freeware of 2010

Below is a list of worthwhile freeware games released so far in 2010. Since all those games are free I didn’t use any truly harsh criteria
For those games I didn’t play myself a positive opinion on either one of the source sites was good enough for me to include them on the list.

-What does this sign mean?
It means that out of all the freeware games included on the list that I’ve personally played extensively, those with this sign were my favorites. They aren’t necessary absolutely best on this list ( I didn’t have time to play through all them), the symbol simply marks those that I personally enjoyed the most.

While compiling this list I was mainly using the resources of these sites

Indie Games Weblog

The Independent Gaming Source

Jay is Games THE best site for casual games info.

Play This Thing

the2Bears-shumps-centric site

Retro Remakes

Independent Games Festival

If you have any interest in freeware games or more broadly indie gaming, then each of those sites deserves a permanent spot in your bookmarks.

IMPORTANT: The info about freeware games is far more scattered through the net than about commercial ones, which makes it a lot harder to make comprehesive listings. So if you know any good freeware games that I, in my horrific ignorance have missed šŸ˜‰ and they’ve came out in 2009 then please PM me so I can check them out and see if they should be placed on this list

ACTION games

60s to Save the Queen
A single-screen 2D platformer where you have 60 secons to save the queen from a collapsing castle.

Action Fist

Action Turnip

Multiplayer top down shooter

Alien Swarm
Amazing top down co-op shooter from Valve.

Attack of the Paper Zombies
Top down arena shooter,

Armed With Wings 3
Awesome platformer with strong adventure elements.

A tough NES-style platformer in which you play a Roman soldier, throwing spears and swiping your sword at the enemy.-Indiegames

Quirky platformer

Balloon in a Wasteland
Defense centered action game.


Cactus Block
You play as an unnamed blue character who has to find his or her way home on a snowy winter day. Some cliffs might seem to high to climb at first, but you can place a random tile on screen as a platform to stand on or jump off. The problem with this ability is that there’s an equal chance of getting a cactus instead of a brown block, which hurts the player should they come in contact with the prickly plant. – Indiegames

Chase Goose 2
A Canabalt-style side-scrolling runner in which you control a goose that is running and flapping away from a giant snake monster. -Indiegames

Chaos Faction 2
Fun little action brawler.

Great arcade drilling game with a bit of puzzler element.

Chubby Ninja
Fun little platformer where you constantly need to go up.

Incredibly beautiful and engrossing platformer.

Composition Piece
A short 2D platformer that tells the story of a composer who is writing a piece of music for a girl he is infatuated with.-Indiegames

Prototype for very promising (and beautiful) browser platformer.

The Creature
Unreal Engine 3.0 based platformer.

Dale and Peakot

Minimalistic exploration platformer.

Death Row Diner
Satirical Dinner Dash clone set in prison.

Dinosaurs Didn’t Have Keyboards, But If They Did, They Would Break
A short arcade game created by Sophie Houlden in under forty-eight hours for a mini-Ludum Dare competition. In it, you have to tap the number keys as fast as you can to help the dinosaur leap over lava pits and reach the finish line in the quickest time possible. – Indiegames

Diver 2
Quirky puzzler about cliff diving.

Enemy 585
Great little action puzzle where you help typical enemies from platform games leave their levels long after the hero passed through them.

In Nifflas’ 2D platformer you play an unnamed protagonist who has the ability to pick up blocks and enemies to use for solving puzzles. Heavy blocks are perfect for stacking, while blue blocks can slide through small corridors that you would normally have problems squeezing into. An enemy behavior also determines what kind of ability you would get when you grab one with your bare hands.-Indiegames

A challenging platformer about a diver who explores the murky depths in the search for golden harpoons and goldfish.-Indiegames

Flock Together
A story of a little girl who accidentally loses her sheep friend by tying balloons to him and sending him into the skies. You must use ropes to attach yourself to birds and fly up as high as possible. -Indiegames

Flood the Chamber
Difficult, but very fun platformer.

Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis
Old school platformer

Galaxy Jumper
Great little puzzle platformer

Get Home
Your objective in Get Home is to help a man reach the safe comfort of his house before the song in the background ends, with many seemingly-unreachable platforms and obstructions doing their best to prevent you from getting to that goal. < -Indiegames

Ghost Guidance
Nice cartoonish shump with a fun twist, here after your ship is destroyed you turn into ball of AI power that can then infect enemy ship.

Gil is a simple platformer that explores a variety of different mechanics, from breaking bridges to jetpacks to levers to portals. -Indiegames

Girlfriend vs Boyfriend
In Girlfriend vs Boyfriend you play as the guilty partner who had just been caught ogling at another woman, and as a result of this your other half will try to chase you down and punish you for committing the act of unfaithfulness in her presence. Objects on the roadside will be thrown at you to hamper your escape, but you can knock these things away at the cost of stopping for a short moment for your girlfriend to catch up with you. – Indiegames

A one-button multiplayer game that is intended for release on the iPad, although a fully-featured build is already available online for everyone to play. Up to four players can participate in a game, and it is a race to see who gets to a thousand points first.-Indiegames

Gnome Carnage
The objective here is to prevent elves from reaching the top of the building and sliding down your unprotected chimney hole, since the game is over when you’re too overwhelmed to prevent that from happening. -Indiegames

That Gravity Game
Puzzle platformer.

Greek and Wicked
A short, experimental homage to old Game & Watch titles. Take control of Mr. Game & Watch as he attempts to kill the invincible hydra monster.-Indiegames

Heart of Ice
Action-adventure platformer.

Retro platformer inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, where you have to climb up on gigantic beasts’ bodies to reach their weak spots.

Beautiful action game set that uses greek mythos setting

Homerun in Berzerk Land
Hit-people-with-things simulator

Hostile Spawn
Top down shooter

Ghnost ‘n Goblins inspired action platformer

Huje Adventure
Physics-centric puzzle platformer.

An action game which tells the story of a boy who has to rescue his kidnapped sister, captured by ghouls that travel from house to house by tearing through the fabric of space. Your objective here is to find the hole in each house, then kill enough monsters to weaken the stitches on the portal that prevent you from using it to travel to the next house.-Indiegames

Jump, Copy, Paste
A 2D platformer in which you overcome obstacles by copy and pasting parts of a level to build new platforms or create a passage through a wall.-Indiegames

Quirky experimental platformer

Knight Elite
Cute defense-centric action game

Larry and the Gnomes
A side-scrolling hack-and-slasher.

Lethal Application
A 2D action game that introduces a unique gameplay system for moving your character around each stage. Instead of a jump button that most players are accustomed to, we have here a weapon so strong that its recoil effect can propel the protagonist in the opposite of her shot direction.-Indiegames

Little Rocket
Charming little action game where you control a little rocket by launching it from one planetto another and setting up the right angle of landing to avoid crashing.

Interesting experimental platformer.

M-Bot: The Game
Gorgeous 2.5D shooter

Unreal 3.0 based side-scrolling platform-puzzler game in which the player uses magnetic abilities to move blocks and launch their character around. -Indiegames

Mamono Saber
A one-button arcade game where you are in control of a knight who can only move forward at a steady pace, determined to rescue the princess and save the kingdom once again-Indiegames

Simple platformer.

Mechanical Commando 2
Top down shooter

Moby Dick: The Video Game
Fun little survival game where you play as a killer whale.

MooD: Waist-High in Hell
A top-down shooter that features enemies from Doom 3.

My First Quantum Translocator
A clever puzzle platformer that is centered around the concept of teleportation and inertia, created by the two brothers (Teddy and Kenny Lee of Cellar Door Games) who first came into the spotlight with their quirky text adventure game Don’t Soil Your Pants. You play as an unnamed test subject that had just applied for a translocator device experiment, helped along by an observer named Steve who offers advice on how to survive the challenges ahead with your newfound teleportation ability. -Indiegames

Orton and the Princess

Paper Cakes
Clever puzzle platformer.

Paper Dreams
Beautiful shump.

Paper Venture
An entertaining platformer in which you control a platform rather than the hero. Our little guy has fallen down a hole and needs to get back to the surface, but he’s a bit of a lemming. -Indiegames

Paradox Embrace
Puzzle platformer

Puzzle platformer based around manipulating gravity.

Poto andCabenga
Great one-button game with a twist: here you control 2 separate characters.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Great side scrolling action-heavy platformer.

Quirky retro platformer full of black humor.

Ray Ardent Science Ninja
Cute little ninja platformer.

Red Riot
An arcade-style blaster in which you zoom around the sky, laying waste to tanks, towers and UFOs with upgradable lasers and special powers. Levels become progressively more difficult as you go along, although a lot of the unlockables require you buy nasty Mochi points which is a bit of a downer. It’s also a little strange that there is no real indication of how much energy you have left – instead, Red Riot is suddenly start smoking, then die with just a couple more hits. -Indiegames

Exploration heavy retro platformer.

Ric Rococo: International Art Thief
Side scrolling stealth game.

Ricochet Kills 2
Puzzler where you need to kill everyone on the level by bouncing bullets around obstacles.

Rocket Jockey
Crazy action game where you play a herder equiped with a space ship, who has to retrieve floating through space cattle using electric lasso.-Indiegames

Running Ink
Unique parkour platformer.

One button platformer

Action platformer.

Sky Serpents
Crazy arcade action game

The Sound Walk
Eerie rhythm game.

A slick puzzle-platformer in which you hack firewalls, decrypt files and try not to activate the security protocols. -Indiegames

Space Paranoids
Vector based 3D shooter.

Specter Spelunker Shrinks
A Unity-based platformer in which you overcome obstacles and challenges by growing or shrinking the size of the main character.-Indiegames

Squid and Let Die
A fast-paced arcade game in which players have to collect all dots on screen to progress to the next level. -Indiegames


A browser-based remake of Konami’s Castlevania with stickmen graphics used for every art asset in the game.-Indiegames

Storm Over the Desert</a

Time bending platformer.

2D stealth action game.

An art arcade game where you guide plant toward the skies, avoiding rocks and growing flowerss

Super Crate Box
Super Crate Box is coming to bring back the glory of the golden arcade age, when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list. Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can. Prepare for an arcade delight with interesting, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and a terribly hip chiptune soundtrack.

Puzzle platformer.

They Need to be Fed
Gravity centric puzzle platformer

Tiny Castle
Awesome single screen platformer in vein of Donkey Kong.

Training Set
A 2D platformer that features unconventional controls to learn about, where the only way you can acquire new skills is by conversing with spooky silhoutted characters for some useful wisdom and advice. There’s no text to read and instructions to play are near non-existent, but the game does provide just enough clues for you to overcome one challenge after another at a very steady pace. -Indiegames

A hectic online multiplayer game which is part co-op, part everyone go ballistic. On each level there is a piece of cheese and a mouse hole, and the idea is to run and grab the cheese, then take it back to the hole.-Indiegames

Treasure Tower
A WarioWare-style 2D platformer in which you have thirty-six seconds on the clock to climb to the top of a tower and acquire a rare treasure. -Indiegames

Arcade homage to old horror movie.

Uchuusen (Spaceship)
An arcade game that puts you in control of a ship with two rockets attached to each side, and by selectively activating the thrusters you can navigate around tight corridors and obstacles in this twenty-level challenge. – Indiegames

Undead End
Side scrolling zombie shooter.

The Ultra Mission
An arcade shooter game in which you play as a soldier who has to rescue civilians from a group of armed kidnappers. -Indiegames

One button action game

Wine Pong
A pimped out version of the popular party game beer pong, where players on either side of a table try to place ping pong balls inside all of their opponent’s glasses-Indiegames

Zombie Movie
Zombie Movie puts a great twist on the rather tired zombie-killing genre. A helicopter flies overhead, filming your every move, while you plough your way through hordes of the undead. Move too far away from the helicopter, however, and you’ll find a fate worse than having your brains eaten. That’s right – you’ll get FIRED.-Indiegames


…But That Was [Yesterday]
…But That Was [Yesterday] follows the story of a guy who is trying to push back horrible memories from his past and move forwards. At least, that’s what I think it’s about… but whatever the case, it’s very powerful stuff. -Indiegames

Activate the Three Artefacts and then Leave
Freaky exploration game

Air Pressure
Visual novel with unique art style.

Alice is Dead: Episode Two
Follow up to 2010 creepy adventure game.

Apples in the Tree
Surreal exploration game.

Beautiful adventure game set in the old west.

Before the Law
Before the Law is a very short interactive story which plays out the original tale by Franz Kafka. A man from the country wants to read “the Law”, but a gatekeeper stands in his way.-Indiegames

Cave Trek
Isometric maze exploration game.

Easy and relaxin escape game.

Corporate Climber
In Corporate Climber you play as a working man who is trying to get to the top of the corporate ladder, having started his first job without even a piece of clothing to his name. To climb to the top of the building you would have to reach the elevator that takes you to the next level, and every new floor presents a different challenge or another puzzle for the player to solve. -Indiegames

Dark Visions
Horror mystery adventure.

Daymare Town 3
Quirky adventure game.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2
“Choose your own adventure” styled game about zombie apocalypse

Digital: A Love Story
Amazing retro hacking game with truly great love story.

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy
Beautiful and polished adventure game.

Escape from 5th Door
Hard escape the room game.

Escape from the Garden
Charming little escape game.

Escape to the Spa
Escape the room adventure game.

Eternal Elements
Fantasy adventure game.

Eternally Us
Eternally Us is a short 2D adventure game that tells the story of Fio and Amber, two friends who have known each other since childhood. An incident occurs that separates the both of them while they were feeding birds in a park, so it is up to the player to help reunite the best buddies together again.-Indiegames

Grace’s Diary
Great visual novel, with suprisingly good writing and graphics.

Gretel and Hansel Part 2
Second part of beautifuly twisted and dark adventure game.

Hanamushi: Flower Insects
Beautiful surreal adventure game

Haunt The House
A game where you play as a ghost and your goal is to scare people away from the house.

Heart of Tota
Indiana Jones inspired adventure game.


Hormiga Escape
Fun little game where you have to transport an ant from one placeto another while avoiding him getting eaten, drowned, crushed or otherwise killed

Wild West-themed interactive fiction.

I Can Hold My Breath Forever
Underwater exploration game.

I Remain
Zombie adventure game.

Imagia Part 1 – The Tower
Exploration clicking game.

Beaitiful and sad art game.

The Infinite Ocean
New version of 2003 sci-fi adventure game with great plot and atmosphere

Inside a Dead Skyscraper
Experimental art game

The Life Of A Pacifist Is Often Fraught With Conflict
Funny visual novel.

Bizzare, but charming art game, where you explore gigantic graveyard filled with mysterious objects left by people who used to live there.

Solid escape the room game.

The McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1
Dark adventure game about a detective investigating mysterious series of murders.

Mogo Mogo
Charming adventure game

Morbid 2: the Cure
Spooky horror adventure game.

Next to Evil
A short 2D adventure game created in under four weeks for a monthy AGS competition, featuring only five locations to explore and a roughly the same number of simple puzzles to solve. Here you play as a woman named Duet who possesses the power to split herself into two personalities whenever she desires it. A chance encounter with a hooded figure has spurred her on to investigate who this mysterious character is, leading her to seek an audience with the rest of her royalty siblings residing in the same castle. -Indiegames


No Name Room Escape
Basic room escape game

One Button Bob
Quirky retro platformer controlled just by one button.

Organ Trail
Organ Trail is a zombie homage to the classic Oregon Trail game. Amidst a zombie outbreak, a small band of friends grab a station wagon, stock up on supplies and hit the road in an attempt to reach a safezone all the way across America. -Indiegames

Otomaco: Last Jade Journey

The Outbreak
Interactive movie horror game

P.I. Chronicles: Skull Island
Fun little escape game.

Party Foul
Interactive fiction adventure game

Beautifuly relaxing art game. Truly unique.

Puzzle platformer.

RE: Alistair++
RE: Alistair++ is an incredible addition to the visual novel genre, indulging the player in some top quality storytelling and pleasing art. It’s also completely free to download, so if interactive stories aren’t normally your cup of tea, it’s still worth checking this particular title out.Gamezebo

You play as one of the staff involved in a secret bioengineering project inside a research facility named Fraxto 21. At the start of the story the entire building is already collapsing all around you, so you must make haste and try to escape from the place in one piece.-Indiegames

Renegade’s Sleeping Beauty
Comedic adventure game.

Great interactive ficton, with awesome writing and setting.

Run Jesus Run
Experimental browser game where you’re faced with a challenge to figure out what to do in each screen before the time runs out.

Sanctuary 17
Atmospheric exploration game

SF adventure game with strong escape the room elements.

The Scene of the Crime: Golden Doll
Atmospheric noir decective game.

The Silver Linging
Fan made sequel to King’s Quest

Sneak Thief 2: Second Strike

Space Oddity 2
Sci fi adventure game.

StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles
Short, but fun pulpish adventure.

Short experimerimental exploration game about astronaut and his dog, who had just landed on an alien planet.

Submachine Network Exploration Experience
Another amazing SF adventure from Matuesz Skutnik.

The Trader of Stories: Bell’s Heart
Visually stunning adventure where you Myosotis, a barterer of tales, if you will, who’s on her way to a place called The Cradle.

The Well
Full Motion Video adventure game

Tombscape 2

The Usher
INtroguing interactive fiction where you play Lalu, a young woman who is buried aliveā€”entombed. Your job is to lead the dead queen to the afterlife.



4 Differences
Good “spot the difference” puzzler.

Black and White
A puzzle platformer in which you control two onscreen characters at the same time, with one of them performing the exact opposite of whatever you instruct the other to do.-Indiegames

A physics-based puzzle game which puts you in control of a rocket launcher that can be used to fire missiles at pink-coloured brains. The objective here is to destroy all of the brains in the area (marked as green squares on the mini-map) so that you may progress to the next stage, where more brains await for their eventual annihilation at your hands. -Indiegames

The Challenging Stage
Video games themed quiz.

Crush the Castle 2

3D puzzler.

Doodle Devil
Unique, but extremely fun puzzler

Easy Joe
A charming little Flash game where you solve puzzles by clicking on objects in the correct order, progressing from one screen to the next until you reach the conclusion of Joe’s adventure-Indiegames

Hero! Defeat the Devil!
Puzzle game where the noble knight has to defeat lower-level enemies first and gain enough battle experience before taking on the stage boss.-Indiegames

Hold Your Ground
Puzzler game where your goal is to built castle that will witstand barrage of cannon balls. Bassicaly a reverse of great freeware game called Crush that Castle.

Hoshi Saga Ringoame
A collection of twenty-five puzzles from Yoshio Ishii in which the player has to find a star hidden somewhere in every stage-Indiegames

Unique take on music genre inspired by Auditorium

IQ Ball
Great physics puzzler.

Physics puzzler.

Surreal puzzle game.

Magic Orbs
A gorgeous puzzler set in a maze-like temple. A series of rooms need to be navigated by grabbing orbs and placing them on pedestals.-Indiegames

An interesting take on the popular Monopoly board game, in which two or more players upgrade their onscreen characters by buying up the different types of houses on the map.-Indiegames

Picture Cubes
Quirky puzzle game

Prose and Motion
A physics-based word game

is a clever first-person puzzle game that tells the story of an unnamed protagonist trapped inside a maze, equipped with a pair of gloves that allows him to extrude or contract multi-coloured cubes by willpower alone. Manipulating the cubes is as simple as targeting them before pressing the left or right mouse button, although cubes will stop responding to your commands when they have reached the limit of their extension or contraction capabilities. -Indiegames

Ragdoll Cannon 3
Physics puzzler.

Rolling Fall
Physics puzzler where you kill zombies with metal balls.

Soccer Balls
Physics puzzler where you have to shoot the soccer ball in such way to make something hit the referee.

Starlight 2
Beautiful star gazing puzzler.

Sushi Cat
Unique take on Peggle mechanics

Sushi Cat The Honeymoon
New levels.

Take Something Literally 2
Collection of abstract puzzle challenges bound together by unique art style

Tikei no Kami
Lemmings-like puzzler.

Unnatural Selection
A mix of puzzler and life sim.

Wake the Royalty
Physics centered puzzler.


Coaster Racer

Drift Runners 2

High Speed Chase 2

A multiplayer racing game that features procedurally generated tracks, where every new piece of the track is built by whoever currently occupies the pole position. A floating arrow always point to either the leader of the race or the next striped pillar to reach, and the player who reaches the required number of checkpoints first (determined when the server is created) will be declared the winner. -Indiegames

Road of the Dead
Road of the Dead puts you in the seat of a car speeding down a straight highway, attempting to escape both the army and a zombie outbreak. -Indiegames

Skid MK


Pirate themed RPG.

Dungeons of Fayte
“A non-linear, replayable RPG/Sim’ which is ‘a mash-up between Zelda: Four Swords and Princess Maker’.”

Combat-centric turn-based RPG.

Old school dungeon crawler in vein of Dungeon Master.

Mardek 3
Long old school japanese-styled roleplaying game.It includes improved versions of two previous games in the series.

Realm of the Mad God
A massively co-op fantasy adventure’ featuring a remarkably large world to roam and explore (inhabited by thousands of monsters), real-time battling, a full leveling up system, lots of different equipment and magic spells to experiment with and 5 different classes to choose from.-Indiegames

Experimental turn based RPG when you control actions of 9 characters at the same time using one set of controls.

The Spirit Engine 2
This great indie RPG was released freeware!

Synopsis Quest Deluxe
“A collection of RPG-themed mini-game gags”


NASA Station Spacewalk Game
Astronaut sim.

Browser based space trading game.


Unique mix of strategy, action and managment game based around the concent of cellular growth

Corporation Inc.
Nifty little managment game.

Cursed Treasure
Polished tower defense game.

Epic War 4
Side scrolling defense strategy game.

Lord of Ultima
Great browser based city builder


A tower defense game with an interesting gimmick, originally created by babarageo for distribution at Comiket 76. There are a number of unmanned defensive structures in each map, and you have to send out soldiers to operate them for a short amount of time before they’d return back to base.-Indiegames

Nob War: The Elves
Quirky mix of side scrolling platformer and RTS game.

Pax Britannica
Hot seat multiplayer RTS

Protector IV: Mercenary
Very well done tower defense game.

Turn based aerial dogfight game

Trafalgar Origins
Fun naval wargame.

Warlords 2: Rise of Demons


Tiger Woods Online

World Golf Tour


Best Friends Fighter
A simple fighting game between robots made up of lots of blocks with faces. -Indiegames

Wonderful World


  1. Looks like a good list. I had no idea that there were so many interesting freeware games out there.

    Thanks for the list.

  2. Nice list, but there are some nice browser games out there, for free as well. My favorite is the browser game Aloriah. Don’t forget about them. =)

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