freeware of 2009

Below is a list of worthwhile freeware games released so far in 2009. (as well as those from late December 2008, since I’m starting fresh it would be simply wrong to ignore those few gems that were out shortly before the year has ended). Since all those games are free I didn’t use any truly harsh criteria
For those games I didn’t play myself a positive opinion on either one of the source sites was good enough for me to include them on the list.

-What does this sign mean?
It means that out of all the freeware games included on the list that I’ve personally played extensively, those with this sign were my favorites. They aren’t necessary absolutely best on this list ( I didn’t have time to play through all them), the symbol simply marks those that I personally enjoyed the most.

While compiling this list I was mainly using the resources of these sites

Indie Games Weblog

The Independent Gaming Source

Jay is Games THE best site for casual games info.

Play This Thing

the2Bears-shumps-centric site

Retro Remakes

Independent Games Festival

If you have any interest in freeware games or more broadly indie gaming, then each of those sites deserves a permanent spot in your bookmarks.

IMPORTANT: The info about freeware games is far more scattered through the net than about commercial ones, which makes it a lot harder to make comprehesive listings. So if you know any good freeware games that I, in my horrific ignorance have missed 😉 and they’ve came out in 2009 then please PM me so I can check them out and see if they should be placed on this list


20 Heroes
A puzzle platformer with a unique twist, where players are assigned twenty characters to control separately, in a group, or all at the same time. Puzzles in every area are designed around this theme, and the creativity of the designer really shows after the fifth stage or so.– Indieganes

3000 AD
Top-down mech battle game.

Puzzle platformer based on a concept of controling multiple versions of the same character.

4bidden Fruit
Simplified remake of Pixel Junk’s Eden, taking merely 4KB.

A New Zero
A multiplayer vehicle combat simulation inspired by Red Baron, Tie Fighter, Mechwarrior 2, Joust

A to B Basset
A to B Basset is an arcade game created by Adam Lobacz for a friendly TDC competition, where players get to drag a Basset Hound around the rooms of an old house in an attempt to reunite the puppy with its favorite red ball.– Indiegames blog

Addicsjon is another experimental project by the developer of G-E-N-E-R-I-C and FallOver, where you are in control of a drug addict who automatically tries to collect any pills he sees. Your objective is basically to guide him towards the white flag in each of the five levels included, although that can prove to be difficult as the protagonist doesn’t really feel like cooperating with the player at all.– Indiegames

Alien Swarm
Amazing top down co-op shooter from Valve.

All Of Our Friends Are Dead
An atmospheric run and gun platformer. It’s pretty short (I finished it in under two hours), and what’s going on isn’t very clear, but it does a good job at immersing the player into a strange alien world and has nice and stylized visuals. To me it felt like a cross between Glum Buster and the final alien levels of Contra and Super C.

America’s Army 3
My experience with America’s Army 3 has been very rewarding thus far. It feels like the game has an older, more mature player base than what you’d encounter in a contemporary console shooter, and it’s a game that will appeal to those who like realism and tactics. With that said, there are still plenty of problems, such as glitchy animations and weapons bugs, and the entire game could probably get a tightening of its network code to reduce lag. Still, it’s hard to argue with the experience or the price (which is free). This is a shooter that’s more intelligent than most and that requires more teamwork and coordination, but that makes the rewards of success that much more enjoyable.8.4 from IGN

And Everything Started To Fall
And Everything Started To Fall is a short 2D platformer about life experiences.-Indiegames

Androkids 2
If my daughters were to make their own platform game this is exactly what it would look like.– Jay is Games

Angry Gorilla Machine Monsters
Quirky little shump

The Arrow of Time
An action game where you defend your fortress against the invading forces using only your bow and arrow.

Assassin Blue
A combat-heavy platformer.

Atomic Super Boss
A score-based vertical shooter.

August Wind
A free roaming top down shooter

Arcade action game where you run to the left as fast as you can to avoid incoming avalanche.

Azul Baronis
Retro space shoot-em-up

BALDING’S QUEST: The Quest of Guy Balding
Very fun little platformer, being developed as a community project at TIGS forums.

The Balls
Online multiplayer mess-around (…) where up to 100 players take control of small balls of fur, and must complete a series of tasks by sticking to and climbing up surfaces. – Indiegames

Bang! Heroes
Bang! Heroes is a western platforming shoot-em-up with some pretty nice Steampunk-style graphics and a lot of gun-totting.– Indiegames

Puzzle platformer.

Battlefield Heroes

Nice platformer.

Being Struck By Lightning is Probably the Best Way That You Could Die On Account of All of It’s Awesomeness’
“The game was created for Gamejolt’s ‘Shocking’ Game contest. Gameplay-wise, the game extends about as far at its name in terms of sheer agonising design. Initially simple, the combination of tight jumping and evil level design make this the most keyboard-bashing experience I’ve had in a while. It’s worth holding out and playing on when you feel like you can’t take anymore, just to see how utterly harsh it really gets.”-Indiegames

Big Pixel Zombies
Fun little mindless zombie slaughtering game.

Blade Gardener
Short tech demo for upcoming sword swinging game

Blasting Agent
An action-oriented 2D platformer with gun upgrades, collectible treasures and awesome boss battles, featuring chunky pixel art contributed by one Robert Lupinek (The Cleaner). You play as a blaster-toting secret agent on a mission to save the world from being taken over by a terrorist group, which means infiltrating their secret base with guns ablazing and your adrenaline level on an all-time high.-Indiegames

Beautiful oceanic action game. Every self-respecting gamer owes it to himself to try it out

Boom is a low-res remake of id Software’s breakout FPS, rendered in 3D using the Game Boy’s limited four colour palette for all in-game graphics.– Indiegames

Boxgame is a puzzle platformer in which gravity is ruled by big, transparent boxes in the centre of each level. Jumping off a ledge will result in some crazy re-orientation, after which you most likely won’t be standing on the same plane anymore.-Indiegames

Bubble Cannon 2
Physics driven action game based around “bouncing, reflecting and poping”

Great little physics-driven platformer with havy puzzle focus

BucketBall 2
Physics action game where your goal is to shoot colored balls into correct buckets.

Puzzle platformer

The aim of Bullfist is to acquire as many points as you can in under one minute. This means guiding a herd of bulls, gathering their wounded mates, and destroying everything in their path before time runs out.– Indiegames

Bummin’ a Ride
Bummin’ a Ride is essentially an Oregon Trail-type game with small arcade games replacing the usual random events found in the original. Your character is a bum who had just inherited a million dollars, but to collect the money he must make his way from one end of the country to the other in under twenty-five days or lose it all to a needy orphanage.– Indiegames

Canabalt is a simple one-button action game where you are in control of a well-dressed man who can’t stop running, leaping from the top of one building to another as the city is being attacked by giant robots and futuristic-looking ships.– Indiegames

Captain Dan vs. Zombie Plan
Action stealth game

Catapult Madness
Arcade game where you use catapult to shoot your servants as far as possible.

Cave Chaos
A nifty little platform game from Nitrome

Cave Demon
Action game where you fight against monsters by throwing a ball. The twist are combo kills, ie: if monsters are touching eachother then one hit will destroy all of them at once.

Cavern Klamrisk
A physics-based 3D action game which features a man inside a semi-transparent basket, on a quest to descend into the Earth’s core with only a trash bin as their solitary companion for the entire journey. Your objective is basically to keep the man inside the elevator for as long as you possibly can, a task made complicated by random sharp protrusions of the cavern walls that can knock the brave explorer out of his ride.– Indiegames

Casual Space

This is simply fantastic. Using the arrow keys, the aim of Chaser is to catch a small stick man who is running away from you through a black, grassy world of randomly placed trees, rocks and bushes.– Indiegames

Oldschool platformer with unique jumping mechanics.

Unique, bizzare, but fascinating platformer. The idea is simple, the gameworld is covered with darkness, through the levels lay scattered light orbs, you can only interact with something if it’s in the light. THis can be used in two ways: if something is dark you can pass through it, but at the same time in other places you fall through it and die.

Cluster Lander
Physics based exploration game

COBEX – Cruising on Broadway Extra
A remake of the ZX Spectrum game Cruising on Broadway, created with the permission and feedback from the original author of the software. The game involves colouring grids in each stage by moving over them while trying to avoid colliding with enemy ships called chasers– Indieganes

A Cold Heart
A Cold Heart is a short underwater-themed shooter where you play a cold-hearted mermaid, out to take the lives of ten different sea creatures by singing for them with your beautiful voice.-Indiegames

The Company of Myself
The Company of Myself is a platformer which implements the game mechanic seen in the likes of Chronotron and Time Donkey. Our storyteller Jack must reach the door on each level by using past copies of himself as platforms (and later on, vice-versa).-Indiegames

The Competitor
Fun twist on shump genre where you control the swarm of enemies and your goal is to place them in a way that will overwhelm the small little ship at the bottom of the screen.

Awesome mix of platformer and tile sliding puzzle game

Crane Wars

A Crow in Hell 2
A Crow in Hell 2 is basically a follow-up to the similarly-titled release from late last year, where once again players are asked to guide a black bird from one room to another while avoiding contact with walls, ceilings, floors, and a variety of traps strategically placed to impede your progress.-Indiegames

Crush the Castle
Crush the Castle is a remake inspired by Liam Bowmers’ Castle Clout, boasting much superior graphics and a better interface than the original had ever offered. The game basically involves knocking down one castle after another with your massive trebuchet machine, as you travel around the map visiting each of the twenty-four locations that the resistance had claimed as their own territories.– Indiegames

Crush the Castle: Players Pack
Collection of new levels.

Cube Colossus
A lovingly polished shmup created by Fandrey and Azrael (who have recently formed a dev team together called Lucidrine). It tells the story of a girl’s search for her twin sister, battling her way through hordes of killer Cubes.– Indiegames

Cursor*10 2nd Session
A new follow-up to Yoshio Ishii’s popular mouse click game, where players have to once again collect all pyramids in each of the sixteen floors with only the ten cursors they’re allowed to use as lives. You will direct the action of every cursor, one at a time, with events beginning to loop once the allocated time for that cursor runs out.-Indiegames

Dale and Peakot
Pretty action platformer

De Toren
A delightful puzzle platformer from the developer of Lightmare and Consumer Culture, where the player’s objective is to reach the top of a tower safely with at least the minimum amount of points required to clear a level– Indiegames

Death vs. Monstars
You know how sometimes you just want to put down the clever puzzle game and grab a dose of mindless shooting fun? Death vs. Monstars could fill that void. It’s a Geometry Wars style blaster containing such silly gimmicks as ‘Berserk Mode’ and ‘Bullet Time’ and it’s great fun.-Indiegames

Deep is an intriguing hybrid game that’s friendly to a variety of playing styles. You control a single cell-like critter who can move and shoot in any direction, but you’re also in charge of a thriving colony of warriors who want nothing more than to eliminate the enemy. Play it like a shooter, play it like a strategy game, or play it like a little bit of both. Either way, it’s an interesting dive under the sea.-JayisGames

DefeatMe is a simple shooter which involves attempting to kill the enemy with as few shots as possible. See, the problem is that on each subsequent level, you’re put up against clones of yourself from each of the previous rounds.Put simply, the less shots you fire off, the less shots will be fired back at you next round. And vice versa, of course – take your time killing the single ship in the first round, and you may find it rather difficult to complete the next.-Indiegames

In Deflectorpool you control a paddle used to bounce balls coming from the top of the screen. Scoring is done by collecting balls of the same color with the round attachment connected to the bat. You can switch colors by holding down the left mouse button and touching any ball of a different color to convert.-Indiegames

Descent is a new platformer created by the developer of the Visit series, where complicated moves such as air jumps, spring jumps and ledge grabbing must be mastered if you are to stand any chance of completing the game. Players assume control over an unnamed character who has to explore winding corridors and climb down pits, so that he or she could discover what lies at the bottom of this massive cave.– Indiegames

Destroy the Level
Destroy the Level is a side-scrolling shooter in which you have absolutely no control over the ship at all. The brain roughly moves in a straight line, and it’s your job to prevent it from crashing into any obstacles in its path. This is done by using your mouse to drag objects away, demolish buildings, and even divert missiles headed towards the brain.-Indiegames

Dino Strike
Sidescrolling beat’em up.

A hefty multiplayer combat/strategy game done completely in real-time. Players pick a dinosaur, give him a name, dress him up, kit him out with weapons, then aim in the direction of the enemy and blow them to pieces.-Indiegames
Just as the name suggests, this is an action-game about dodging bullets. Your ship is defensless and the only way to survive is to manevouer in a way that will make enemies destroy themselves with friendly fire.

Don’t Look Back
A retelling of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in form of retro platformer

Alatforming puzzler by Hempuli aka Arvi Teikari, in which you need to reach the crystal in each level. This involves picking up doors, throwing them into useful spots, then going through them. – Indiegames

Dracula Cha Cha
You play a cheery vampire who goes on a quest to collect presents and gifts. You have sixty seconds to grab everything and reach the finish flag, and if that’s not enough you can also earn extra seconds by picking up mystery gift boxes or scoring combos.-Indiegames

Dreamside Maroon
3D exploration game

Drifting Afternoon
Stunningly beautiful one-click jumping game

From the top of the gameplay area, drop the pixelated long-eared “droplets” in the right place and the right pixel, at the right time and the right angle, to collect carrots and enough points to advance to the next level– JayisGames

Dungeons and Dungeons
A Castlevania parody involving S and M. Yes, you read it right. Guide Sadie and her little… ‘friend’ Max through 6 dungeons filled with explicitly dressed enemies and extremely crude weapons. It’s not just the naughty factor that makes this fun though – it’s an enjoyable platformer in its own right that’s actually pretty challenging in areas.-Indiegames

In DungeonMinder, you play as an invisible fairy tasked with assisting an adventurer as he makes his way into the catacombs in search of treasure. This requires casting spells which immobilize enemies, increase the adventurer’s stats or even change the shape of dungeon walls and floors.

Duum Mashine
Arcade shooter with unique art style

2D platformer with some really clever puzzles.

Effing Hail
Effing Hail is a score-based action game where players attempt to damage as many buildings and airborne objects as they can under the strict time limit, using a hail storm and gusts of wind to create large hails of destruction.– Indiegames

Elona Shooter
A cute action game with RPG and tower defense elements, where you along with your henchmen have to defend the castle against contant waves of enemies.

Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation
“Here is a game where you play as a bear who must fatten up to prepare for a long winter hibernation.”

Epic combo
Action game where you try to hit 10K points combo as fast as you can.

In Excavatorrr you play as an adventurer who is searching for rare treasures in an unexplored network of caves, equipped with only a pickaxe and some starting items strewn on the floor. Maps are procedurally generated every time you start a new game, and you can only replenish items or offload treasures for cash back at the shop (press up at the entrance) on the surface.-Indiegames

The Experimental Chick
Mission based arena shooter

Evidence of Everything Exploding
Surreal action game where you navigate around press articles and everything you touch explodes to reveal new bits of information. It’s hard to explain, you simply have to play it yourself.

Physics platformer

Fig. 8
Fig. 8 is a short arcade game by Intuition Games in which you control a bike, scoring points and navigating around drawings of technical diagrams on white space. – Indiegames

Great platformer

A score-based arcade game created by This is Pop, where the objective is to prod a body down the river with a stick as quickly as you can before time runs out. Since you have no direct control over the corpse, points are scored by inflicting injuries such as burns, bruises, and animal bites on it– Indiegames

Forest Temple
Great and unique platformer where you simultaneously control two characters, each with unique properties

Forever Samurai
Awesome side Scrolling hack and slash game where attacks are performed by mouse gestures.

Fox Fyre
Fox Fyre is a bit like Tanks-style gameplay minus the turn-based play and with tons of different options to choose from– Indiegames

Friendly Fire

A 2D platformer which stars a frog that can swallow and spit out enemies as projectiles. – Indiegames

Galactic Commandos
In this awesome Lost Vikings-like puzzle platformer your goal is to reach the exit with three commandos, each with different skills and abilities

Gang Garrison v2.0
Awesome demake of Team Fortress 2. Simply brilliant.

3D tunnel shooter from Kenta Cho

Gen is all about guiding a bunch of spheres to a bigger sphere using the mouse as an ‘attractor mechanism’. The balls of light will follow the mouse pointer in a swooping sort of way, so it’s your job to make sure they don’t swing about too much and destroy themselves on deadly surroundings.-Indiegames

Simple fun platformer.


Get Off My Lawn
Arena action game where you mow down little critters that threaten your lawn.

Glum Buster
Glum Buster is a charityware puzzle adventure game which took CosMind four years to create with the Game Maker engine. Comparisons to Seiklus are likely, since both share more than a couple of similarities in terms of sparseness in storytelling efforts and a heavy emphasis on exploration.– Indiegames

Go Home Ball
Physics driven action puzzler.

“Control the legendary GOBTRON and eat all your opponents to survive through time!”


Graveyard Shift
Rail shooter from Nitrome

The Great Red Herring Chase
In this game your goal is to tail numerous cars untill they reache their destination, the trick is that you’re a passanger in a taxi and you have to manualy type the commands for taxi driver (like “faster”, “turn left” etc)

Green Terror
A physics-based puzzle shooter where killing aliens is your goal. The object is to aim the cannon and fire to kill the alien, whilst making sure you don’t hit the human at the same time.– Indiegames

Nice mix of platformer and shooter.

GunFu Deadlands
“A Far West themed 2D shooter featuring bullet time”

Hans Hans the Biking Viking: Leaving Loki’s Lockup
Awesome puzzle platformer with great production values

Heavy Weapons
Quality arena shooter with abstract graphics.

The Heist 2
A game where you first plan the heist (hire people, buy guns, make a plan) and then execute it.

Hell Is Other People
Hell Is Other People is an ‘asynchronously multiplayer’ according to creator George Buckenham. The path that each player takes is recorded and future players are then pitted against their recordings.This means that no two games are the same. It also means you are technically playing against humans – albeit humans who aren’t actually aiming at you. It’s a beautiful idea which starts off pretty easy and soon develops into a full-on war. Try taking on 15 ghosts at the same time. Chaos.– Indiegames

Hey Wizard
Very fun and unique (both visualy and gameplay-wise) platformer where most interactions with the world are handled through spells

Charming little action game where you collect baloons to make your house float higher and higher, while avoiding bombs and collecting coins.

How My Grandfather Won the War
Beautiful artistic shump.

The Hunter
HUnting sim with incredible graphics

I Love Traffic
In this action game your goal is to avoid car crashes by controlling. traffic lights

I Love You
I Love You is a 2D platformer created for increpare’s friendly Love Letter Competition, a contest where participating developers will attempt to code a full game in under two weeks as a present to their loved ones. There is a puzzle near the end that might require some thought to solve, but the adventure itself is rather short and won’t pose too much of a challenge for anyone to complete.The game is intended for mature audiences only.– Indiegames


The Illusionist’s Dream
Puzzle platformer where you can take shape of every animal you encounter.

In 60 Seconds
A speed run platformer with multiple power-ups to collect, a couple of small areas to explore and a boss encounter to defeat.– Indiegames

In Another Château
Physics based puzzle platformer.

Infinite Chamber
Infinite Chamber is a challenging little number from Bulortio. Your task is to get from one side of the playing field to the other… and then back again… and then back the other way… et al. What starts off as a simple platformer begins to get rather more difficult after a while and it’s genuinely interesting to see how far you can get. All kinds of randomly-generated obstacles get involved, including disappearing blocks, fireballs and flickering lights.– Indiegames

Iron Turtle

Isabelle Poppy And Bling
Art game consisting of several mini games

Ivory Springs
Ivory Springs is an incomplete project that is short on length but packs enough content to entertain for about half an hour or so. The game is an enjoyable exploration platformer which features great background art and sprite designs, a catchy soundtrack, directional shooting, Mega Man-type slides, and memorable boss fights.– Indiegames

Jirosum is a 2D horizontal shooter themed around the use of mathematics to inflict damage on enemies, created by Logan Ames as his entry for TIGSource’s Adult/Educational Competition. How it works is that you can absorb enemies with different numeric values up to a set limit, then fire a projectile that deducts the health of every enemy it touches until the number depletes to zero.– Indiegames

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Great top down shooter with gritty art style.

Jump on Mushrooms: The Game
A short 2D platformer created by Hempuli (FIG) in under two days, where players would have to retrace their steps around each level based on the number of coins collected and the location of every mushroom men they’ve squashed. Players can jump as high as they like, although touching the ceiling will cause the protagonist to fall. Fall from too high, and you would have to replay the level from the start. Some understanding of how physics work in Mario’s universe is required to overcome many of the obstacles in this adventure– Indiegames

Retro platformer

A short game in which an elephant living on a floating set of islands attempts to breathe life into her dying habitat by planting trees and nurturing them to health.– Indieganes

Fun retro platformer.

Kissma is a score-based horizontal shooter with large blocky sprites and liberal use of vibrant colours, in which players must try to score as many points as they can under the strict time limit of sixty seconds per game. The mouse is used to move the disembodied female head around, kissing is done by left clicking, and pressing the K key activates the special attack that clears the entire screen for just one time only.– Indiegames

KOI2 (Party-Tencho)
A score-based arcade game created by the developers of Kissma, where players are required to tap the forehead of their partner as many times as they can before time runs out. A rather bland concept if not for the power-ups, of which there are plenty of it. By collecting a special item you are temporarily bestowed with a random ability to use and a costume change to match the theme as well.-Indiegames

Kung Fu 2
The final build for Gary Gasko’s Retro Remakes 2008 Competition entry was released today, a remake loosely based on the arcade classic Spartan X (known as Kung-Fu Master in the States).-Indiegames

Left 4k Dead
A top-down 4KB variation on Left 4 Dead

The Legend of Princess
Anigfy little one-level platformer that’s bassicaly a tribute to Zelda

Let’s Go Find El Dorado
Physics centric remake of Oregon Trail

Level Editor
A quirky game that mixes platforming with on the fly level creation.

Liferaft: Zero
Stylish and addicting platformer.

Little Ghost Joe
A freeware platformer inspired by many classic platformers like Super Mario Bros, with rather unique visuals and setting (beggining of the XX century).

lockOn 2
Arena shooter with abstract graphics

The Manipulator
Quirky puzzle platformer

Maya Kai
Horizontal shump

Max Damage
Game about causing as much damage as possible with your cannon.

Action platformer with retro graphics

Medieval Rampage 2
Medieval fantasy arena shooter

Horizontal shooter

Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past
Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past is a fan-made tribute to a popular series of stealth espionage games, created by a developer who has a clear understanding and respect for canon material. Many of the tools used on the field have been renamed and redesigned with the Christmas theme in mind, but the way these equipment are handled will feel very similar to their original counterparts.-Indiegames

Miami Shark
Miami Shark is all about causing destruction by leaping out of the water and eating men, women, children, swans, boats, helicopters, planes and space shuttles (amongst other things).-Indiegames

Mind Jolt
Arcade bullet hell shooter.

Miner 2049er Again
Great remake of classic Manic Miner.

Miracle Witch
In Miracle Witch you assume the role of an apprentice magic caster named Polfe, chosen by her peers for a quest to defeat the evil king Yeah Walusa and his invading party of monsters. This involves going around the island dispatching creatures, acquiring new spell books and searching for treasures to loot.– Indiegames

Mirror’s Edge 2D
New version of a great 2D platformer (with new levels, objects to collect etc)

Polished 2D platformer.

Mountain Maniac
In Mountain Maniac you control a man with a hammer whose single aim is to destroy the town at the foot of a mountain for points-Indiegames

A procedural-generated climbing game.

Music Catch 2
Music Catch 2 is a simple, relaxing browser game which asks the player to catch notes with their mouse. The sequel to (would you believe) Music Catch, Reflexive Games have taken a great concept and improved on it, adding a host of beautiful arrangements to listen to and making the game look and play a lot nicer.– Indiegames

Another great arcade game from Nitrome

Abstract arena shooter

Nevermore 3
A puzzle platformer.

The Next Floor
Great little horror game that plays like a mix of shooter and tower defense game

The objective in Ninjufo is to pilot a UFO craft around a maze and collect fifty crates with top secret information contained inside them.– Indiegames

Not-So-Massive Action Game
Simple, but fun 2D shooter.

Stylish 3D shooter

REZ-like rail shooter with abstract graphics.

One Button Arthur
Fun little one button action game.

One Step Back
A 2D platformer that deals with the consequences of time travelling, where players have to guide their on-screen character to the exit without running into their other selves. For every few steps you take, another version of yourself will appear from the entrance of the level and retread the same path that you walked on just seconds ago. The current level resets if you accidentally touch any of your past selves, so you’ll have to figure out ways to avoid them until enough time passes for the exit door to unlock – Indiegames

Pac-Man Physics

Paper Moon
Excellent little platformer with great art style.

Short platformer.

Para Cute
In this action game you control a teddy bear who parachutes into a cavern. Your goal is to collect as many hearts as possible while avoiding crashing

Great little platformer where you play evil alien parasite on his quest to turn peaceful forest into his private mining plant.

Physical Combat
A 3D tank combat game

Pierre: Insanity Inspired
Pierre: Insanity Inspired tells the story of a cat with an eye for art, who has to run around circular platforms and acquire items to finish his masterpiece. Items can only be collected when they align with the right symbols on the platform, indicated by a bright glow around it. You lose health whenever you grab an item while standing over the wrong sector, or when you touch a spiky ball by accident.-Indiegames

Fun little browser game where your objective is to fly a ship while avoiding crashing into pillars.

Pirate Golf Adventure

Abstract shooter

Pixel Pop

Short, but sweet platformer

Pixel Grower
Your mouse controls the paddle with which you must collect as many falling pixels as possible. Much like certain elements in falling sand games, the pixels stick to your paddle wherever they strike it, so before you know it, you’re wielding a Christmas tree rather than a simple paddle. Your goal is quite simple: catch as many pixels as possible before your health meter runs out from letting too many pass you by.– JayisGames

Pizza City
In Pizza City, you play the role of a delivery boy who has to help Uncle Tony distribute five hundred tasty pizzas to his customers around all parts of the town. This requires going back and forth between Tony’s pizza place and the destination of each delivery, with occasional stops at the gas station to fill up the fuel tank of your car.– Indiegames

Polkadot is a charming little platformer created by the developer of Sworrd Buster and Social Experiment, in which you play a rabbit searching for a party to attend. This will require solving a couple of puzzles and also conversing with the characters you meet during your short trip.– Indiegames

Portal Defenders
If you liked a bit of Castle Crashers, you’re going to love this. Portal Defenders sees players taking control of the Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp (and a cast of other Newgrounds regulars after you’ve unlocked them) as wave upon wave of enemies are sent in your direction. Your mission? Button-bash them all to death -Indiegames

The Polynomial
A beautiful 3D space shooter with mathematically generated fractal scenery and models.

The Pretender: Part One
Very nice puzzle platformer

Crazy side scrolling shooter.

Amazing single-Player-Coop mod for Unreal Tournament 3 turned into standalone game

Physics-driven puzzle platformer

“Push is a twisted platformer all about moving the level around to reach the goal. The WASD keys move the little expressionless guy around, while clicking the mouse button will push all the surrounding blocks away from the centre of your click, allowing him to progress past originally solid walls.”-Indiegames

Pylo Noveau
Solid and polished platformer.


Ultra retro FPS inspired by Quake

Radial Plus
A lovingly polished space shooter with a twist – you can’t shoot directly an enemies, but instead you must bounce your shots off a wall and into them. – Indiegames

In RedRive you destroy enemies by drawing a rectangle around them, with the size of the shape that can be drawn determined by a gauge shown at the bottom of the screen. The smaller the rectangle used to take out enemy ships, the higher the score multiplier will be– Indiegames

noonat’s Refuge is sort of a physics-based Missile Command game created for the recent Ludum Dare competition, where players have to defend their city from an alien invasion with the help of a turret that fires only one bullet at a time.-Indiegames

In Replicat, from Mindless Labs, we see the same innovative mouse avoidance mechanic employed in Time 4 Cat, only this time with the warp drive pushed all the way to “insane.” – JayisGames

Robin the Archer in Pixeland
Retro platformer

Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When they Roar
A short, character-driven side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, controlled with the mouse– Jay is Games

A quirky fps where you kill robots by drawing shapes with your mouse

Rockabilly Head
According to creator Jasper Byrne, Rockabilly Head may or may not be about rockabillys (or should that be rockabillies? Who really knows) at all. The last dream of a dying man sat on a train, Rockabilly Head follows his train of thought as he sets out to be a great rockabilly.Of course this involves stepping into his own head and tapping keyboard buttons in rhythm to impress other rockabillys who have quite a lot to say. Yes, this is your crazy fix for the weekend and it’s pretty fantastic. Everything about the game is special – the graphical style, the music you just can’t help bounce along too – it even has 4 different endings to find, depending on how well you dance.– Indiegames

Rock Warrior
A short arcade game created by Jetro Lauha (of Dismount series fame) for the Ludum Dare 15 competition, in which you have to pilot a ship inside a cave and mine for every piece of gold that you can find embedded between the rocks.-Indiegames

Rocketbirds: Revolution!
Great action platformer in vein of Flashback

Another great action game from Nitrome

Roll Roll Pirate
Action game where your goal is to roll your ball to the treasure by means of manipulating your perspective.

Incredibly frustrating, but at the same time strangely addictive platformer

RunMan: Race Around the World.
Fantastic platformer.

Sandy Evolution
A horizontal shooter in which players can collect fragments and pieces of the enemies they defeat to evolve into a stronger creature. This effect only lasts for a couple of seconds, forcing the players to change forms constantly and not just stick to the strongest ability throughout the entire game. – Indiegames

Santa Fu
Remake of Kung Fu Master with Santa as main hero

Insanely hard, but addicting one-button platformer

Scary Girl
Stunningly beautiful and atmospheric platformer.

Schizophrenic platformer 😀

Colorful abstract shump

Seed of Destruction
Okay, so at first glance, Seed of Destruction, the newest title from Florian Himsl (Komix) of Twin Hobo Rocket and Coil infamy, may not seem like it’s for everyone. Playing the role of a gleeful fellow perched atop a gargantuan sperm, you zip through the city at breakneck speeds, squashing people beneath your impressive girth and deflecting missiles back at their shooters. But I’m sure there’s a very good reason for it! A– JayisGames

Sentokun in Kamakura
Quirky 3d action-adventure.

Shift 4
In Shift 4 you’re in control of an astronaut whose ship was attacked by a giant squid, forcing our protagonist to make an emergency landing at the closest planet– Indiegames

Shining Blood
Mech combat game.

Shy Dwarf
Short, but adorable platformer.

Nice Crush the Castle clone with a unique twist- here you shoot the projectiles from first person perspective.

Smoking Barrels

Smoking Guns
A Western themed MP shooter based on Quake3 code

Social Experiment
A puzzle platformer for one or two players, where the objective is to get both characters to the checkered point safely while avoiding pitfalls, enemies and traps carefully laid to hinder your progress.– Indiegames

Solar Plexus
Solar Plexus is a puzzle platformer created by the developer of the Noitu Love series, where you are in control of a female protagonist sent to investigate the sudden communication silence from a certain space colony. Most of the challenges in the game require the player to manipulate blocks using the mouse and navigate around obstacles placed deliberately to hinder their progress forward.-Indiegames

Top down shooter where you play as a Mexican gunslinger.

Spectro Destroyer
Action game based around ricocheting bullets

The Spider’s Bride
Spyke Games is here to tell you a story of love surpassing all odds, and bug juices in The Spider’s Bride, a fast-paced game of mop-balancing skill.– Jayisgames

Spewer is a new physics-based platformer created by the prolific Edmund McMillen and Eli Piilonen, featuring music by Gravity Hook and Meat Boy music composer Daniel Baranowsky. You are in control of a test subject named Spewer, who must escape from the clutches of a scientist by surviving all fifty-five rooms inside a maze-like laboratory, one level at a time.– Indiegames

Andy Wolff has created an incredibly erratic and confused shmup which is simple yet quite beautiful looking.-Indiegames

Station 38
Station 38 is a mouse-based action game where you are in control of a robot that can only jump in short bursts. Players have to be very careful while navigating around tight corridors, as our robotic friend tends to lose hull integrity very quickly after falling from a great height or colliding with a wall at high speed.-Indiegames

Sticky Situation
Sticky Situation is a shooter with an interesting concept. Both yourself and the enemy are constantly firing sticky darts at each other, and when enough darts have secured themselves firmly to a ship, the weight will become too much and said ship will fall to its doom.-Indiegames

Sudden Attack
English version of the popular Koreal MP FPS

Super Sloth Bomber\
In Super Sloth Bomber, you are a sloth piloting an airship that can drop bombs at enemies on the ground to knock them out. Bombolia is under attack, and the king has sent you on a quest to drive back the invaders with your ship’s ordnances. To progress you would have to clear an area of all enemies before time runs out, or defeat a boss if you are in the final area of a major location.– Indiegames

Swordless Ninja
Platform game.

Restrainig Order
Yes, you play as a wacko who’s chasing poor women while avoiding being catched by police 😀

Space Pips
A nice Flash Geometry Wars clone.

Space Trophy
Space Trophy is a take on the classic Helicopter game. Holding down the left mouse button makes your ship go up, release and you go down.– Indiegames

“Spelunky is the new procedurally-generated 2D platformer from Derek Yu, developer of several memorable freeware games and co-creator of the award-winning Aquaria. In it, players assume the role of a treasure hunter who ventures into the Colossal Cave in search of gold coins, gems, golden idols and damsels to rescue.”-Indiegames Blog.
From myself I will add that this is one of best platformers I’ve ever played, freeware or not.

spidr is an action game not unlike messhof’s You Found the Grappling Hook or String Theory, measuring only a measly 96 kilobytes in size. The objective is to grab all gems in each level before time runs out, using only a string of web to launch yourself from one place to another.– Indiegames

Sproing Reloaded
Physics-based action game where you destroy orbs by swining a ball on a rope/chain.

Squid Yes! Not So Octopus
Arcade blaster in vein of Tempest

Squid Yes, Not So Octopus 2: Squid Harder
Sequel to a great arena shooter.

Awesome space shooter with elements of exploration and a great storyline

Stunt Pilot 2
Stunt Pilot 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Rock Solid Arcade’s original precision aerobatic flying game. While the basics of the original are carried over, Stunt Pilot 2 adds a number of features that make it well worth a look.– JayisGames

Super Ear Man Bro
Super Ear Man Bros (Super 耳男 Bros) is an extremely difficult platformer in the style of The Life Ending Adventure, I Wanna Be The Guy and Syobon Action, where every step could be deadly and all traps are designed to take you by surprise.– Indiegames

Super Mafia Land
Super Mafia Land is an amusing take on the classic Super Mario Bros 2, turnip-pulling and all, but with an added Mafia storyline going on.– Indiegames

Swords and Sandals IV
Mario Party-like collection of minigames

Takishawa is Dead
Difficult and surreal platformer.

Tales of Unspoken World
Great FPP run and jump action game

Tasty Static
Brilliant Skyroads clone.

Ten Ton Ninja
Fun little action game where you use grappling hook to collect gems.

You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you’re going to achieve a decent score in Tetraform, a tactical defence game from the brilliant minds of Tyler Glaiel and Greg Wohlwend. It’s your job to protect ‘that geometric thing in the middle’ by selecting enemy ships and crashing them into each other, while building up your planet with powerups.-Indiegames

The Tickler
Arena-based action game

Time 4 Cat

Time Donkey
Insane action puzzler based around time travel and using “past versions” of your donkey to reach your objectives.

Time Fcuk
Puzzle platformer

Time Warp
A Guitar Hero like rhytm game.

Beautiful exerimenal arcade art game.

Tower of Greed
Tower of Greed, by Epic Shadow, is a game about the banker’s favorite deadly sin, in the form of an aggressively retro, fast-moving platformer. You’ll need agile fingers for this one, and a realistic attitude about your own compulsions.– JayisGames

Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre
Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre is an action platformer where you play any of the three members from the French rock band, determined make it to the venue of their own gig before time runs out. Every character has at least one special skill at their disposal, and you’ll be required to switch between them occasionally to overcome some of the obstacles that stand in your path to fame and fortune.– Indiegames

Tower of Heaven
Great atmospheric platformer.

Transdimensional Hellspider
Arena shooter with procesuraly generated levels

Transmover is a platform puzzler based around the classic ‘grab the key, take it to the door’ scenario. Our little stickman can walk over obstacles which are just 1 block in height or depth, but to get past bigger problem areas, the zapper must be used.– Indiegames

Trap Master
Action game where you play a monster defending your crypt from explorers.

Typomagia! is a typing game in which you quickly enter words on your keyboard to build up magic power, which can then be used to conjure creatures to battle enemies.– Indiegames

Tiny Trials
A series of arcade mini games.

Twin Shot
Platform game where you have to get rid of all the enemies in each level using arrows (not just for attacking, but also for platforming)

Twin Shot 2: Good and Evil

A Typical Wednesday Afternoon
A score-based vertical shooter with plenty of bullets to dodge and enemies to shoot at– Indiegames

Umbrella Adventure – The Castle of Cake
A hand-drawn adventure-platform game.

Use Boxmen
“A 2D puzzle platformer with cleverly-designed levels, where players are required to collect a cube in each level to progress. The trick is that certain areas can’t be completed without the aid of your friends, who will mimic your moves when called upon to help. Experimentation is half of the fun, while executing your master plan to perfection can be extremely satisfying, although the link to the video walkthrough might be too tempting for players to resist when faced with a challenge that seems insurmountable at first”-Indiegames

Vector Conflict: The Siege
A 3D Vector based shooter where you control a turret defending against waves of enemies

Vector Locust
Abstract geometric shooter with an in-cockpit perspective.

“Another entry for the Gamejolt ‘Shocking’ Contest, vel.shock(a) (or ‘vel dot shock alpha’) is all about using the enemy’s fire against them. Turrets pop up all over the screen and it’s your job to send out shockwaves by clicking the mouse button to bounce their missiles straight back at them.”-Indiegames

Vox Populi, Vox Dei
Extremely brutal (and extremely fun too) werewolf action game

Waker is a puzzle platformer in which the player has to build their own platforms to reach the goal. To create a new path, you must first reach a magical orb and grab it with the action button. You can then control how the platform is to be drawn by moving the creature around the screen.-Indiegames

Walkie Tonky
It’s a physics-driven action game where you guide a giant robot around going on a path of destruction around a city. This is more of a tech demo for commercial project by the guys who did Puzzlegeddon(7.9 from IGN) and is just one level long, but it deserves download anyway.

The Walls are Not Cheese
The Walls are Not Cheese is a prototype created by Sparky for the recent Ludum Dare competition, where you are in control of a debris-shooting square that has to destroy the bluish shape located at the end of each level. -Indiegames

Surreal arena shooter

We Want YOU
We Want YOU is a ‘satirical, procedurally-generated war platformer’ which simultaneously tells you ‘War is Fun!’ while throwing in news now and again of how many people have died and why you really shouldn’t be enjoying yourself.-Indiegames

When Pigs Fly
When Pigs Fly tells the story of a pig who conveniently grows wings after falling down a hole and finding itself trapped inside a dark cave. Unfortunately the pair of wings are preventing a quick escape from the same entry point, so the only thing left to do is to explore the caverns and seek another way out.-Indiegames

White Butterfly
A vertical shooter.

Why is a short arcade game created by Mike Inel, where the objective is to change the color of circles from black to white by moving the cursor over them. There are ten different endings to discover, and you can even use your mouse to interact with some of the cutscenes.– Indiegames

William and Sly
Wonderful exploration-centric platformer

Window Hater
The objective of the game is to break all windows in each area before time runs out, simply by heating them up with your flamethrower until they shatter into hundreds of tiny glass fragments.– Indiegames

Worm Food
Beautiful exerimenal arcade art game.
Great action game from Nitrome where you play as a gigantic worm devouring poor helpless villagers.

You Probably Won’t Make It
It’s an extremely difficult platformer which involves spikes, double jumps and recorded deaths. That’s right – when you die, not only must you restart the level again, but your spilt blood and death path stick around. You’ll soon find each level becomes coated in red and your frustration rising. It’s a nice little time-waster for when boredom sets in – just don’t try too hard to complete all 20 levels, you might pop a vein.-Indiegames blog


The 24-Hour Police
Completely nuts Japanese side scrolling beat-em up. Just be sure to have Japanese language pack installed in Windows, the game won’t run without it

Barbarian Onslaught:The Secret of Steel
Side-scrolling hack-and-slash.

The Black Heart

Bullets of a Revolver
Bullets of a Revolver is a fighting game for the most part, but also has dodging, dueling and dancing minigames thrown in from time to time.-Indiegames

Death Vegas
Here’s something you don’t see often: a fighting game that has not only fresh visual style, but also truyly unique gameplay too.

Double Edged.
Awesome cartoonish side-scrolling hack-and-slash.

Rumble Fighter

Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition
Browser version of the legendary 2D fighter

Typing game where scripted action sequences are played out according to how well you do when prompted to type a set of words.– Indiegames

Vanguard Princess
Japanese 2D fighter



A puzzle game in which you solve puzzles by throwing objects at other objects. Not everything on screen can be thrown, and you have to click on a moving object first to make it motionless in the air before you can hurl it at anything else – Indiegames

50 Comedies
50 Comedies asks you to identify the titles of fifty movies (of the comedic variety) based on visual puns. Just scroll around the collage full of oddities and mutants, and click on a clue when you think you might know what film it represents. Good for movie buffs, trivia toughs, and fans of fun, light-hearted stuffs.-Jayisgames

99 Bricks: The Legend of Garry
A mix of tetris and tower building puzzler

Andrew the Droid
A puzzle game based on concept of rotating levels.

Assembler 3
Physics puzzler where you drag objects to allow for one colored green to end in in specified destination

Aubergine Sky
A short puzzle game which is controlled entirely using the mouse, with no keyboard input required from the player. The story follows a man who is taking a quiet stroll on the outskirts of his town, lost in his thoughts and deeply troubled by some personal worries. Your task is to figure out a solution to the puzzle in each location, and to execute the action correctly in order to progress.-Indiegames

Balance of Power: 21st Century
Balance of Power: 21st Century places you in charge of the US straight after the 9/11 bombings and asks you to make numerous decisions about the welfare of the world. It’s a storybook style game where all goings-on happen in text form. Every decision you make has a consequence and it’s up to you to decide how to play – either be an evil dictator and scare every other leader into submission, or be kind and generous and win their approval.-Indiegames

From the labs of Spil Games comes Bipole, a physics-heavy spin-cycle of a puzzler, conceived as part of the recent Global Game Jam. The goal is simple: annihilate all particles by colliding them with particles of the opposite charge– Jay is Games

The Black Yeti
A simple puzzle game by the developer of Rara Racer and Mirror Stage, The Black Yeti tells the story of large ape creature who has to devour all intruders to the cave without them noticing its presence.The game was created in under a weekend for a friendly Mini Ludum Dare competition, hence the lack of polish and content. There are about ten levels to play in total.– Indiegames blog

Block Drop
Uniquely engaging, captivating and relaxing—all of these things in an enjoyable puzzle game with great replay value besides.– Jay is Games

Fun physic puzzler where you construct bridges to let the creature reach it’s objective

Bureau of Steam Engineering
You are an American steam engineer at the beginning of an alternate history civil war who must design and duel steam-powered fighting robots to defend the Union! Use pipes, valves, tanks, and excessive weaponry in a unique steam-based engineering puzzle game.

Card Game!
Card Game! is exactly what it says on the tin… except that it’s like no card game you’ve ever heard of. In fact, it’s no card game that anyone has ever heard of i.e. it’s a joke.– Indiegames

Cargo Bridge
Physics based building game

A good freeware Obulis clone

Civiballs 2

ClickPLAY! is a short puzzle game that is similar to Nekogames’ Hoshi Saga series, where players would have to find a play button hidden somewhere in every level to progress. This usually requires completing a certain task, solving a puzzle, or finishing an arcade sequence so that the play button is revealed for you to click on.– Indiegames

Great typing game

Color Infection 2
Physics-driven puzzle game

Using proprietary physics simulation technology, Collider lets you in on the particle-smashing action!-Jay is Games

Copy Cat: A Painter’s Puzzle
Unique puzzle game where your goal is to copy the given image for each level onto a canvas.


Cute little physic puzzler.

“CutCopyPasteGnome is a puzzle game created by Luke Brown, where the player’s objective is to assist a gnome in reaching the exit without any direct control over his movements. This will require manipulating objects with a couple of editor functions, accessible by right-clicking on the game screen and selecting the tool you would like to use.”-Indiegames

Demolition City
Another physics-based tumbler by the guy who brought us Crush the Castle. Demolition City is all about blowing stuff up. You can’t say no to that. On each of the 20 levels, the idea is to place dynamite on the structure and them press the BOOM button and watch it fall. The rubble must fall below the displayed line and not collide with any of the surrounding buildings.-Indiegames

“Din is a single-player audio recognition game. Bill has a lot of loved ones, who all need him, but he can sometimes get pretty overloaded with requests. The player must listen for audio cues to press keys requested by friends and family. A correct response within a few seconds earns a point. An untimely or incorrect response deducts a point. Neglect your friends enough and they will give up on you! Treat them too well, and you may just get overwhelmed by your popularity.”

Dismantlement: Tea Canister
Bizzare, but fun puzzler where you goal is to find a way to dismantle things into the most basic pieces

(Don’t) Save The Princess
A Chu Chu Rocket-like puzzler.

Dynamic Systems
“A physics-based puzzle game where you must help a ball find its way to a goal.”-JayisGames

Electric Box
The whole idea is simple: send the power from the point A to point B, but throw in diffrent forms of energy and machinery powered by it (like water/steam/solar based) and inventive level design and you’ve got unique and damn addictive flash puzzler.

Electric Box 2
Vastly improved sequel.

“Aliens have invaded the cargo freighter – evacuate them into space by opening and closing the cargo doors. But make sure you keep Captain Ryan alive! He’s the only one who can pilot the ship.”-TIGS

Puzzle game about hacking

Unity engine based puzzle game (…) where players get to control a character who can subtly influence the actions of his peers by complementing or insulting them. – Indiegames

“From Harold Brenes comes the next great outdoor pastime in Fragger, a sweet little puzzle game on a physics engine. With grenades. It’s every bit as wholesome and appealing as golf, except you’ll actually enjoy yourself, instead of just pretending to.”-JayisGames

A relaxing click-a-thon by a Mr Michael Todd (or Spyeart, as he calls his site). Supplied with a dull canvas, the idea is to use a combination of mana and focus to paint a beautiful garden scene.– Indiegames

Gray is a mob control simulation game created by Intuition Games’ duo Mike Boxleiter and Greg Wohlwend, where the challenge is to convince the rioters to change sides in an attempt to stop the conflict for good. This basically involves matching the wave patterns that appear when you try to strike up a conversation with any of the mob individuals.– Indiegames

Gravitex 2
Abstract puzzler where your goal is to launch a ball to reach a black hole, collecting coins on the way. THe twist is that the game takes place in deep space, which affects physics (for example ball can get caught in planet’s gravity and circle it couple times before launching off in a slighshot maneouver)

Gravity Pods 2
Gravity Pods 2 is a vector-based physics shooter / puzzle, a follow up to the very successful Gravity Pods. The objective is simple: shoot a projectile at a target. Of course, there are some barriers, and naturally there is a way around those barriers.

A nice Tower Defense game.

Grow Tower
Stack things up and make them grow. Sounds simple, but it’s far from it, it gave me plenty of problems before I managed to get it right and I enjoyed every second of it.

GROW Valley
GROW Valley follows the same format as the rest of the GROW series, providing buttons and asking you to click them in whichever order you feel inclined. As you click each one, components will be added to the main scene via small, faceless people. – Indiegames

Guardian Rock
Fun sliding blocks puzzler

Headspin: Storybook
Headspin: Storybook is basically a ‘Spot The Differences’ game, but the way it is all presented is rather lovely. Provided with an open book, all the pop-up on the right-hand page must be the exact mirror image of the left-hand page to progress. There’s a time limit involved, of course, and clicking each object will make it spin and face the opposite direction-Indiegames

Huje Tower
World of Goo-like bridge building game

Ice Breaker
Great little physics puzzler where you cut various objects (ice, ropes etc) it attempt to free vikings and transport them into their ship.

Ice Breaker: The Red Clan
Follow-up (a much improved one might I add)to my favorite freeware puzzle game of 2009

Ice Breaker: The Gathering

Imagination Reality Paradise
Possibly one of the strangest acid trips you will play this year, kanoguti’s I.R.P. is an adventure game where players would have to figure out the solution to the puzzle found in each room, simply by using the right combination of buttons on their keyboard. Every playthrough yields a different set of random sequences, so by replaying the game you might find some new areas that were never discovered in previous attempts.-Indiegames

Jungle Magic
Match-3 puzzler

Kagi Nochi Tobira 2
A simple, but addictive puzzle/exploration game where your goal is to simply find a key and use it on a door.

Fun new spin on puzzle RPG genre

Knight Fall 2

KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People
A hardcore engineering puzzle game where you construct computer chips that follow specific input/output rules.

Kyobi is a Columns-style stack-em-up with a physics twist. Your job is still to match 3 or more of the same colour, but once the blocks land they are not stuck down – any square can be grabbed and thrown around the playarea. All the surrounding blocks will react when collided with and launch themselves around too.– Indiegames

Leaf Blight
Leaf Blight is a puzzle game based around picking dead/dying leaves off trees to keep the branches healthy. – Indiegames

Legend of the Golden Mask
High quality hidden object game.

Little Red Riding Hood: A Post Apocalyptic Adventure
Amazing art and atmosphere manage to turn “spot the difference” game into something truly special

Lock ‘n’ Roll
Loosely based on Poker Solitaire, the idea is to place colored dice into configurations that score the highest number of points possible. The key difference between Lock ‘n’ Roll and its various predecessors is that it has a subset of prime combos that not only score more points, but clear those dice from the board, freeing up space in which to continue making combos-JayisGames

Lost Head
Physics puzzler.

A puzzle game that plays like a variation of Tetris, where each block is either a room or a corridor for you to arrange somewhere on the screen. Some of the rooms will have occupants in them, and your task here is to join up rooms or corridors so that these people can get to the amenities that they desire. – Indiegames

Magic Pen 2
A good Crayon Physics Deluxe clone.

Physic puzzler.

Mamono Slayer
Though the hero in Skipmore’s Mamono Slayer may wield a sword, the game is essentially a collection of lock and key puzzles designed to prevent the player from finding the legendary blade that will save the kingdom.-Indiegames

MateMaster takes chess and moves it a step further into the casual gaming realm by turning the classic board game into strategic puzzles. – Jay is Games

A Mazing Monk
Rotating puzzle game

Magnello involves electricity and lots of magnets. The aim is to guide a magnetic ball through a series of challenging courses and into the electric hole at the end.– Indiegames

Physics puzzler centred around creating magnetic fields

Puzzle game where you use magnets to manipulate the trajectory of a bullet around obstacles.

Me and the Key
Me and the Key is a series of mini-games that all have the same end ? getting the titular key. That’s right. There’s no zombies, no spaceships, no power-ups. Just you and a slowly evolving set of puzzles designed to test your common sense, and your ability to think outside the box– Jay is Games

A physic puzzle game in vein of Splitter or Ice Breaker, where you goal is to lead a mechanical ball into certain point by cutting the objects in the level.

mimi-Panic is an audio version of the age-old Memory game where every speaker will play a tune when selected, and the player has to match speakers in pairs to remove all of them before time runs out. A time penalty is incurred whenever you pair up the wrong set of speakers, although there are enough seconds on the clock to make a couple of mistakes and still get through to the next round.– Indiegames

The objective is simple, as it is in all great casual games. Each level shows you a molecule made up of number atoms and modifier atoms. Your job is to combine connected atoms until there is only one left, which then vanishes in a puff of total existence failure.– JayisGames

“An experimental game for two players, one using the left shift key and the other using the right shift key. the goal is to collect 400 points. a counter in the middle of the screen keeps increasing, and whichever player presses her key first gets those points added to her total. you want to press the key before your opponent does, but you also want to hold out as long as possible before doing so. read your opponent, intimidate her, distract her, press your button right before she’s about to press hers.”

Mind Wall
Mind Wall is a puzzler that is similar to Kokoromi’s Super Hypercube, where players would have to fit a coloured block through a wall before it is done automatically for them. The shape in play will always appear as a silhouette at the bottom left corner of the screen, and a one-square hole has to be made somewhere on the wall before this shape will pass through successfully.– Indiegames

Mirror Image
Another quality puzzler from Nitronome

Physics-based tower construction puzzler similiar to World of Goo

Monochro Observer: The Black and White Puzzle Game
Monochro Observer is a tragic, lovely little puzzle game about two people from opposite sides of the visual spectrum, learning to work together towards a common goal, to finally taste the forbidden love that sparks between the deepest shadow and the shiniest, twinkliest, luminescent-i-est-iest light.– Jayisgames

Multitask is a test of just how well your brain can cope with multiple dilemmas dotted around the screen. Starting with a single task, more jobs are added one by one until you become completely overwhelmed.– Indiegames

Neon Maze
Playing equal parts as a maze, a hide-and-seek game and a guessing game, the idea is to run around a glowing labyrinth in your little mouse-controlled blur-pod while attempting to find the exit platform-Jay is Games

A tower-defense game

On The Edge
A puzzler where your goal is to move the red block onto the red tile, by removing all other tiles.

Open Doors 2

Opera Omnia
In this game you play a state historian who is charged by his politician friend to come up with convenient theories about migration in the past (of their people and “the others”).-Indiegames

3D blocks pushing puzzle game

Pandora’s Gearbox
Great physics puzzler

Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance is an 80-level puzzle game that asks you to… wait for it… balance a collection of shapes… wait for it… perfectly on a tiny jutting spire, or maybe a slanted line, or a sprinkle of floating cubes. It never looks easy, although some of the really hellish-looking levels turn out to be rather straightforward, and some of the relatively simple-looking ones are fronting for explosive migraines.– Jay is Games

A short experimental puzzle game based on perspective changes.

Phantom Mansion II: The Arabian Sea
“Phantom Mansion II: Treasure of the Seven Seas is the second batch of tile puzzles from Gimme 5 Games starring spiky haired little Hector and his endless quest for treasure. Push crates, dodge the cutest little itsy-bitsy monsters, unlock doors, ride magic carpets over a spiraling vortex of horror. I”-JayisGames

Physical# is a physics-based game where the objective is to roll a ball Marble-Madness style from the starting point to the checkered goal platform. Thing is, you only control the platform the ball is currently on, so to move it you would have to tilt the platform using the mouse and help the ball build momentum. If you’re skillful enough, you can even bounce the ball across several platforms using quick back and forth movements.– Indiegames

The idea is to draw lines of paint across the screen which float upwards, destroying similarly coloured blocks until the level is cleared. Some blocks are concealed behind other colours, so you’ll need to eliminate them in order.– Indiegames

Short and simple Portal clone

Power Up
Power Up is a physics-based puzzler with a high-voltage bolt of challenging fun that lasts for up to 32 levels.– Jay is Games

A puzzler where your goal is to form a hidden picture

Prizma Puzzle
Tile-based puzzler.

Puzzle Bloom
Puzzle Bloom is a 3D puzzle game created by a group of DADIU students, where players get to assist a kind tree spirit named Canotila restore life to a cluster of islands which have lost all of their greenery in the name of development and industrialization. This basically involves floating from the back of one creature to another, as she subtly persuades the inhabitants to carry out tasks that her frail body could not do.– Indiegames

Red Remover
Unique physic puzzler

Redstar Fall
The latest entry into the world of physics-based stacking / unstacking games is Redstar Fall a fun little gem from Zedarus at Armor Games. The goal of Redstar Fall is to, well, make the red star fall. To the bottom platform, that is, without letting it fall off into the bottomless chasm that waits below.– Jayisgames

Roly-Poly Monsters
Physics based puzzler where you have to kill everyone on the screen using limited number of bombs.

Another great puzzler from Nitronome, makers of my beloved Icebreaker

Sand Trap
A puzzle game where you rotate a box to pour the sand trapped within into a pail.

a stylishly absurd physics puzzler where your mission is straightforward. A frothing geyser of black vapor lies somewhere in every level, and it’s up to you to send the shivering little protagonist tumbling into the miasma.– JayisGames

Save My Robots
Turn based robot programming game.

Seven is a short physics-based puzzler created by the developers of the popular adventure game Makibishi Comic, in which your quest is to restore balance to a strange planet by travelling to each of the seven stages and retrieving the stars found within.-Indiegames

Sew ‘Em Up
Sew ‘Em Up is a stitching simulator with an arcade feel to it, created by the famed developer of IGF finalist You Have to Burn the Rope. The game is surprisingly relaxing to play, although floating buttons do add a bit of challenge by bouncing you off your path whenever you collide with one

Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero
“Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero is a puzzle game created by Alexitrón for Game Jolt’s Shocking contest, where you are in control of a hero entrusted with the job of saving the planet from a major technology-related disaster. Each area has several blue nodes and a yellow exit point, with your objective being to reach the escape portal without accidentally sliding out of the screen.”-Indiegames

Side Effect
Fun puzzler that mixes Tetris, Solitaire and Minesweeper

Somnia is a 3D first-person perspective outing revolving around light and shadows. Each of the puzzles must be completed by flipping between the shadow and the 3D-world. Platforms which seem unreachable are quite easily accessed through 2D shadow platforms.– Indiegames

Splitter 2
Karataev is at it again in Splitter 2, the sequel to his fiendishly addictive physics puzzler from yesteryear. The basic premise remains unchanged: your charge, a yellow smiley face with eyes eerily glued to your mouse, must make its way to the exit circle in each level one way or another. All you’ve got are whatever contraptions are lying around the level, your wits, and a cursor that can slice right through solid wood like it was string cheese– JayisGames

Beautiful and unique star gazing puzzler.

Striptease is a story-oriented puzzler with some inappropriate images that should not be viewed by younger audiences, although Stephen has made it rather clear from the title of his latest work. It also happens to be another one of his experimental releases which explores the use of gameplay elements in surprising new ways.– Indiegames

Super Karosh
A crazy puzzle game where your goal is to figure out ways to commit suicide

Super Stacker 2
A game based on stacking objects on eachother in a way that makes them stable. It’s simple, but horribly addictive 🙂

Totem Destroyer 2
In each level you must bomb all of the destructible blocks (otherwise known as totems) by clicking on them, without allowing the golden idol(s) to touch the ground. While the charcoal-gray indestructible blocks provide the eventual resting place for the idols, you must still blast your way through all the plain brown totems, the bouncy green sloppy totems, and several new varieties that can explode, fly away, or only be destroyed when they touch another of their kind.– Jayisgames

Wake Up The Box
Great little physics puzzler

Warp Shot
Physics puzzler.

The Wizard’s Notebook
“A word based puzzle game which uses visual riddles. Solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. For example, the word “water” will act as if it were water.”

Yellow Goo Love
The objective of Yellow Goo Love is to guide an elastic goo ball to the end position marked by a red flag, simply by using the mouse to launch it in a forward or upward trajectory motion– Indiegames

Zigmond III
Maze-filled puzzler

Zodiac Reactor
“Zodiac Reactor plays like an intense bout of hyperspace Simon. The reactor’s purpose is nothing less than creating brand new stars; your job is to collect the Elemental Particles necessary to fuel the process.”– JayisGames



4 Hour RPG
JW’s 4 Hour RPG is an action game with randomized maps and player class, created for The Poppenkast’s friendly four hour competition. All characters start out with the sword as their primary weapon, but they also have access to an ability unique to their class.-Indiegames

30 Second Hero
An action RPG which consists of really short battles that require no interaction, as players race against the clock to save the kingdom from an evil wizard’s wrath. As indicated by the title, you only have thirty seconds to level up your character sufficiently for the final battle, although additional time can be bought from the castle at the cost of a hundred gold pieces per increment of ten seconds.– Indiegames

ButaVX: Justice Fighter
Short, but very cute RPG

A Death Foreordained
A Death Foreordained is another entry in RPGDX’s Lofi RPG competition, the same contest which featured Sophie Houlden’s The Linear RPG. Here you play as an agent who must travel back in time and join forces with the local resistance group to assassinate a political figure. The rebels have ordered two of their finest soldiers to follow you on your mission, doing their utmost to help you take out any enemy units encountered during infiltration.-Indiegames

Doom: Fall of Mars
Diablo clone set in the classic world of Doom

Dragon Age Journeys
Full blown polished browser RPG.

Drakensang: Conspiracy at Ferdok
Great browser RPG adventure (the German version won Best Browser game at German Developers Awards 2008)

Elder Scrolls Daggerfall
Bethsoft has released their classic cRPG for free.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Exit Fate
Epic singleplayer RPG inspired by SNES jRPGs

Free Realms
Great children MMO from SOE, which scored 8.8 at IGN.

Gates of Andaron
Tactical turn based RPG

Kamyran’s Eye 2
Graphical roguelike.

The Linear RPG
The Linear RPG is Sophie Houlden’s entry into RPGDX’s “LoFi” Indie RPG Jam. Play is set along a single line and battles happen automatically, with health and experience being altered randomly. (…)It’s not a breakthrough in RPG gameplay, but it’s an interesting concept and the story which is simultaneously told in the background adds to the experience. – Indiegames

Metalix RPG
SF Roguelike like RPG

Puzzle Dungeon
Puzzle Dungeon is a funny little adventure game from eyehook, the creator of Color Box. The title conjures up any number of different genres; perhaps a match-3 game like Puzzle Quest, or an RPG, or even a hidden-object adventure. As you will quickly find out, Puzzle Dungeon is none of the above. It is a simple, casual roguelike, the descendant of classics such as ADOM and NetHack.– Jayisgames

Realms of Quest III
Ultra old school classic cRPG made for for the Commodore VIC-20

Runes of Magic
One of best free MMORPGs.

Slot Machine RPG
Slot Machine RPG is a turn-based game with role-playing elements, created using resources from TIGSource’s Assemblee competition. You play as an explorer who is searching for the Crystal of Ix, but at every turn of the corner a trap or an enemy encounter could be waiting for you to step into the room. -Indiegames

Tomb of the Aztecs
A roguelike with raytraced graphics and real-time combat.

Trapdoor Below
Simple rougelike



Deep and extremely addicting wargame of medieval warfare

Alien Assault
Space-Hulk inspired turn-based tactical wargame that actually started as straight Space Hulk conversion, but was modified to avoid legal troubles with Games Workshop

Battalion: Arena
Cartoonish turn-based wargame

Battalion: Ghosts

This intriguing card-based RTS from Phenomic and EA is now avaible for free.

Bloody Fun Day i
Very fun and polished arcade strategy game where you control Death as he reaps through little critters.

Bloons Tower Defense 4

Broken Brothers
Broken Brothers is Michael Todd’s entry for the latest Experimental Gameplay Project. It’s an RTS title with the tagline ‘Gather, Survive, Expand, Unlock’. Very challenging gameplay ahoy!Beginning with ‘Malakai’, who is basically your Headquarters, the idea is to gather ‘hope’ via Harvester units, then use this hope to build attacking units like tanks and bombers. Once your army is prepared, it’s time to explore the world, destroying the constant threat from evil bug creature thingies and finding your brothers.– Indiegames

Cake Pirate
Cute tower defense game.

Castle Corp
“The latest offering from Nitrome is almost the opposite of a standard tower defense game. Instead of building structures along a path to repel a gang of marauders, you play as the characters on the path trying to destroy the fixed objects shooting at you. Your mission? To protect your shareholders. Welcome to a long long time ago, when economic recessions went medieval.”-JayisGames

Civilizations Wars

Classic Night
Classic Night is a strategy game with arcade elements, where players are asked to help a talking moon grow brighter by constructing utilities or buildings which give off light. Light from flowers and structures can then be collected as the main resource for upgrades or new constructions.– Indiegames

An unique take on RTS genre

Elements is pretty much the best free fantasy card game out there.– Indiegames

Gemcraft Zero: Gem of Eternity
Very nice tower defense game.

The Great War of Prefectures
The Great War of Prefectures plays like a cross between Risk and a Real-Time Strategy game, with Japan’s prefectures (analogous to other countries’ states or provinces) serving as the territories you fight over.-Jay is Games

Hell Tour
Turn based strategy game.

Heroes of Gaia
Browser based full blown Heroes of Might and Magic clone with beautiful production values

Hex Empire
Fun turn-based wargame

Hive Rise

HRmageddon is a great office-based strategy game. Two players take it in turns to spread around the office, claiming cubicles as their own and destroying the opposition via staples to the eyes, server crashes and sexual harrassment.-Indiegames

Mars TD
Nice little tower defense game.

Metalix TD
Metalix TD offers a refreshing change of pace to the tower defense genre– JayisGames

Sandbox building game

Mofuya Defense
Tower defense game with retro graphics

Moon Rocks
Moon Rocks is an impressive little shooter-defense game that’s pretty challenging and fun. Loosely inspired by the classic arcade game Missile Command, you’re tasked with defending your little chunk of the planet’s surface from an onslaught of asteroids, ice comets, enemy ships and plenty of other things that threaten to turn your base into Swiss cheese.– JayisGames

Online card game.

A single player trading card game based on Lovecraft’s works

Online Front Lines
Online Front Lines is an Advance Wars style war battler. If you’ve played this kind of game, you’ll know what to expect – strategic movement, using certain units against others to gain the advantage, achieving extra cover in specific areas – it’s all there-Indiegames

Orbital Decay
A mix of sidescrolling shooter and tower defense gam

Pandemic: American Swine
A strategy game where your goal is to manage and contain a flu outbreak.

Pirate Defense
Fun pirate themed take on tower defense genre.

Puzzle Defense
Puzzle Defence, from Dibblez, is a charming mash-up of the SameGame play mechanic with RPG elements. It’s not quite on the same level as Knightfall, but it gives you 20 levels of relaxed, undemanding gameplay, and the graphics are cute.– Jay is Games

Silver Maze
Tower defense game

The Space Game
A space-based RTS.

The Space Game: Missions
An upgraded version of the previous game with lenghty and entertaining singleplayer campaign

Spring: 1944
An open source WWII RTS

Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled
A defensive real-time strategy game with an emphasis on resource management.

Unknown Horizons 2009 demo
A 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building.

Warfare 1944
Awesome little tactical game that plays like a rewerded tower defense (ie you’re the attacking force and you have to plan waves of attack correctly)

Wizard’s Defense
Great tower defense game with spectacular production values.

World of Battles
Massively multiplayer real-time strategy game.



! is a game about !, Robot, and his assignment to finding the missing town monument. Count Can’t has stolen it for his own nefarious schemes, and the mayor wants you to get it back before his afternoon golf session is over.-Indiegames

78641 – A Targ Adventure
Crazy humorous adventure game

Created by Selfdefiant, creator of Kidnapped by Aliens, Absence is a fun, quick little escape from an abandoned building that may be haunted.– JayisGames

Abuba The Alien
Cartoonish adventure game

Beautifull Samorost-like adventure game

Alice is Dead – Episode 1

Alice is Dead: Episode Three

Annie Android
A charming minimalistic adventure game.

Asylum 626
FMV horror adventure game

For their contribution to the first Global Game Jam, in which thousands of people made games in 48 hours this weekend, Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel paired up once more to create AVGM. It’s possibly important to note the game carries the following warnings: “Excessive Nudity, Excessive Violence, Explicit Audio, Mild Text, Explicit Adult Themes”. Although only the most puritanical of people would take a great deal of offence. (…) It’s a simple Flash game in which you flick a light switch on and off in order to cause objects to appear in a room. These objects can be moved around and arranged, as you progress. The name of the game is not revealed until you have completed it.-RockPaperShotgun

Nice one room adventure game

Back to the Cubeture Era 1
Quirky isometric adventure game

Backdoor Man
A NSFW adventure game where you play a male escort.

Bars of Black and White
Escape the room game from Gregory Weir(the guy responsible for the awesome “(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors”) which spices the gameplay up with a unique barcode-scanning mechanics.

The Beggar
Exploration game about a hobo who got thrown out of castle and not attempts to get back in.

Being One: Episode 1 – Escape the Lab
Quality SF adventure game

Being One: Episode 2 – Bloodbath

Bermuda Triangle Escape
Underwater adventure game with strong escape the room elements.

The Blue Beanie
Charming little adventure game in vein of Samorost.

A prelude to the Blue Lacuna utilising popular web 2.0 sites in unique and frankly fascinating way to tell a story

Blue Lacuna
In author’s own words :”an explorable story in the tradition of interactive fiction and text adventures. It’s a novel about discovery, loss, and choice. It’s a game about words and emotions, not guns” Highly recommended

Bowja 3: Ninja Kami
Very fun quirkly point and click adventure game. I especially liked how it handled action-scenes through normal adventure gameplay

Boxed Inn: Panic Room
Room escape game

The Bryant Collection
The Bryant Collection is essentially a collection of unrelated IF stories, originally sourced from a box of notes and story drafts that the developer had acquired from a yard sale sometime in 2008. The envelope marked ‘Undelivered Love Letter’ is this writer’s pick, simply because of the way the author has limited your mobility and actions to one single scene in an airport.– Indiegames

Bunni: how we first met
Reminiscent of Animal Crossing or Wandering Willows, Bunni combines role-playing, simulation and a non-linear format, resulting in a distinctly underused genre of gameplay– JayisGames

By the Numbers
Unique and very well done adventure game centred on interrogation.

Byzantine Perspective
Interactive fiction about a heist.

Casebook Episode 0: The Missing Urn
Freeware prequel to excellent FMV Adventure series

Cat Poke

Colour My Heart
Colour My Heart is a short adventure game with easy puzzles to solve, and takes only a couple of minutes to play from start to end. Note that certain objects can be clicked on for surprising or amusing results, as the developer had made no effort to mention this inside the game.– Indiegames

Colour My Dreams

Colour my Fate

Covert Front 3: Night in Zurich
Spectacular spy-themed adventure game

The Dead Case
A cartoonish adventure game where you play as a ghost.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak
Zombie-themed Choose-your-own-adventure type of game.

Dead Like Ants
“Dead Like Ants is a low-fi, fairy tale-ish game for an Interactive Fiction (i.e. text game) environment competition. ”

Deep Chalk: Phase Three
Abstract exploration game with plenty of fun and difficult puzzles.

A Dralien Day


Enemy of the Solid State
A visual novel which sees the player taking on the role of a scarf-wearing spy, waiting for his contact to arrive with a special package that he is supposed to collect. – Indiegames

Endless Anesthesia
Spooky escape the room game.

Escapers #05 Space
Polished and refreshing escape the room game.

Escape Ancient China Room

Escape from the Big Windows Room

Escape from Boss Room

Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory
We all know what Bianco-Bianco does best, and they do it again. Everything we know them for is here: puzzles that make sense without being too obvious, photorealistic graphics (and a nice panning system from screen to screen), a little pixel-hunting (but not a lot), and (*sigh*) no soundtrack whatsoever. I know some games are over-the-top with it, but I wouldn’t have minded at least a *ping* when you picked up an item.– JayisGames

Escape GirlFriend’s Room

Escape from the Pumpkin Room
Halloween themed escape the room game

Escape from Restaurant Minshio

Escape from the Meeting Room
Escape the room game.

Escape From The Underground Space
An other excellent escape game from Tesshi-e

Every day the same dream
In Molleindustria’s Every day the same dream, you play as a white-collar worker who goes through the same routine of driving to the office daily, but deep down inside his soul he harbours a yearning to take the path less travelled. This is where the story begins, as players try to figure out ways to break away from the monotony of adulthood life.-Indiegames

Stylish cyberpunk exploration game mixing genres like text adventure and puzzle.

Featherweight |
Another great short adventure game from Ben Chandler

Finding My Heart
Cute little humorous romance adventure game

The Fog Fall 2
Post apocalyptic adventure game.

The Fog Fall 3

Foreign Creature
Foreign Creature is a rather disturbing point and click adventure revolving around a small creature with abnormal powers and quite a lot of blood and guts. The aim is to help the little critter escape his science lab cage and get away from the complex completely unseen.-Indiegames

The Freewill Cycle: Volume 1
SF adventure game that plays like a mix of Myst and Escape the Room game.

The Fun Fair
Unique minigames filled adventure game where you explore a theme park.

Despite not having quite the professional polish of some other high-quality room escape games, G-Sensor is nonetheless solid, well-plotted and very enjoyable; what deficiencies may exist are mainly made up for by the game’s excellent puzzles.– Jay is Games

The Glean of Glob
Surreal adventure game which was initially created as an interactive art installation for Jerwood Space Gallery in London

Grave Shift 2: The Sewers
Nicely done isometric exploration game in vein of Knight’s Lore

Gretel and Hansel
Gretel and Hansel is a short point and click adventure loosely based in the world of Hansel and Gretel.-Indiegames

Gravity Bone
It’s rare to play a game that can be described as true art experience, but Gravity Bone is definitely such game

The Great Attic Escape
Another great escape the room game from Mateusz Skutnik and Pastel Games.

The Gutter
Exploration art game.

Hard Space: Conquest of the Gayliks
Humoristic science fiction adventure game,

Short, but cute adventure game from Ben Chandler (Annie Android, Shifter’s Box)

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
Hilarious retro adventure game where you play as Tim Schafer, who’s supposed to host Game Developers Conference, except he’s totally unprepared and you have to help him find enough jokes to make it through.

How To Raise A Dragon
“Gregory Weir, he of the peculiar and splendid I Fell In Love With The Majesty Of Colours, has created another exquisitely minimal, decision-led adventure. This time it’s about raising a dragon, obviously. But what might be entirely obvious is that what you dragon eats, and how they decide to interact with human beings, is going to ultimately decide their fate. As with Weir’s previous games, it’s got a distinct beauty to its pixellated, multiple-pathed tale”-RockPaperShotgun

Howard Glitch
Very unique adventure game based on series of Youtube videos.

Hummingbird Mind
An interactive story from the developer behind I Can Hold My Breath Forever. It follows a day in the life of a man who suffers from attention-deficit disorder, as he tries to do anything else besides work. – Indiegames

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Spheres
A short adventure from Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth team to make the wait for their upcoming game a little easier to bear

Short, but surprisingly spooky horror adventure game


The Journey Down, Chapter 1: Over the Edge
A point-and-click adventure game that tells the story of Bwana and his friend Kito, two individuals who run a gas station but were forced to find other means of making money when the power company threatens to cut their electrical supply off. Fortunately at about the same time a young woman arrives at your doorstep looking for a book, and she willing to reward you handsomely should you be able to help her out with an errand. – Indiegames

Kid’s Room
A nice escape the room game.

Kidnapped by Aliens
“Kidnapped by Aliens, shows how to make an extensive escape game and do it right. The surreal but perfect background sound and puzzles that make sense without being too obvious turn this game into an enjoyable experience.”-JayisGames

Extremely well done and unique adventure game that’s bassicaly interactive audio drama.

Lights is the new room escape game from Neutral, the authors of Vision, which was our choice and yours for the best escape game of 2008. Once again, Neutral doesn’t shake up the formula, choosing instead to focus on inventive puzzles, gorgeous rendered scenes, and lasering your mind with likability rays.– JayisGames

Little Wheel
Atmospheric and original point and click adventure game.

Llama Adventure
Quirky fun text adventure.

Loom Above
Japanese escape the room game

Loom Blend
Japanese developer Place of Light has bequeathed onto us Loom Blend, another high-quality escape game to satisfy our mid-week cravings. Most excellent! The game’s scenario is nothing new: you are in a room filled with diabolical puzzles and more than a few secrets, and must employ all of your wits to escape. A simple premise, but one that Place of Light does very well.– Jay is Games

Loom Custody
Even if Loom Custody is not Place of Light’s magnum opus, it is arguably one of the better room escapes out there. While I hope that the developer’s next release will be a return to longer, more difficult games, I can’t deny this one is pretty darn good; well-crafted, good-looking and entertaining, it’s more than worth your time. Have fun!– Jayisgames

Magical Sphere Escape
Polished escape the room game

The Majesty of Colors
Unique and beautiful art/exploration game

Make It Good
Noir detective interactive fiction.

The Malstrums Mansion is
A retro point-and-click adventure in the style of the old Apple Macintosh version of Shadowgate, – Jay is Games

Mandrake 1
Great cartoonish adventure game

Mental Repairs, Inc
Excellent adventure game.

The Marionette
A full-length 2D adventure game viewed from a first-person perspective, where you play as a sculptor named Martin who is in the middle of completing his latest work when a mysterious package arrives in his mailbox. He loses consciousness just moments after opening the plain-looking envelope, and wakes up much later only to find himself standing outside an unfamiliar house.– Indiegames

The Mirror Lied
A weird, surreal and hella creppy game made with RPGMaker

Mirror Stage
Bizarre psychedelic exploration game

Creepy adventure game that takes place in XIVth century Europe, just after the end of black plague.

Mystery House in Japan
“While not the magnum opus of the escape game genre, Mystery House in Japan is fun, quick, and indisputably well-designed, perfect for a brief break in your day. While Bianco Bianco may not be the most stunningly original designer out there, it can always be counted upon to provide a solidly constructed and entertaining experience. Enjoy!”-JayisGames

Neverending Light
An exploration game set in dark caves where your main weapons are: your flashlight and wits. It’s Part 1 out of 3 and I sure hope the author will make the remaining two, because I had a blast with it.

A Night To Remember
It’s your typical adventure game with an interesting and sinister tale that will take around half an hour to complete– Indiegames

Terry Cavanagh’s Pathways is another entry in this line of interactive storytelling, where the progression of a tale is dictated by your choices, and hence the key moments and endings will be directly affected as well. As hinted by the title, players are offered the options of taking one route or another at many of the junctions to be found inside the game, with all paths previously explored conveniently marked by a fuzzy snow effect seen commonly on old television sets. A good selection of music and sound effects help accentuate the experience, although the conclusion of this adventure may surprise a few people because of how little resolution it provides to many of the questions that might arise from playing.-Indiegames

Paul Moose In Space World
Fantastic adventure game with unique graphics

Escape the room game.

Quest in the Dark
Quest in the Dark is an exceptionally cute and surprisingly engaging point-and-click adventure. There’s not nearly the depth you’ll find in similar games, but the upside is that you can feel comfortable sharing this title with the little ones.– Jay is Games

Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll
Humoristic adventure game

Wonderful adventure game based on concept of exploring and arranging memories in attempt to solve the mystery.

Sagrario’s Room
Great escape the room game

Horror adventure game.

The Scene of the Crime
A detective-themed escape the room game with nice production values.

A Second Face: The Eye of Geltz is watching us
SF adventure game.

The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3
Macarbee cartoon adventure.

Shifter’s Box – Outside In

Signifier depicts the life of a guy growing up from a baby to an adult, walking through all the stages of his life, from first baby steps to getting his first job. Using a combination of the keyboard and (ironically) Black and White style mouse movements, it’s all about growing up to be a polite individual.-Indiegames

Silent Conversation
NOw this is hard to explain. It plays like a platformer, only instead of platforms you’re running through sentences from short stories, trying to touch and “light up” as many words as possible. It’s unique, fascinating and simply must try for anyone.

Small Favor
From the excellent gameplay to the rich storytelling, A Small Favor is one of the best online adventures out there.– JayisGames

Another Small Favor

Small World
Beautiful platform exploration game

Smile For Me
“In Smile For Me, you are a recently deceased person who, seeing the tears of a grieving loved one, seeks to bring joy to that individual. But how, exactly, are you going to accomplish that? In your new home, a silvery room high in the sky, you’ll have to solve puzzles and use the heavenly tools at your disposal to bring a moment of happiness to your bereaved beloved” -JayisGames

Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch
Polished point and click adventure game

Submachine: 32 Chambers
Another great SF adventure game from Mateusz Skutnik.

Apuzzle game that tells the story of a bedridden hospital patient who sorely misses his home and family. The only thing he can do is to sleep and dream, which leads him to a place inside his imagination that is populated by a cast of unusual characters to meet and run errands for. – Indiegames

Quality escape the room game

Space Oddity
pace Oddity feels like a promising start to what may be an intriguing series. Creating an effective atmosphere isn’t always easy, despite the aplomb with which it’s been pulled off here, and I was left eager to find out what happened next. Fans of Mateusz Skutnik’s work won’t be disappointed, and hopefully the next installment in this eerie space adventure is right around the corner. -JayisGames

Strange Adventures In Infinite Space

The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge
, House at Desert Bridge is a wonderful work to behold. It’s a story book for grown ups, a fairy tale for philosophers and parents. It instills in you the memory of what it is like to view the world as a child, to see everything with wonder, and at the same time it bears the burden of age, conflict, and struggle. It is a labor of love that is a story that is about labors of love, and while it’s not for everyone, if such things appeal to you, I suggest you check out the manual from Bob the Spider (comes with the download, for your convenience), and step through the window that leads to the House at Desert Bridge.– Jay is Games

Strawberry Cafe Escape
Escape the room game.

Submachine 6: The Edge
A new instalment in classic escape game series.

T2B Escape 4
Nw entry in one of the very best escape-the-room series.

Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure
Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure is a charming little exploration game that involves gathering a group of friends to attend the titular character’s birthday party celebration. There’s no time limit to rush you into doing anything, and the adventure can be replayed as many times as you want. You can also visit your friends in a special section accessible via the main menu.

Titanium Chef
Fun humoristic adventure game with great production values

Today I Die
Unique adventure/exploration game with wonderful atmosphere.

Tortuga 3
Pirate themed adventure game

Solid escape the room game.

Tower Core
“The latest installment of the Core point-and-click series. An ancient enemy is approaching Earth and it’s up to you, the caretaker of the planet, to activate the defenses!”

Escape the room game

Under the Garden
A sandbox-style exploration game set in a harsh winter environment, where supplies are limited and resources such as food and lumber for your fireplace have to be gathered from the land. Here you’ll learn how to hunt, mine for valuable items, cut down trees for wood, and construct buildings or bridges out of bricks and boxes. – Indiegames

Waiting Room
Lighthearted escape the room game.

The Wedding Anniversary
Fun short escape the room game.

Exploration game with light puzzle elements. It’s barely tech demo, but it’s just so damn atmospheric and unique that everybody should try it.

Windosill(…) lets you explore a surreal environment by touching things, watching their incredibly smooth animation as they respond to you, and unpeeling their internal logic. You do travel from place to place this time, but as with all of Smith’s work, the focus is always, always on playfulness and discovery.-Jay is Games



Drift Runners

Ferrari Virtual Race 1.0
The official Ferrari racing game lets you drive the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and Ferrari 430 at Mugello, one of the company’s trademark tracks. The game is not supposed to be a real simulation but more of a driving game, if you enjoy Ferraris and titles like GRID or Gran Turismo it’s worth to be checked out for sure–

Flash Cat
A wacky racing game based on collecting coins and avoiding obstacles.

Heat Rush

Renault Truck Racing


Volvo The Game
A driving simulation containing various Volvo cars and two tracks from Simbin (makers of GTR and Race series)


Base jumping sim

Online Games’ Basketball is a shoot the hoops game in which players have to get the ball through the basket as many times as they can in under two minutes. The further the ball is from the basket, the more points you score when you successfully make the shot. A multiplier bonus is also awarded if you manage to put the ball through the basket without it touching the metal hoop.-Indiegames

Crunchball 3000
Futuristic violent sports game

Football Superstars
Microtransactions based football MMO (the basic play is free though)

Kickabout League
Great browser football game with unique mouse+WASD based controls.

MLB Dugout Heroes
Online baseball game that scored 7.4 from IGN

Pool Sharks


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  2. […] Indie Games: The Weblog JayIsGames TIGSource Game Jolt Pixel Prospector Reasons Why Its Worth to Be a PC Gamer Play This Thing! Kongregate Newgrounds Armor Games Adventure Game Studio Adult Swim Games Yo! […]

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