. Because of that I tried to choose the most respectable and trustworthy “back up” sites for this task. This way IGN ratings are supplemented by Gametunnel for indie games, Adventuregamers for well… adventure games, Gamezebo for casual games (altough here I do put harsher criteria than for “core games”. Core games are included from 7.0 and higher scores, casual ones only from 8.0 and higher). This is supplemented   by Out of Eight, which is a great review site that often takes interests in games few other sites do. If a year ends and a promising game hasn’t been reviewed on any of those sites only then I will try to find some other trustworthy source for review.

For upcoming titles it’s obviously harder to pick the games. I rely on my instincts, but since those can never be trusted fully I always need some backing up first. The most obvious one is if the game is made by people who already have proven themselves with other games or mods or if it’s a sequel to a good game. Those are the main criteria, but they aren’t enough. I take real pleasure in listing lots of indie games and those are mostly done by newcomers, it’s a bit better if they previously made a good freeware titles, but that’s not always a case. So in cases of indie titles I like to use awards and nominations for such awards, especially those from Independent Games Festival or at the very least the game should have positive previews before I list them.

All this is done to show the good side of PC gaming, so positive selection was necessary. I hope those listings will be useful to you and will help you to discover interesting games you had no idea about.

If you need to contact me write to:


Happy browsing, reading and playing 🙂


  1. Check link for 2008: Interstellar Marines is broken.

    Just discovered your blog and it’s really great. I’ve just started a service for gamers by gamers called HackHunters. We’ve been live for 3 weeks. I’d of course love it if you’d do something for us for the FPS genre. I’ve been ‘hacking’ at it, trying to point out previews, etc. but you’ve got the thing down (I’m trying to do too much at this stage). Anyway, hope you visit and leave a note or two in our forum.

    BTW, 1 suggestion… much larger breaks between the categories by making the titles much LARGER.
    Cya, nice job here. My guess, 30k visits a month?

  2. I’ve only come across your blog, but I must say, it’s been a treat reading the blog posts I have read so far. I too am a hardcore PC gamer and wouldn’t have it anyway. I too am pretty pissed off with people telling me that PC gaming is dying. So thanks a lot for your blog!

    I’ve subscribed it to my RSS reader.

  3. Out of Eight as a “respectable and trustworthy” source? I am quite flattered, and a little gassy. Thanks!

  4. @James Allen – what can I say? You are the best and most trustworthy review site when it comes to smaller less known games that mostly get ignored by big sites. You’re doing a great job, keep it up 🙂

  5. Just wanted to say awesome blog.. I probably reference this about once a week or so to see what games I might have missed. Huge PC fan here too, and have discovered quite a few games I had never known existed. I appreciate all the work you’ve done and as we all know PC gaming isn’t dying, it’s growing larger everyday.

  6. Hi Adrian!

    This is a really terrific site, I visit often and enjoy browsing it.

    I have two little pieces of information for you, however. Maybe you’ll find them interesting.

    1. Spore got an 8.0 not 8.5 score on GameSpot
    2. Mount and Blade (under Paradox supervision) has been released a while back so you may want to update the list.

    Anyway, have a nice day.

  7. Mate, sorry to spam you, but I also wanted to add something about Space Rangers 2: Reboot. This extension (but more like an update) came out in mother Russia more then a year back and there have been legal and other issues with it for the whole year.

    Finally it’s available from Stardock for worldwide distribution from yesterday.

  8. PC gaming FTW!!
    Thanks for all your info. Awesome blog.

  9. Really stellar stuff. Thanks for the 2009 list.

    Probably shouldnt have added DNF to the list though. It will jinx every other title on the list. 😀

  10. Thank you very much for this blog! It certainly reminds me why it is great to be a PC gamer. I many times fear for its downfall at the hands of console gaming. Although PC gaming has certain advantages such as greater horsepower, modding support, etc, console gamers are much larger in number and so look much more enticing to developers than PC gamers. Its a shame for instance that former exclusive The Witcher is coming to consoles next year. : (

    • Wow, been almost a year since I commented here. Keep up the good work and may PC gaming never die! As many games should come to the PC, even console ports, to take advantage of the PC’s power, openness, flexibility, etc.

  11. Great list Andrian, it’s nice to see there are some people out there that promote PC gaming. Thanks!

  12. Thank you ! There is very little info about new pc games and usually it’s hard to find but thanks to this site I’m able to find info easily. Keep up the good work.

    … I will tell my friends about this site. I hope they will pass the word too.

  13. Adrian your site is wonderful. Many thanks for your efforts, I find your site to be a great source of information on upcoming PC games.

  14. Great work Adrian, I enjoyed reading your list. Keep it up 🙂

  15. Great work!!!!!! Congratulations. I love this page! I’ll be checking it. 🙂 It’s a little known fact that the system that had more exclusives last years, like 2008, was the Pc

  16. Your are just a fool that cant take the fact that consoles got more and better games than pc…
    [I’ve cut the rest of the trolling out-Adrian]

  17. to hellboard: this is a pc fan site, I’m a PC fan and most of the people visiting are PC fans too. If you prefer consoles then it’s OK, I prefer PC games and I find a lot more games I like on PC than on all consoles combined. Next time keep your obvious trolling to SystemWars or some console fanboy site and don’t bother us PCgamers with your nonsense.

  18. Hello Adrian great site!

    I’m just responding to your superb list of PC titles to look out for this year. I do think you missed out one under the RPG part. That would be Dragon Age it’s branded as the spiritual successor to the ever popular PC classics Baldur’s Gate. Made by Bioware. I understand that DA is also coming out on consoles but it may well be worth sticking it in your list if just for the toolset.

  19. This site is truly awesome. I’m going to have to check some of these games. I just to save up about five thousand dollars to get the ones that look really good to me. Of course that could a few years.

  20. I am so happy to find a website like this. I was sick of those websites like gamespot who mix all consoles and PC all together are rate almost all games 10 out of 10 (They are crazy)

    I don’t play anymore console games on my PC since GTA4. It was such a bad port. Since that time I only want exclusive PC games.

  21. Thanks for the website, its GREAT! Keep it up!

  22. Thank you so much for your efforts in keeping this blog up and up-to-date. I’ve been following it ever since I saw the link about a year or so ago, and it’s been extremely helpful in my purchase of PC games. Even if consoles seem to be the way the world is going, I’m still a PC gamer at heart. 🙂

    (The day I saw Blood Bowl on your list and showed it to my husband, he almost jumped up and down in excitement. He’d always wanted a graphical Blood Bowl!)

    Kudos to you, and I wish you all the best. Thank you again!

  23. Adrian, fantastic work!! Please, don’t stop!! 😀

  24. keep up!!!….here the most wanted game for 2010!!

    Supreme Commander 2
    Mass effect 2
    Hitman 5
    Diablo 3
    Alan wake
    Duken nukem forever – dead
    Serious sam 3
    Max Payne 3
    Deus Ex
    Half life 3 epsiode 3
    Doom 4

  25. Great blog man.Keep it updated.
    Pc all the way!

  26. Seriously, I have to give it to you for this blog.

    I am not interested that greatly in games, but I am tired of IGN missing reviews for some less known games.

    This is nice and straight to the point.

    Thanks for this.

  27. Just had a look at your 2010 overview. Great work!

    It seems you have a pretty good overview of the games which are released on the PC platform. Have you ever thought about writing a few articles in the blog as well, not just listing all the games? I know for sure that I would have been interested if you wrote some small pieces every now and then.

    Regardless of what you decide, I’ll be back!

    • here here! would love to see occasional opinion pieces or blog articles

  28. Your website is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  29. PcGamers will never need consoling. There’s too many of us.
    Great site.

  30. Please keep up the good work (descriptions, updates, etc..), your site is a great source of information, and a must-have when reading the neverending idiocy of the dying PC gaming. 🙂

  31. This is a great website for PC gamers. This is a blog where you can learn many things about popular classic PC games and also the latest video games. I love playing games, and like knowing what to expect from a game before I play it. And this website gives me just that.
    Thank You.

  32. Nice site, good work! Found many new interesting games to check out! Thanks!

  33. Very awesome website! Love it so much! ^_____^ I’m so glad I found it!

  34. Hey

    Awesome reviews and previews you have here, I could find so many useful game insights from just one website, and you cover a lot too, including games that people just don’t find in major websites.
    Good job dude, keep it up

    • Thank you for the kind words :). It is actualy one of the main purposes of this site : to help people learn about all the cool niche games that get overlooked on big sites.

  35. I love this site, i use it like a shopping guide.
    thank you for make this website, it would be cool if you make in each year different categories, instead of all the categories together, so it would be easy to search a game.

  36. At 42 just about to make the switch to pc gaming. I have seen many threads about how its a dying bread.

    Not according to what we have seen on this website.

    Good info, looking forward to dragon age and downloading mods for it.

    Now I just need to get my self a gaming laptop, thinking of buying a ASUS G73JH-TZ008V.

    Does anyone have one, and is it a good tool mainly for rpgs, and shooters.

  37. Thanks for this very useful blog!

    PC Gaming shall live on forever while consoles die out by the generations.

  38. Dude, this is awesome… There is nowhere site like this… This is all I need… big hello from me… just keep like this…. ;)))

  39. Adrian Werner, this is the BEST pc gaming site I have ever seen. I learned a lot about some indie games that are absolutely awesome. Thanks!

  40. Incredible work, kudos to you and long live PC gaming.

  41. I know it’s 2012 but I hope I am not too late with this blog. As a strict PC gamer (I like some console games, but they have never captured my attention), I have been looking everywhere for game lists like this one. Jackpot!! I hope you still update it once in awhile.

  42. i’m trying to get in touch with you Adrian but i’m not sure if my emails get thru

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