games of 2010


Distant Worlds
Grand strategy and classic 4X mechanics combine in a vibrant world made easier with optional automation (…) Distant Worlds features uninspired diplomatic options and lacks multiplayer, but these are insignificant complaints in what otherwise is a hallmark 4X strategy title.9.5 from Out of Eight website

Sid Meier’s Civilization V
Civilization V is one of the best turn-based strategy games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Whether teaming up with my friends for some multiplayer, or simply losing a whole night of sleep to the game’s endlessly replayable single player, this is one game that any strategy enthusiast, or, hell anyone strat-curious should check out. Sure, I miss some of the deeper inter-civilization relations that the more defined religion and government setup brought in Civilization IV, but that’s nothing anyone new to the series will even think twice about. With all the tips, advisers and tools in place, this is the first Civilization for PC that I feel is worth just about every person’s time. Go forth and create, subdue, and exploit. Do as Firaxis has done, and bring Civilization to the masses.9.0 from IGN

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Blizzard wasn’t trying to do anything drastically different with StarCraft II. Much of the core gameplay of the original has been preserved, yet with plenty of tweaks, additional units and new abilities for veteran players to toy with and devise new approaches to competitive battles. Anyone intimidated by the notion of playing against live opponents will find a lot to enjoy, with a fantastically presented single-player campaign featuring impressively varied mission design supported by a memorable, though often cheesy, cast of characters. Then, if you’re feeling courageous, the notion of venturing online is made more appealing by’s automated ranking system that frequently matches you up with opponents of similar skill level. It’s not a step forward for the genre, exactly, but StarCraft II is still one of the most polished, finely crafted and well presented real-time strategy games available.9.0 from IGN

Napoleon: Total War
Napoleon is an enjoyable addition to the Total War franchise but it’s not as a big a game changer as previous sequels.(…) On the plus side, it allows gamers to experience a historically inspired version of one of history’s greatest military careers. Campaign multiplayer is a welcome addition that neatly sidesteps the sometimes passive AI and works to reduce, if not exactly eliminate, the potential downtime inherent in the format.8.9 from IGN

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising
f you like Dawn of War II, you’ll like Chaos Rising. All the great things about the core game are preserved here and the new Chaos Marines content is fantastic. The story’s great, the twist is surprising, and the tactical choices are consistently interesting. That said, Chaos Rising isn’t for people who haven’t already gotten their feet wet with Dawn of War II. The game starts out tough and doesn’t let up until you’re done, so newcomers may find it to be a tougher challenge than they’re ready for.8.5 from IGN

Scourge of War: Gettysburg
Those looking for an accurate depiction of Civil War era tactical combat need to look no further: Scourge of War: Gettysburg is your game. The game excels at historical immersion, placing you in the saddle of the greatest (and not so greatest) generals of the era and giving you the partial information and confusion they had to deal with.(…)The game still features the very compelling tactical combat the series has always offered, improved with only a couple of subtle issues. Is it worth $45? Certainly overall it is, and I feel that the addition of multiplayer and the new commands and historically accurate setting are enough to justify a purchase for existing Take Command players as well8.5 from Out of Eight website

Worms Reloaded
This is the biggest, prettiest Worms, yet. Strategy fans will find one of the most fun multiplayer games around, and there is plenty to do on your own, as well. Few games offer the chance to wield a weapon called the Buffalo of Lies — don’t miss yours.8.5 from IGN

Castle Vox
Castle Vox takes the base of Risk, adds a couple of new elements, and produces a slightly unique and entertaining strategy experience. (…) Finally, the game features robust multiplayer matchmaking and is available for all three major operating systems. Castle Vox is strongly recommended for all players who thought Risk could use a bit more depth.8.5 from Out of Eight website

Virtual City
Virtual City takes good aspects from previous city builders and combines them into an effective package. The resource chains are complex enough to keep the game interesting, but simple enough to reduce confusion of newcomers. The interface helps the learning process, clearly displaying what each truck is transporting and areas of the map that need attention. I’d like to have a comprehensive list of all buildings and auto-bulldoze trees when placing new structures, but these are minor complaints overall(…)Fans of economic city builder games will find great value for $10. 8.5 from Out of Eight website

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
If you’re looking for a more sporty, addictive alternative to Anno 1404, or a just worthy continuation of the Settlers series, you’ve absolutely found it.8.0 from Eurogamer

Zombie Pirates
Zombie Pirates takes the Plants vs Zombies concept and adds ships, water and pirates to great effect.(…)While the main story will take several hours to complete, there are also special challenges to partake in, achievements to earn, diamonds to collect and items to buy that will bump up your ship. Every now and again a game comes along with utterly surprises me, and Zombie Pirates has done just that. It’s fantastic fun, and well worth checking out.8.0 from Gamezebo

Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy
Diplomacy is not as essential an expansion as Entrenchment but it’s still a worthwhile addition to the Sins of a Solar Empire experience. If, like me, you’re more concerned with building bigger and better fleets to dominate the gravity wells of your enemies, then the new additions in Diplomacy will still offer an indirect way to supplement that strategy. If your thinking is a bit more flexible, there is the opportunity here to forge alliances and win a valid victory by promoting peace and mutual prosperity. This is the last micro-expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire, so if you’re a hardcore fan, then there’s no reason not avoid getting this one.8.0 from IGN

Royal Envoy
The lure of trophies provides good reason to go back and replay levels for better times, which helps extend this game’s already impressive length. And I’ll take any excuse to head back in and construct a few more villages in this great little city builder8.0 from Gamezebo

The strong and addictive gameplay is enhanced substantially be the gorgeously designed battlefields and maps(…)If you can look beyond a few minor issues with the plot and text dialogue, and you’ll find BugBits is an excellent debut game from this promising indie studio. It’s a fun action strategy game that you won’t regret playing.8.0 from Gamezebo

Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era
nyone who loves the earlier games will find The Elizabethan Era is just as absorbing, and visiting the past does make you look at the gameplay in a slightly different way. It feels both completely new and comfortably similar at the same time. In addition to the main campaign and a more relaxed casual mode, the premium edition also features an additional campaign with many new levels to explore. There’s a whole lot of game here to enjoy, and it’s a blast to the real estate past we can heartily recommend.8.0 from Gamezebo

Fix-it-Up 2: World Tour
In the end Fix-it-up: World Tour definitely fulfills every expectation, though without being as innovative as the first game. The concept still works great and ensures the game’s rank being one of the few unique time management games out there. Enjoy a trip all over the world with an interesting story, gorgeous graphics, funny details and be prepared to invest at least six hours to do so.8.0 from Gamezebo

Vacation Mogul
Vacation Mogul will entertain players of all levels and more than satisfy real estate game fans. Unlike many Build-a-lot copycats, Vacation Mogul succeeds in standing on its own two feet with its good pace, variety, colorful graphics and challenge.8.0 from Gamezebo

Rise of Prussia
If you like any of AGEOD’s previous efforts, then you will like Rise of Prussia. If you hated any of AGEOD’s previous efforts, then you will hate Rise of Prussia. If you were intimidated by any of AGEOD’s previous efforts, Rise of Prussia is a good place to start7.5 from Gamezebo

Battlefield Academy
I like what Battlefield Academy tries to do: bring traditional hardcore wargaming to a larger audience. (…) It’s a fun temporary diversion from more hardcore strategy offerings. 7.5 from Out of Eight website

Empires of Steel
As strategy games seem to increasingly favor more complexity, it’s nice to play a game that is a bit more straightforward. Empires of Steel is that clear-cut, and the turn- based game is a good choice for novices. The interface is effective, clearly indicating idle units and buildings, while the graphical style if nice to look at. The game does come with some nice customization features, like editors for maps and the game rules, and randomized map layouts always increase replay value. The AI is a competent opponent, though typically not terribly aggressive. The game is really designed for multiplayer, so it’s too bad that there aren’t very many people online to play against.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Sol Survivor
As far as tower defense games go, Sol Survivor is in the upper echelon of quality. This is mainly due to the inclusion of multiplayer:(…) The game does suffer from a relaxed pace; Sol Survivor could benefit from time acceleration to power through those times where your defenses are stout. Still, Sol Survivor is quite an enjoyable game for fans of the blossoming tower defense genre thanks to its multiplayer features.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Conquest: Divide and Conquer
onquest: Divide and Conquer reduces the commonly complex strategy genre into its basic elements, and the result is a usually entertaining game. (…)While Conquest might lack the depth of rival strategy games, the reduced mechanics do work well for quick online competitions.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem
Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem takes a great game, makes noticeable improvements, and comes up a bit short of “must buy” status.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Ancient Trader
With Ancient Trader, you come for the graphics and stay for the gameplay, at least for a little while. (…) Despite some limited features and a feeling of repetition after a couple of games, I enjoyed looking at and playing Ancient Trader more than some other trading games. For $10, the casual experience is worth the price of admission. Just watch out for the Kraken.7.5 from Out of Eight website

The Sims 3: Late Night
The expansion packs that have been released so far for The Sims 3 have been meatier than expansions from the previous iterations of the franchise, and Late Night continues the tradition. It really raises the bar for what we expect out of a Sims expansion.7.5 from IGN

Cities XL 2011
Cities XL 2011 is a solid—not stellar—city building game. It goes out of its way to help you learn the complexities of the city building genre and presents a near-encyclopedic range of tools to create your own dream cities. In addition to this, it offers beautiful graphics and enough administrative tools to please even the most obsessive micro-managers.7.0 from IGN

Elemental: War of Magic
Turn-based fantasy wargame in vein of Master of Magic, from Stardock (their Galactic Civilization 2 plus both add-ons to it all got 9+ ratings on Gamespot)

World War Two Western Front Combat Mission
After disappointing affair with modern combat Battlefront returns to what they do best: WWII tactical wargames

Patrician IV
New entry in one of the best managment games series of all time (Patrician III scored 9.3 at IGN).

Heroes of Graxia
Board-game like strategy title from Petroglyph (makers of Star Wars: Empire at War)

Humoristic managment game from Realmforge Studios, makers of Ceville (9.0 from IGN)

Disciples III: Renaissance
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy was one of best turn-based fantasy strategy games of last few years. It was released in 2002,around the same time such “monsters” from this subgenre like Heroes4,Age of Wonders 2 and Etherlords were released. And yet it stood proudly next to them and secured it’s place as one of premier franchises of this type. Now it’s back in full 3D and done by Akella.

Battle of Kingdoms
MMO game inspired by Defense of the Ancients, made by creators of DotA Chaos.

Empire: Time of Troubles
A grand strategy game with healthy dose of RPG taking place in Eastern Europe during 1350-1640 period. Made by Lesta Stusdio makers of Pacific Storm (8.0 from IGN)

Airborne Assault:Battles From The Bulge
Airborne Assault is one of the best wargames series PCgaming ever had. Despite it’s hardcore nature it has gathered acclaim even from mainstream press (PCgamer have AA:Red Devils Over Arnhem 87%, AA:Highway to the Reich got 89% and the most recent one AA:Conquest of Aengan recieved 84%), from specialised sites and from gamers (Conquest of Aengan won Wargamer’s Readers Choice Game of the year). Wargaming doesn’t get much better than this series.

Galcon Fusion
Sequel to a great indie game

Victoria 2
New grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive, know for games like Europa Universalis III (8.5 from IGN), Europa Universalis: Rome (8.7 from IGN) or Hearts of Iron III (8.5 from IGN)

Conquest of the Americas
News trading game from Nitro games. THeir previous title (East Indie Company) scored 7.7 at IGN, this one promises to take the same concept and improve it greatly.

Star Ruler
Indie 4X game.

Trapped Dead
Commandos-like zombie game

Worms Reloaded
Return to 2D formula.

Future Wars
Turn based wargame from Radon Labs, makers of Drakensang (7.6 from IGN).

Kharkov 1943
A realistic wargame from makers of Steel Fury (one of the best and most realistic WWII tank simulators ever made and winner of SimHQ’s best amor sim of 2008 award)

Heroes of Newerth
DOTA-inspired game from makers of Savage 2

HistWar: Les Grognars
A tactical and strategical game of insane depth by Battlefront

Neptune’s Pride
4X game from ex Irrational Games Australia designers.

Stronghold Kingdoms
Browser adaptation of Firefly Studios’ most well know series.

The Settlers Online
Browser adaptation of classic series.

Cultures Online
Browser version of popular city building series.

World Supremacy
Turn based “conquer the world” grand strategy game from Malfador Machinations, makers of Space Empires series.

Hegemony: Philip of Macedon
From makers of Tread Marks(76% at GR)

Star Trek Supremacy
A 4X game that’s a follow up to Star Trek: Birth of the Federation

Making History II: The War of the World for
Sequel to turn based WWII wargame that scored 7 on IGN and 7.5 at OutofEight.

Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade
Real-time wargame from makers of King Arthur: the roleplaying wargame.

Spice Road
a trading and city management game by the people who created Light of Altair (7 from IGN and 7.5 from Out of Eight and )

Men of War: Vietnam
Single centric stand alone expansion to Men of War (great tactics-heavy wargame that scored 8.0 at IGN)

Men of War: Assault Squad
Multi player centric stand alone expansion to Men of War (great tactics-heavy wargame that scored 8.0 at IGN)

Anno 1404: Venice
First add-on.

Tropico 3: Absolute Power
First add-on to a city builder which scored 8.4 at IGN

Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi
First add-on to Hearts of Iron III (8.5 from IGN)

Majesty 2: Kingmaker
First add-on a managment game that got 7.5 from IGN.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy
Second and last mini expansion.


Mount & Blade: Warband
Combining hardcore roleplaying with deep combat, and throwing in a Counterstrike-esque multiplayer mode, this sort-of-budget game has more longevity than most full-priced, big-name-studio games. If you can get past the ugly façade, Mount and Blade: Warband is well worth a look.8.1 from IGN

Grotesque Tactics – Evil Heroes
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is an entertaining RPG adventure, offering both humorous parody and solid gameplay in equal measure. At roughly twelve hours in length, there is plenty of quest-running on offer, and RPG fanatics will adore the game references.8.0 from Gamezebo

Rainblood: Town of Death
Rainblood: Town of Death provides wonderful RPG gaming with a great storyline and paramount battling to boot. If you don’t mind the brevity of it all, this is well worth a playthrough.8.0 from Gamezebo

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
Funcom have put a lot of work into Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer, and it shows. There is a great deal of polish to the landscapes, the music is exceptional, and there is simply a lot to do. Where Age of Conan falls short is in variety, and if reputation grinding is something you cannot abide – and for many MMO players, it is – then Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer is not your expansion. For everyone else, the alternate advancement, new dungeons, factions, and the land of Khitai are all good reasons to return to Robert E. Howard’s brutal world.7.9 from IGN

Drakensang: The River of Time
Prequel to Drakensang

MMORPG from Petroglyph, a company responsible for Star Wars: Empire at War

North Star
A space trading/combat RPG with turn-based combat by Kerberos (ex Barking Dog guys
and makers of Homeworld: Cataclysm and Sword of the Stars)

Eschalon: Book2

Age of Decadence
Hardcore indie RPG

Din’s Curse
New indie hack and slash RPG from Soldak, makers of Depths of Peril (which got 82% from PCGamer UK, also won RPG Game of the Year 2007 on Gametunnel and was runner up for overall GOTY there)

Indie japanese game about running an item shop in typical fantasy RPG setting.

The Broken Hourglass
An old-school Baldurs Gate 2-like RPG, done by Planewalker Games-indie team consisting of cRPG modders, lead by Jason Compton (the best BG2 modder, he did wonders to NPC and party members dynamic interaction). The game takes place in Tolmira (sword-and-sorcery setting, which PlaneWalker licensed) has isometric perspective, unlimited party, complex party-to-party interactions, lots of good old-school roleplaying and real-time with pause combat system

A turn-based SF wargame with RPG elements developed by ex-Troika guys using the Source engine

Avernum VI
The final chapter in the long running indie RPG series

Drakensang: Phileasson’s Secret
First add-on to rakensang: The River of Time.

King’s Bounty: Crossworlds
Second add-on to one of best PC games of 2008.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
Casual Star Wars MMO full of mini games, from makers of Free Realms (also MMO, it scored 8.8 from IGN).

Promising MMO with action-game like combat.

Villagers and Heroes
Action-rpg from Mad Otter games, a small indie company made of Dynamix veterans, headed by Damon Slye(co-founder of Dynamix and lead designer of Aces of the Pacific, Aces Over Europe, Red Baron and A-10 Tank Killer) who previously released Ace of Aces on Instant Action

Allods Online
A MMORPG from Nival Interactive, makers of games like Silent Storm (8.1 from IGN), Etherlords 1(8.1 from IGN), Etherlords 2 (8.0 from IGN), Evil Islands (8.7 from IGN), Blitzkrieg (8.2 from IGN) and Blitzkrieg 2(8.4 from IGN)

Cyberpunk MMORPG based on novels by Tad Williams, handled by the development studio Real U, formed around a core of ex-Melbourne House talent (as Eurogamer put it” 8-bit heroes of The Hobbit and The Way of the Exploding Fist, and then cult classic Shadowrun, who in later years struggled valiantly with the tide of licences and conversions heaped on them by Atari, sometimes triumphing against the odds (as in PS2 Transformers)” )

Jade Dynasty
Martial arts MMO from company that developed Perfect World Online (a MMO that scored 7.5 at IGN)

LEGO Universe
MMO developed by NetDevil, who’s portofilo includes two other MMOs: Jumpgate(7.8 from IGN) and Auto Assault (7.5 from IGN)

Forged by Chaos
Online action-rpg using CryEngine2

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Third add-on to biggest MMORPG (the original WoW scored, it’s first add-on got and the second one was rated )

Sacred 2: Ice and Blood
Add-on to 7.5 (at IGN) hack and slash RPG


Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Not for the faint of heart, this gothic horror adventure is a relentlessly intense and terrifying experience from start to finish. 9.0 from Adventuregamers

Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison
The story and the puzzles are more than enough reason for you to be downloading The Witch’s Prison as we speak, but the game’s difficulty level deserves mention, too. Items’ descriptions provide just enough information to point you in the right direction without clubbing you over the head with solutions, while hints will spells things out plainly, but only if you want them to. The Witch’s Prison does its best to make sure you succeed, without diminishing the overall challenge in the slightest – but it makes sure to slip in a few chuckles here and there, too.9.0 from Gamezebo

Sleep Is Death
An experimental gaming experience gone very, very right. (…) Sleep Is Death is the ultimate in non-linear gameplay, as the director must adapt to the player in real-time to construct a cohesive story. The extremely high replay value makes this a must-have title. To use a tired cliché, Sleep Is Death is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.8.5 from Out of Eight website

Whispered World
It takes a while to build momentum, but The Whispered World ends up being a lush, gorgeous 2D adventure that succeeds in recapturing the nostalgia of both the genre’s Golden Age and childhood itself.8.0 from Adventuregamers

Drawn: Dark Flight
Gorgeous, whimsical scenery will draw you into Dark Flight’s living world of art and imagination, and its well-integrated gameplay and user-friendly help system will get you through some of the rough spots. 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World
Kaptain Brawe is a quintessential point and click adventure: it looks beautiful, has a compelling story filled with interesting characters, and it’s plagued with puzzles that feel more like you’re guessing what the developer was thinking rather than doing anything logical. And even with the casual difficulty level, these puzzles make the game unfriendly to players new to the genre. But for adventure game veterans, there’s plenty to love, from the unique look and setting, to the intriguing plot and great sense of humor.8.0 from Gamezebo

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge
Shadow at the Water’s Edge’s gameplay and presentation are as solid as ever; exactly what fans of the series have come to expect. Graphics hold their own with other current adventure games, and dialogue is all voiced with competent voice actors. (…)The game is recommended for players aged 10 and over due to some scary moments, but it’s certainly accessible to adults and kids alike and is a great choice for child and parent to play together. And although Nancy is without a doubt one of the best female role models in gaming, her games definitely aren’t just for girls to enjoy.8.0 from Gamezebo

Eden’s Quest: The Hunt for Akua Review
There’s a great variety to the puzzles that are thrown at you over the course of the game and, despite the occasional frustration, Eden’s Questis both fun and beautiful. It evens ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, which suggests we haven’t seen the last of Ms. Eden Hunt.8.0 from Gamezebo

This is a creative little point-and-click adventure. It’s short, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as long as it lasted. The title is deceptive, as this game really has nothing to do with Hamlet. But if you like point-and-click games don’t let that keep you from checking out this bizarre and clever little undertaking.7.5 from IGN

Jolly Rover
Jolly Rover may not be the most original of stories, but if you’re in the mood for something short and sweet and not too challenging, this funny pirate (dog) adventure gives you plenty of chuckles and lots to sink your teeth into from Adventuregamers

Black Mirror II
It never truly excels, but returning players and series newcomers alike should enjoy most of what’s on display in Black Mirror II, a suspenseful mystery that takes a new route through a familiar journey into madness.7.5 from Adventuregamers

Simon the Sorcerer: Who’d Even Want Contact?!
If you’re an adventure game enthusiast and are yearning for something to play besides the classics, give Simon the Sorcerer 5 a try. The voices and character designs aren’t exactly top-notch, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had with Simon and his newest adventure.7.3 from IGN

Gray Matter
New adventure game from the empress of the genre: Jane Jansen (creator of Gabriel Knight series)

15 Days
Thriller adventure game from House of Tales, makers of Moment of Silence and Overclocked, which both got 8+ reviews at Adventuregamers

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
Monkey Island inspired comedic adventure game from Autumn Moon, company created by ex-LucasArts guys. Autumn Moon’s previous game: Vampyre Story scored 7.6 at IGN

Vampyre Story 2: A Bat’s Tale
Sequel to one of the best adventure games of 2008

New aventure from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane

Hazard: The Journey Of Life
First person exploration puzzler that’s a commercial follow-up to one of best UT3 mods ever made.

The Next Big Thing
New adventure game from Pendulo Studios. The last game from this team (Runaway: A Twist of fate) scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Hand painted post apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure game in glorious 1440×900 resolution

Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising
The first one got 7.5 from Gamespot

The Dream Machine
An indie Point and Click adventure game made out of clay and cardboard

Lost Horizon
Adventure game that takes place in Asia in 30s, from makers of Secret Files Tunguska series

The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales: the cattle’s chronicle.
Prequel to humoristic adventure game that scored 90% on Adventure-treff, 91% at and 85% from Gamestar, making it one of highest rated adventure games in germany in years)

First commercial game from maker the incredible freeware adventure game “What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed”

” First-person-not-so-massively-multiplayer- online-procedural-adventure-game” 🙂

Dead Mountaineer Hotel
Last-Express like adventure game(meaning non-linear, NPC have AIs, goals, daily routines and walk freely over the gameworld) based on Strugacki Brothers’ novel, made by Akella.

The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 – The Separation
New adventure game from Kheops (makers numerous quality games from this genre like Return to Mysterious Island or Dracula 3)

3 Cards to Dead Time

Black Sails
Pirate themed adventure game from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane.

Boryokudan Rue
SF adventure game that’s one of the student prize winners at the 2010 Independent Games Festival

Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw
New horror adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios, makers of Barrow Hill, which got 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Edna and Harvey: The Breakout
An english version of one of best german adventure games of 2008 (it gathered 84% average of scores from german sites and magazines, including 83% at Adventure-Treff and 87% at Adventurecorner)


Cyberpunk adventure from makers of Memento Mori in c.classic point and click style using 2.5D engine with non-linear story and alternative storylines.

The Divine Comedy
The second in the series of adventure games retelling of famous novels (first one “Les Misérables: The Game of the Book” scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers)

New game from makers of Rhiannon (7.5 from Gamespot)

Shades of Violet: Episode 1 – Tale of the Clockwork Princess
Indie steampunk adventure game


Cyber-Wing is successful at what it attempts to do: bring Herzog Zwei into whatever century this is with 3-D graphics and online multiplayer(…)Those looking for a more action-oriented approach to strategy gaming should check it out. 8.5 from Out of Eight website

Global Agenda
Global Agenda hits the top notes in many areas. The crisp graphics and fast paced, high intensity team-based combat are definitely the game’s strongest points. Both PvP and PvE game play are equally fine and the AI of mobs in high difficulty PvE missions is admirable.(…) If Hi-Rez can add more missions and improve the UI functions, the likelihood of keeping the more casual player in the long term grows high. As the game stands now, whether you enjoy the game rests upon whether you like the combat systems and if you find an Agency to suite your play style and personality, as it’s all about teamwork and the people you play with.8.4 from IGN

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
. With Call of Pripyat, GSC Game World delivers its most stable and playable version of the Zone yet. Though it’s not quite as surprising as the original, it’s still a standout game that deserves to be given a chance by anyone that reads this. There aren’t many titles able to offer up such an affecting atmosphere mixed with enjoyable mechanics, and even if some bits of the game remain uneven, it’s an experience that will stick with you long after it’s over.8.2 from IGN

ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead
For those captivated by the kind of open, authentic gameplay Bohemia Interactive allows for in ArmA II, the Operation Arrowhead expansion is probably already on your hard drive. It features new campaign missions and a number of new toys to play around with, and is still an incredibly comprehensive war experience, despite its issues with performance and artificial intelligence. It’s best played with others with the patience to appreciate how much detail has been packed in here, ranging from graphical fidelity to the sheer number of vehicles and weapons included and the way they all control differently. If you’re new to the franchise, the standalone Operation Arrowhead is a good place to start so you can run through the detailed tutorials, and you can pick up the Combined Operations to get the initial ArmA II release as well. It’s a game only for the dedicated, but if you’ve got the desire and the attention span, it’s absolutely worth checking out.8.0 from IGN

Plain Sight UK
Plain Sight is a collection of lovely ideas presented with flair and character, and if it could tighten up its fussy controls a little it’d have a good chance of being one of those break-out indie hits that quietly earn its creators a deserved fortune. The currently small number of servers and the relatively hardcore-favouring rich-get-richer nature of the combat are probably telling signs of its destiny – adored by a few, ignored by the many. The price is right and the robo-ninja carnage is guaranteed, however.8.0 from IGN

With Nimbus, Noumenon Games delivers a creative, accessible, and intelligently designed title. Its style of gameplay fuses twitch action with puzzle and racing elements and offers challenges that, while sometimes frustrating, remain satisfying all the way through. With numerous reasons to replay stages, an appealing visual style and catchy electronic soundtrack, there’s enough here to be able to overlook the minor control issues and enjoy the ride.8.0 from IGN

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is as inventive as it is humorous, providing clever gameplay based around the assembly of bridges, vehicles and a time-machine. (…) Doc Clock is really clever stuff, bursting with personality and neat ideas. A few little niggles here and there mar an otherwise cool and sophisticated indie release, and one that you should definitely considering delving into.8.0 from Gamezebo

Lunnye Devitsy
Lunnye Devitsy provides a gorgeously atmospheric world for the player to explore at their own pace, with only a few backtracking issues slightly tainting what is otherwise an enjoyable experience. 8.0 from Gamezebo

With its dark yet gorgeous atmosphere and huge environment to explore, Wake captures the dire situation perfectly and will make you feel the kind of anxiety you never thought possible from a video game – but in a good way, of course.8.0 from Gamezebo

look past its lo-fi style and you’ll realise its production values are hardly stingy, with unlockable time trials and other Easter-egg modes, and generally slick presentation. More to the point, it’s excellent for its entire length. How many big-budget developments can say that?8.0 from Eurogamer

Beat Hazard
Beat Hazard is a short and sweet ten-dollar investment that is given solid longevity as long as you like the tunes in your music library. .7.6 from IGN

Bob Came in Pieces
Bob Came in Pieces offers some nice physics-based puzzles placed around custom ship designs to solve the various conundrums placed in front of you. The game does feel unique, thanks to some innovative puzzles and full freedom to use your admittedly limited tool set as you desire.(…) This linearity tends to cut down on replay value, but Bob Came in Pieces is certainly fun while it lasts. If you like platform and puzzle games, the ship design of Bob Came in Pieces delivers $10 worth of unique fun.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Razor2: Hidden Skies
Razor2: Hidden Skies is a decent shooter with good production values, such as the excellent score.7.5 from IGN

The Ball
Unique mix of First Person Action Game and Puzzler. It’s commercial continuation of mod that was awarded 2nd place in finals of Epic Games’ Make Something Unreal contest.

Interesting mix of FPP action and tower defense, running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Tactical Intervention
New tactical FPS from creator of Counterstrike

Dead meets Lead
Indie zombie action game.

New indie action title from Dejobaan Games, makers of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!-A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (82% average at Gamerankings)

Unique puzzle platformer that’s expanded and improved follow up to a great freeware game.

Indie heist game that’s nominated for 2010 IGFSeumas McNally Grand Prize, developed by Pocketwatch games, makers of Wildlife Tycoon(IGF finalist) and Venture Arctic (Gametunnel’s sim game of the year)

Delta Force: Angel Falls

Swarm Racer 3000

Naumachia – Space Warfare
A multiplayer space battle sim in which you can start piloting individual fighters with standard FPS controls (mouse/keyboard) and then when your rank advances it’s possible to command capital ships and their fighter squadrons with a dedicated RTS-like interface. Developed by people who previously made Specialist mod for first Half-life

As developer himself put it: “I like to think of it as a true PC fighting game. Dynamic and up-to-the-point, but very strategic, controlled by mouse and with strong character development elements.”

Natural Selection 2
Commercial Source-based sequel to one of best mp MODS of all time

Blitz 1941
MMO Tank action game with light simulation elements from the makers of Navy Fields (it was similiar MMO action game with sim elements)

Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark
Action-adventure based on legendary “Choose your own adventure” gamebook series

Alien Swarm
AlienSwarm was one of very best and definitly the most original UnrealTournament2004 mods ever. THis is sequel made on Source engine by original crew who was hired by Valve

Unique puzzle platformer, which was awarded Best Overall Game and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards 2008.

Stargate Resistance
Multiplayer third person shooter.

Freeware spiritual successor to Tribes, created by the team that made the Renegade mod for Tribes, Tribes2 and Tribes: Vengeance

They Hunger: Lost Souls
Original Hunger was THE best single-player mod for Half-life. Now the team returns with commercial follow up based on Source engine

Sugar Rush
Online arena combat game from Klei Entertainment (indie dev responsible for Eets)

Black Sky
Open ended StarControl2 like game

Indie platformer

Indie action flight game.

Iron Seed 2
Follow up to forgotten classic (it’s not well known now, but back in the days it rivaled Star Control 2 in quality)


rFactor 2
The first rFactor became the rulling standart of PC racing sims and the most popular modding platform for fans of the genre, not to mention it’s engine was the basis for majority of other good PC racing sims of recent years (like GTR 1-2, Race series, Arca simracing or GT Legends)

Top Race 2009
new sim by 2PEZ (makers of Turismo Carratera) running on gMotor2 engine

The Turismo Competición 2000
A new racing sims based on ISI’s Gmotor engine (the same engine that powers GTR and Race series, rFactor and Arca), a follow-up to Turismo Carretera.777 Studios is publishing previous game in the series in US, so there is high chance this one will see an English release too.

Zero Gear
A physics-fueled multiplayer kart combat game


Wings of Prey
Despite the unfortunate and confusing title of the game, Wings of Prey is surprisingly attractive both to arcade action junkies and to the hardcore TrackIR crowd. Naturally, in trying to please both camps, the game contains a fair number of compromises and concessions that are sure to cause aggravation at either end of the spectrum, but the flexibility and fidelity of the different flight models allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.8.3 from IGN

Storm of War: Battle of Britain
From makers of Il2 Sturmovik

Silent Hunter V
Both Silent Hunter 3 and Silent Hunter 4 received 8.8 from IGN.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

Combat Helo
Indie heli sim.

World of Tanks
A MMO PvP tank combat game set in World War 2 setting from,akers of Massive Assault (8.4 from IGN) and upcoming Order of War

Battlestar Galactica Online
Space combat MMO

Jet Thunder
Historical air combat sim from Thunder Works

Evochron Mercenary
Another entry in great indie space sim series.

Jumpgate Evolution
A sequel to space sim MMO that got 8.6 from Gamespoit

Black Prophecy
SF space MMO.

Perpetuum Online
EVE Online-inspired mech sim MMO.

Fighter Ops

Ship Simulator 2010: Extremes

Wings of Luftwafe
First add-on to Wings of Prey (WWII flight sim that scored 8.3 at IGN)

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2.0
Heavy upgrade to original Flaming Cliffs

Rising Sun
Flight simulator from the crew who did the incredible Yankee Air Pirate series.

Hat in the Ring
First expansion pack to Over Flander Fields

Steel Fury Add-on
Add-on to Steel Fury (one of the best and most realistic WWII tank simulators ever made and winner of SimHQ’s best amor sim of 2008 award)

Starfox: Shadows of Lylat
Freeware fan-made game running on modified Freespace2 engine

Wing Commander Saga
Freeware fan-made sequel running on modified Freespace2 engine

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea
Mosquito fleet simulator from Akella

Indie F-18 Flight Sim.


Football Manager 2011
For the time being, this is still the best football management game on the planet. Its depth, realism and sheer addictiveness are unrivalled, with additions like the real-time contract negotiations offsetting some familiar flaws. 8.0 from IGN

Poker Night at the Inventory
It comes with all the polish I’d expect from Telltale, and while it only features Texas Hold ’em, is a really entertaining way to kill some time, especially if you want those TF2 unlocks. It may not be the best poker game out there, but it is definitely the funniest. And, as most people will tell you, a little humor goes a long way.8.0 from IGN

Starters Orders 4
If you are looking for a horse simulation, Starters Orders 4 is a good choice. The game features all of the options needed for a complete sports management game, only in equine format (…) Starters Orders 4 delivers good value for fans of the genre. People not interested in horse racing will be bored to death here, but if the prospect of raising and racing a cavalcade of horses is interesting to you, then Starters Orders 4 wins the roses. 7.5 from Out of Eight website

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
Browser based golf sim.

FIFA Manager 11

With casual games I decided I need harsher criterias. That’s why when using Gamezebo (biggest casual raview site) I only list games with 80% and more review score.

Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby
Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby turns the rapidly growing stale HOG format square on its head, creating something that’s familiar yet also brand new. Even if you don’t enjoy the source material (I can’t stand it, personally), if you’ve ever thought for a moment that you might want to try a hidden object game, make sure it’s this one.9.5 from Gamezebo

Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera
It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a hidden object game but Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera is easily one of the best I’ve ever played. It may well be the best. I don’t know what else I can say about it – and I don’t know why you’re still here reading this review. Go! Play! Enjoy! Just don’t forget to come back and thank me later.9.5 from Gamezebo

Heart’s Medicine – Season One
All in all GameHouse Eindhoven is on a very good way to redefine the time management genre. Both the last titles of the Emily-series and Heart’s Medicine prove that connecting time management elements, puzzles, hidden objects, and a great storyline closely results in a very satisfying and original gaming experience. If general traditions such as fixed shifts (levels) and upgrades would be abandoned for more coherent and free gameplay Heart’s Medicine could really become a very interesting and original series in the future. As of now it already is one of the best options you can find in the time management genre.9.0 from Gamezebo

Fractal is a fantastic puzzler, providing thoughtful, slow-paced action that’s perfect for kicking back and unwinding with. It will certainly provide a challenge, but is also simple enough to entice more casual players.9.0 from Gamezebo

Women’s Murder Club: Little Black Lies
There’s no one big flaw to point to in Little Black Lies, but there are plenty of tiny irritants. Fortunately, the sharp plot, inventive puzzles, and good voice acting are enough to smooth over the rough spots.9.0 from Gamezebo

Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life
To say that Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life is just more of the same is both accurate and an over simplification. To be sure, returning players will instantly recognize its design, interface, and play style (and lament deficiencies shared by its predecessors—we still can’t scroll out to view the entire village, alas). But the simple truth is that this game, like its forerunners, is an undeniably fun and long-lasting play bursting with clever new environmental conundrums. Put more simply, if there’s something wrong with Virtual Villagers’ formula, then I don’t want Last Day of Work to make it right.9.0 from Gamezebo

Robin’s Quest: A Legend is Born
Robin’s Quest: A Legend Born is a fun retelling of a familiar tale, adapting well-known characters to a new and inventive adventure. Say it with me now, everyone: For England!9.0 from Gamezebo

My Kingdom for the Princess 2
All in all My Kingdom for the Princess 2 continues to impress and greatly improves on the unique formula set out by the first game. Flaws are rare to come by and are greatly overshadowed by the positive points and enjoyable features. Similar titles who will try to surpass this series will have to do more than just copying that formula, particularly because My Kingdom for the Princess 2 has just increased the standard notably.9.0 from Gamezebo

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate
The Samantha Swift series has always provided rock-solid hidden object experiences, but each iteration improves on the last. Fountains of Fate is colorful, bold, clever, and expertly-crafted – my one regret is that my time with Samantha was over just a bit too quickly. Or perhaps it just seemed that way because I couldn’t stop playing.9.0 from Gamezebo

Academagia: The Making of Mages
While the slow pace and insane amount of depth may turn off some, they’re also what make Academagia so engaging. It’s so easy to lose hours of your life tinkering with your character, trying to complete quests or explore the Academy or catch up on botany lessons. It’s the kind of game that’s aimed at a very specific niche of people, and for them, it’s perfect. Academagia allows you to enter an extraordinarily well thought out world of fantasy and be whoever you want to be. It’s the next best thing to catching the train at platform 9 and 3/4.9.0 from Gamezebo

Totem Tribe GOLD
Totem Tribe Gold offers everything you would expect from a real hit: Beautiful and diverse graphics, gameplay that oozes innovation, a playtime of easily 30 hours and more, replayability that other games can only dream to offer, and an exciting storyline as the icing on the cake. With all the new additions it is definitely worth a look for everyone who enjoyed the original Totem Tribe, and gamers who haven’t played the original should try it too.9.0 from Gamezebo

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club
Snark Busters is fantastic. It offers about three hours of very enjoyable play time, with tons of hidden object searches, puzzles and mini-games that make you feel like you’re actually solving a mystery and a very high level of polish from start to finish. Will you catch the Snark? I don’t want to spoil that surprise for you, but as Ian Gillan told us back in 1984, it’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase. And Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club is one chase that delivers in spades.9.0 from Gamezebo

Ranch Rush 2
Alongside the main casual mode, you can also unlock expert and free-play modes that switch up the difficulty a bit. Other features like achievements, trophies, and optional Facebook connectivity further round out this stellar time-management game. Ranch Rush 2 simply looks great, plays great, and is a perfect example of a time management done well.9.0 from Gamezebo

Deadtime Stories
My sole complaint about Deadtime Stories is that it’s a bit short, clocking in at perhaps 3 hours. The story was so enthralling, it felt like I was done in five minutes, however. The one consolation is that Jessie’s tale seems to be the first in the Deadtime Stories series; there are many other ghosts in the graveyard, after all, each with their own story to tell.9.0 from Gamezebo

A Gypsy’s Tale
You’ll probably see the climax to A Gypsy’s Tale coming a mile away, but you’ll have had such an enjoyable time getting there that you’re not too likely to care. The finale sets the stage for a sequel, which I’m hoping comes along sooner rather than later.9.0 from Gamezebo

Delve Deeper
It would have been nice to have some sort of main story mode to accompany the single battle mode, but even without this Delve Deeper is highly enjoyable, even if you aren’t a huge fan of strategy games – and with such a modest price tag, this really is one experience you should look into.9.0 from Gamezebo

Word Pirate
One of the most refreshing and unique takes on word puzzle gameplay in what has become an otherwise very stale genre. The story mode takes a handful of hours to complete, and because of the nature of the core gameplay and the captivating story, it never feels trite or boring. Word Pirate is an excellent choice for anyone who likes word puzzle games and also has a soft spot in their hearts for swashbuckling adventure.9.0 from Gamezebo

Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent
About as good as hidden objects get. Its scenery is stunning, and while there is perhaps a bit too much backtracking, its puzzles are top-notch, satisfying, and clever. The solutions to the puzzles aren’t always as intuitive as they could be, but so long as you just look everywhere (which you’re going to want to do anyway because the game is so gorgeous) and try everything, the moments of confusion should be brief. It’s a masterful showing and an absolute must-play for anyone who likes their villains good and creepy.9.0 from Gamezebo

Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates
Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates is a stunner of a game; the hand-drawn art is beautifully detailed and the pirates themselves each feel like distinct individuals, rather than just The Next Guy On The List. My own sole regret is that the game felt like it was over almost before it began, though that has more to do with how much fun it is to play rather than it genuinely being too short. (But, hey, if the developers would like to make a sequel, I’m not about to complain!)9.0 from Gamezebo

Deep Blue Sea 2
Many of the upgrades and additions in Deep Blue Sea 2 are well thought out and smartly implemented. The effort The Game Equation put into actually figuring out areas it could improve upon is something I’d like to see mirrored in more casual title sequels. It’s a fun game that goes far beyond slapping another set of levels on the same old mechanics.9.0 from Gamezebo

Dark Parables: Curse of the Briar Rose
Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose will only take you about three hours to finish, but waking Sleeping Beauty unlocks Hard Mode, and the Collector’s Edition offers extra side puzzles, too. The final showdown seems to come out of left field, but it’s the sole knock against an otherwise marvelous game that’s worthy of your attention.9.0 from Gamezebo

Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills
As more and more Dash games are released, I approach them more and more skeptically, doubting whether they can actually build upon the gameplay that I love. But Cooking Dash 3 does it, and does it wonderfully. I’ve had way more fun playing this game than I’ve had playing some console games that cost almost 10 times more. If you’re a hardcore gamer who has never tried a Dash game, I really encourage you to give Cooking Dash 3 a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find. If you’re already a Dash fan, then this is a must-buy.8.5 from IGN

Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera
Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera has a dark sense of humor, wonderful hand-drawn art, mind-bending puzzles, and good solid object hunts. It’s not the longest or most difficult HOG you’re ever going to encounter, but its polished presentation and amusing characters more than make up for its shortcoming8.0 from Gamezebo

The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect
Overall, however, these are minor quibbles that shouldn’t distract from the fact that The Clumsys 2 is a very good game. There’s even a slight educational benefit to be found, as each level includes small tidbits of information about where and when each invention was made, and with 30 of the world’s most famous inventions waiting to be completed, it’s not something most people are likely to finish up very quickly8.0 from Gamezebo

Big City Adventure: Vancouver
Its art is pleasant and its searches are solid, but what Big City Adventure: Vancouver really has going for it is sheer size. Even if you’re a speed demon, it’s going to take you quite a while to burn through all 69 levels, especially if you stop to read the informative post cards that pop up when you’ve finished a scene. It’s not going to blow you away with its story (it doesn’t really have one), or its gameplay (you’ve done all of this before), but if you’re in the mood for a HOG, or the Winter Olympics, or both, a trip to Vancouver would be time well spent.8.0 from Gamezebo

Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart
MC: Amelia Earhart is one of the best hidden object games I’ve played in a long time. The searches are fun, the pacing is excellent and the presentation and polish are absolutely second to none. There’s no mystery here: Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart is one game that every hidden object fan needs to try.8.0 from Gamezebo

Tulula: Legend of a Volcano
Tulula: Legend of a Volcano blends HOG, puzzle and city building gameplay (…)With eleven chapters to progress through, Tulula is a fairly long title in the point-and-click space, lasting upwards of six hours, depending on your dependence (or lack thereof) on hints and puzzle “skips.” Each element of the gameplay may have been seen elsewhere, but when combined, it all feels new and fresh, especially with the unique graphical theme. If you’re a fan of the many elements represented here, the game is sure to please.8.0 from Gamezebo

Youda Farmer 2
re are a lot of charming details to be found, and it is very rewarding to realize how complex the game really is. Different levels require different strategies and it might take some time to learn those, but it is definitely worth it. All in all Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village offers a very satisfying gaming experience. Sustaining the core of its prequel, but solving major issues and adding logical and welcome improvements and features prove to be a reliable recipe for successful and high quality sequels. Help that small village against Big Boss and enjoy this challenging and rather unique time management game.8.0 from Gamezebo

Great Migrations
Great Migrations is a line drawing game, not unlike Flight Control on the iPod/iPad. You’ll guide animals from one side of the screen to the other by painting a line for them to follow with your mouse. You’ll avoid predators and other dangers while trying to take advantage of things like wind to aid you on getting all the animals migrated safely8.0 from Gamezebo

Farm Tribe
In the end Farm Tribe still might be the ideal game for people who dislike both the lack of specific tasks in the Virtual Villagers series and the pressure and rush in time management games, although there is a lot of room left for improvement. Graphics and sounds could be a lot more polished, and at times it would have been better if there were more things to do, but all in all the pace and the number of features of Farm Tribe are satisfying. If you are looking for a relaxing version of Ranch Rush with a bit of mystery this might be exactly your game.8.0 from Gamezebo

Campfire Legends: The Babysitter
Sequel to The Hookman even scarier than its predecessor. (…)Campfire Legends: The Babysitter is an excellent sequel to a promising trilogy that leaves us shivering, and yet dying to know more.8.0 from Gamezebo

Mystery Trackers: The Void
Mystery Trackers is a polished and enjoyable hidden object adventure that should hit all the right notes with fans of the genre.8.0 from Gamezebo

Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star
In short, Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star is a great addition to the Jewel Quest match-3 franchise. Like its predecessors, it offers weeks and weeks of gameplay for those who want to achieve everything there is to unlock. The American frontier setting adds some freshness to the series too, and the interesting story and top-notch presentation make you want to stick around to see what happens next.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Island Castaway
The detailed graphics, long list of items and extra challenges makes the price tag worth it. It’s a polished product, and for one targeted at casual gamers, it offers lots in the way of questing and exploration. There are natives to befriend, ancient statues to collect, trees to fell, tools to acquire (and upgrade), bartering to do, caves and forests to venture into, watermelons to eat and mysteries to solve. You’ll spend hours playing The Island Castaway. The tribe has spoken.8.0 from Gamezebo

Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone
Ghost of the Mystery Stone may not have many puzzles or minigames, but the ones it does have are well-executed and inventive – even if they don’t always make a whole lot of sense. With a mere 30 days before he turns to stone and a long ocean voyage ahead of him, Columbus probably shouldn’t be taking time out to paint an accurate rendition of his ship the Pinta, but it makes for a fun minigame, so who cares? Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone is light on story and puzzle-solving, but brings real style and artistry to its object searches.8.0 from Gamezebo

Knightfall: Death and Taxes does a wonderful job of infusing match-3 gameplay with RPG elements. The action can become rather tricky at times, but overall this is a journey definitely worth taking.(…) It’s one of the freshest match-3 puzzlers I’ve played in a while, and you’ll most likely find yourself hooked by its challenging gameplay and charming visuals8.0 from Gamezebo

Paradise Beach 2: Around the World
In the end we can safely recommend Paradise Beach 2 to all fans of building simulations. Minor issues aside, the game features a highly entertaining and diverse story mode, which serves players who love challenge and those who prefer a relaxed pace at the same time. The latter ones can disregard the timer and develop their resorts at personal leisure, while the former ones will welcome the high pressure that ensues the effort to beat any level in gold time. Give it a shot and see if you are a born resort developer.8.0 from Gamezebo

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White
Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White is an excellent game. It starts strong, finishes strong and never overstays its welcome. Puzzle fans may find it a little lightweight, but the fast pace, engaging story and exceptionally high level of production make this one a winner. If you’re a hidden object fan, this is one game you won’t want to miss.8.0 from Gamezebo

Heroes of Kalevala
Heroes of Kalevala mixes building and RPG elements with the match-3 genre to great effect, and there are many hours of enjoyable grid-searching and village building to be found. Make sure to check out the demo if you’re at all interested.8.0 from Gamezebo

Trinklit Supreme
Trinklet is very much an old-school casual game: easy-in, instant gratification gameplay with no way to “fail,” perfectly suited for short bursts of play8.0 from Gamezebo

If you’ve got a hankering for some Pachinko fun, this new offering from Gamecask may just do the trick. Dachinko offers ball-launching gameplay with huge addictive qualities and a very distinct graphical style.(…)Dachinko provides plenty of addictive Pachinko gaming with a lovely authentic feel. Pick up a copy and prepare to say “just one more game” a fair few times8.0 from Gamezebo

Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows
Put plainly, Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows is one of the best hidden object games I’ve played this year. Great production values, challenging tasks, and a healthy duration add up to terrific value. It’s a must-play for fans of puzzles, adventure, and hidden object hunts.8.0 from Gamezebo

Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy
Asylum Conspiracy is a wonderfully spooky mystery with over-the-top characters and a great aesthetic. If it weren’t for the endless backtracking – really, hitting the back arrow twelve times to get from one room to the next is not a recipe for fun – and the deja vu of some of the searches, it would pretty much be a perfect experience. As it is, it’s merely fantastic.8.0 from Gamezebo

Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower
If what you’re interested in is a new take on the old HOG genre, then Enlightenus 2: The Timeless Tower might be right up your alley. With top-notch production values, an engaging story and even a bit of a heart-warming moral at the end, it doesn’t just do something different, it does it all very well. It’s not a perfect game but it’s awfully good and absolutely worth giving a try.8.0 from Gamezebo

Puzzle Quest 2
Puzzle Quest 2 is much more than a simply slapping a fresh coat of paint onto the first game and calling it a sequel. Fundamental changes have been made to both the RPG and match-3 portions of the game with the result that emphasis seems more on combat than role-playing and exploration. Players who thought Challenge of the Warlords got bogged down under the weight of its epic fantasy setting will appreciate Puzzle Quest 2’s more streamlined approach. Personally, while I found the match-3 as addictive as ever (the “one more round” hook is still firmly in place), the streamlining of the world around it made the game seem like that much more of a grind.8.0 from Gamezebo

Ski Resort Mogul
Ski Resort Mogul should be a blast for all fans of building simulations, and especially for those who already loved the previous parts of this series, because it continues to improve in quality. If you can overlook the shallow and cliched storyline and don’t mind a cumbersome hidden object scene every once in a while, this game will convince you with good replayability, the requirement of planning ahead and a fast pace that will keep you on your toes.8.0 from Gamezebo

Redrum: Time Lies
Redrum: Times Lies is “horrible,” and that’s what makes it a whole lot of fun. The gameplay can start to feel repetitive after awhile, but it’s very well put-together and the outstanding production values help keep it feeling fresh. But ultimately, it’s the dark take on the hidden object genre that really makes this game interesting. Most hidden object games are sanitized and safe, so that even those built around murder most foul tend to stay within kid-friendly boundaries, but you’ll find no such protection here. Redrum: True Lies is macabre and grotesque, the sort of game your teenage son would be proud to see you play. In this case, that’s a good thing.8.0 from Gamezebo

Bee Garden
While this game works a lot like other farming titles (ie. Country Harvest or Ranch Rush), the charm of the story and the focus on bees and tasty honey makes it special. Things start on the slow side with a somewhat lengthy tutorial and a lack of challenge, but the gameplay steps up rather quickly afterwards with the inclusion of new pests, stricter time limits, and the addition of power-ups. Bee Garden: The Lost Queen is an addictive title that will be worth your while if you’re into time management adventures with a touch of personality.8.0 from Gamezebo

GabCab is definitely an entertaining game, highly original, and proving how to make a real stand-out sequel. The game does not simply improve the experience of Airport Mania, it creates a totally new experience that still resembles the other game enough to satisfy older fans and newcomers. GabCab receives four stars and a recommendation from us, so enjoy the ride.8.0 from Gamezebo

Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator
Masquerade Mysteries is a bit better than your average HOG. It’s not particularly replayable, but the three-to-four hours I spent with it felt adequate and satisfying. By no means essential, but it should prove a decent fix for ravenous HOGgers.8.0 from Gamezebo

Although there are some hiccups in some of KrissX’s incidental content, the meat of the game is executed very well, and makes this game a worthwhile purchase for any word game fan.8.0 from Gamezebo

Soccer Cup Solitaire
If card games are your forte and you’re keen on football, this may just be a match made in heaven. Soccer Cup Solitaire is addictive fun for both children and adults alike. Make sure to check out the demo featuring one hour of play.8.0 from Gamezebo

Burger Bustle
Burger Bustle is a game with a lot of depth that constantly switches things-up to keep you from getting bored. That said, it can be frustrating further along in the game when customers simply just don’t order the foods you need to meet order quotas in a timely manner. This will sometimes prevent you from achieving the gold and silver time medals needed to boost your score quickly. Otherwise, the gameplay is varied and exciting, and the upbeat visuals and charming customer shenanigans balance out the focus-intensive juggling act.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World
My grips with The Hidden World are few. The cutscenes drag a bit because rather than clicking on a bit of dialogue to advance to the next part, you have to wait for the voice-over to finish. The story is a tad trite too, although better than most hidden object fare. In short, fans of hidden object adventures can download this one with confidence.8.0 from Gamezebo

Elixir of Immortality
The story of Elixir of Immortality is immensely fun, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. If only there were more to it. Even taking your time, you’ll be done with the game in two or three hours at best. They’ll be very enjoyable hours, though; consider Elixir of Immortality to be the beach reading of hidden object games.8.0 from Gamezebo

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal
Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is wonderfully polished, with a funny story and charming characters, but its item searches are frustratingly repetitious and the endless backtracking really got on my nerves. It’s worth trying if only to see how lovely it is – just be ready for some serious déja vu. from Gamezebo

Puzzle Dimension
For those who are able to curb the frustration that meets repeated failure and learn from their mistakes, however, Puzzle Dimension is the kind of addictive encounter that sends your brain into overdrive – foxing you while you’re actually playing it, and dominating your thoughts while you’re not.8.0 from Gamezebo

There’s certainly challenge enough in the levels ColorCube serves up of its own accord. Balancing out the need for complexity with the prudence required to keep people on board, the game’s grid-based play is one quandary it’s worth finding the key for.8.0 from Gamezebo

Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box
Shortcomings notwithstanding, Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box is a very good HOG with plenty of minigames, an enjoyable story and high production values, including impressive artwork and music. It might not be for everyone (read: men), but considering most video games are designed for guys, a female-focused game is a welcomed change.8.0 from Gamezebo

Agatha Christie 4:50 From Paddington
Agatha Christie 4:50 From Paddington is another excellent contribution to the mystery author’s hidden object library. The searches are well constructed and there are enough intriguing twists in the expected gameplay to keep it all feeling fresh.8.0 from Gamezebo

Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trials plays a lot like The Edgar Allen Poe Conspiracy –with dark, beautiful graphics, a compelling story, and a solid mixture of HOG and point and click adventure elements — but also fixes most of the issues the first game had. The puzzles are more logical this time around and the HOG scenes don’t feature clues with multiple solutions. All this amounts to a wonderfully spooky game that, while a little on the easy side, is still incredibly enjoyable. Salem Witch Trials manages to overcome the sophomore curse and offer up an experience that’s even better than the original.8.0 from Gamezebo

Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole doesn’t do much that you didn’t already see in the first Flux Family, instead it builds upon that foundation, helping to further expand Jessie’s story and the mystery of the time travelling Flux’s. It also offers up quite a lengthy adventure, encompassing 12 chapters that will take several hours to finish. And what it loses in originality it makes up for with quality, offering a fun adventure that sure to please HOG fans.8.0 from Gamezebo

Slingo Quest Egypt
Slingo fans can buy with confidence, Slingo decriers can avoid without worry, and newcomers should give the one hour free trial a shot to see if this popular franchise is their cup of tea.8.0 from Gamezebo

Rachel’s Retreat
we highly recommend Rachel’s Retreat to all fans of the genre and newcomers alike. The graphics and the way you improve your spa are enough to distinguish this new release from older, similar titles, and apart from some minor flaws the game presents an entertaining gaming experience of high quality. We cannot say for sure whether you will hit nirvana while playing it, but you will enjoy it without a doubt.8.0 from Gamezebo

Fishdom 2
The play has been so expertly executed and with such artistic verve that I really doubt many people will begrudge this sequel’s lack of original concepts. If you’re a fan of match-three games, Fishdom 2’s intuitive design, relaxed pace, and visual and auditory stylings are almost certain to appeal.
8.0 from Gamezebo

Special Enquiry Detail
It’s worth making the effort to tune out the voice acting and overlook the few minor mistakes here and there, though. It’s not perfect, but Special Enquiry Detail is a very smart and satisfying adventure for mystery junkies.8.0 from Gamezebo

Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery
Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery is very impressive and goes well above and beyond merely hitting all the usual HOG touchstones. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it looks great and it even manages to tell a reasonably coherent story, and at around three hours of solid gameplay it’s got some decent staying power, too. It all adds up to a very solid, entertaining game that hidden object fans should definitely give a second look.
8.0 from Gamezebo

Buried in Time
Buried in Time’s clever gameplay, great story and attractive graphics makes it one of the more charming digital downloads of the season.8.0 from Gamezebo

Paige Harper and the Tome of Mystery
Even if Paige Harper and the Tome of Mystery wasn’t wonderfully inventive, clever, and cheeky, I’d tell you to play it simply because it is so incredibly beautiful. Each chapter is simply gorgeous and immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with that particular story, but everything in the game is lovely, even the main menu. If you’re looking for a beautifully polished HOG experience, Paige Harper is the way to go.8.0 from Gamezebo

Life Quest
Life Quest is a triumphant combination of multiple genres, wrapped in a great-looking game that drips with personality. If Big Fish Games could address some of these issues they might just have a new and successful casual game franchise on their hands.
8.0 from Gamezebo

Escape the Lost Kingdom
3D is a nice touch, but in the end the game succeeds not because of dazzling effects but because it’s a lot of fun to play. It’s challenging but never outright difficult, and there’s enough variety to keep things fresh from start to finish. Gogii Games has done a nice job of blending the individual components into a sharp, entertaining overall package that has a lot to offer hidden object fans and adventure gamers alike; the 3D element may not revolutionize the casual game genre, but Escape the Lost Kingdom is good enough that it doesn’t have to.8.0 from Gamezebo

Mole Control
Minor complaints aside, Mole Control takes an old formula and makes it new again. The style, originality and simple fun were absolutely top notch. The presentation made this feel like a strong PopCap release, but this isn’t even a PopCap game! No matter how tired you think you are of Minesweeper, Mole Control will make you fall in love with its gameplay all over again.8.0 from Gamezebo

Settlement: Colossus
While the end result of Settlement: Colossus isn’t quite as interesting as the core idea it presents, the game is still solid and enjoyable. The gameplay, while a bit on the repetitive side, is unique and refreshing and the visuals are absolutely wonderful. The game also provides a very lengthy adventure that is sure to keep would-be settlers busy for quite some time.8.0 from Gamezebo

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret
mpress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret is one of the most entertaining hidden object games I’ve played in a long time. With a fantastic setting, engaging environments, fun puzzles and a dark twist, it’s a great choice for gamers looking for a relaxed experience with a bit of an edge to it.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Tarot’s Misfortune
These are minor quibbles about what is otherwise a beautiful and refreshingly different HOG. The mechanic of having to peek around objects in the foreground should be more than enough to attract fans of the genre, but the gorgeous visuals are the icing on the cake8.0 from Gamezebo

Wizard Land
Given that there are about 90 levels, and each level is as dynamic as the last, Wizard Land offers hours of amazing, original puzzle gameplay. Given how few stand-out puzzlers are out there, Wizard Land is definitely not to be missed.8.0 from Gamezebo

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King
Mortimer Beckett and The Lost King is a touch too short to get full marks (expect about four hours of gameplay if you don’t rely too heavily on the game’s generous hint system), but nevertheless it’s an enjoyable and polished ride that makes most of the other recently-released hidden object/adventure games look embarrassingly amateurish by comparison. This is one well-crafted gem that you won’t want to miss out on.8.0 from Gamezebo

Nora Roberts: Vision in White
Aside from these issues, which are minor in the face of everything the game does right, Nora Roberts: Vision in White is a solid choice for hidden object game fans that don’t mind being challenged a little.8.0 from Gamezebo

Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts
Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts is an exceptional game that certainly raises the bar for HOGs in terms of visual appeal and good gameplay. Big fans of HOGs shouldn’t miss it, and it might be good enough to make a convert out of someone skeptical about the genre. This is the rare game that can offer real challenge on Advanced without being pointlessly confusing. Played on Normal, it’s a perfectly seamless casual experience.8.0 from Gamezebo

Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions
Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions should satisfy fans of casual adventure games who enjoy searching for “fractured” objects that all have a purpose rather than laundry lists of random clutter. And while the game does have a satisfying ending, the door is left open for even more adventures to come.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Mystery of the Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon
Mystery of the Crystal Portal: Beyond the Horizon is a stunning, well-designed hidden object experience. It has a few mildly annoying quirks, but the pros far outweigh the cons.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Dream Voyagers
The Dream Voyagers is also just bursting with personality. Its cartoony style is eye-pleasing, colorful, and charming, making it a pleasure to tour around the dreamscapes of the townsfolk. Everything about the game is clever, charming, and polished, which brings me to my one sole complaint – there’s just not enough of it. Well, that’s not really true. The game itself will take you about three hours to finish, but the Bonus Rounds and Déja vu mode – which lets you replay completed levels – add an hour or two onto that. But I wanted more, just the same. Call me greedy if you like, but I blame it on GameHouse for making something so darn fun.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Lost Cases of 221B Baker Street
Armchair sleuths who enjoy HOGs and other head-scratching puzzles will find this detective adventure a gratifying download.
8.0 from Gamezebo

Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe
Small technical quibbles and missed opportunities aside, Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe offered up a wonderful new experience in the traditionally tried-and-true world of mahjong solitaire. Massive three dimensional puzzles that force you to spin the playing field offer up a new challenge all on their own, and the addition of a swift but fair timer means that the game remains challenging even when you’ve mastered its unique twist. Mahjong fan should stand up and take notice – this is the biggest thing to happen to the genre in a long time.8.0 from Gamezebo

The Mirror Mysteries
. It’s a shame that it’s over so quickly, as its inventive style is a refreshing change of pace from the usual hunts. If you don’t mind the briefness of the encounter, though, this is a particularly enjoyable HOG. 8.0 from Gamezebo

The Oil Blue
The Oil Blue has distinguished gameplay that separates itself from a lot of click-management titles.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Bejeweled 3
Another entry in the biggest casual puzzle series.

By Caffeinated Games, a company founded by the former Lead Tools Engineer of Zipper Interactive (SOCOM fame) Greg Chudecke who prior to Zipper worked on Backyard Skateboarding (Atari) and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Black Label Games)

Venture Dinosauria
Third in Pocketwatch’s series.The first one (Venture Africe) was Independent Games Festival finalist, the second one (Venture Artic) won GameTunnel’s Sim of the Year Award.

Indie puzzle game from the makers of AI War.

Revenge of the Titans!
Tower defense game from Puppy Games, makers of Droid Assault, Titan Attack and Ultratron.

Fool and his money
Sequel to legendary Fool’s Errand.

Pontifex III
Sequel to one of best indie puzzle games ever made

Mass Effect 2
Games like Mass Effect 2 don’t come around often enough. Look at any aspect and you can be sure it’s great. It’s incredibly personal while still retaining a sense of epic sweeping scale. The combat and mission design are outstanding. The visuals, voice acting, soundtrack, and direction are miles ahead of the competition. Perhaps most impressively, Mass Effect 2 manages to fulfill its incredible ambition while only suffering from very few technical hiccups.9.6 from IGN

Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker
If you haven’t been interested in any of the previous DLCs because they only offered self-contained stories, start getting excited about Lair of the Shadow Broker. There are a few reasons to snag this and play through it immediately. First, this is the only downloadable content so far that will actually influence Mass Effect 3. Second, if you romanced Liara in the original game and want to re-kindle that flame you finally can. And third, there’s a great narrative complemented by fun combat. If you can only afford one piece of extra content for Mass Effect 2, this is the one to spend your money on. 9.5 from IGN

Mass Effect 2: Overlord
The whole package is quite fantastic, but again I have to remind you that it is a bit short. My playthrough clocked in at somewhere around one or two hours. All it took was one easy afternoon and I’d had my fill and earned 15 of the 25 new achievement points. Even so, Overlord is a winner and one of my favorite sets of Mass Effect missions yet. Go give it a try.9.0 from IGN

Mass Effect 2: Kasumi’s Stolen Memory
Kasumi’s Stolen Memory is a great little quest, but for most the “little” part will be a sticking point. 7.5 from IGN

BioShock 2
Anyone looking for a first-person shooter that offers more than flat, stereotypical characters and copy-and-paste supersoldier plots, one that attempts to establish a sense of right and wrong and loops you into the decision making process, and one that’s set in one of the most vividly realized settings around should pick up BioShock 2. It’s a game in which story, setting, and gameplay are expertly blended to create an experience that’s as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.9.1 from IGN

Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas is the game that many wanted Fallout 3 to be. It’s harder, more ruthless, better written and more morally ambiguous. It’s a game we’ve been wanting to play for more than a decade, a real modern re-imagining of the Fallout series, complete with that deliciously black humour. But it’s also more of the same, aesthetically and technically identical to Fallout 3, wonky facial animation and all. The ever-so-slightly ageing technology only marginally detracts from what is otherwise an expansive, fulfilling and ambitious game, unmatched in scope and maturity. If Obsidian were to make another Fallout game, we certainly wouldn’t say no.9.0 from IGN

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is pure over-the-top driving entertainment. The cars and environments are gorgeous, the crashes are spectacular, and the new Autolog feature breathes new life into the time-honored tradition of video game competition among friends. The single-player races can become somewhat repetitive and there are some presentation issues, but overall, Hot Pursuit is a blast. If you’re looking for a high-octane racer that grabs on tight but doesn’t take itself too seriously, give this one a shot.9.0 from IGN

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy is one of the best modern platformers. It’s infuriating, exasperating, and arduous, but it’s also delightful, thrilling, and hilarious. The NES games of yore were simultaneously simpler and more challenging than today’s games, a quality perfectly emulated here. Invite some friends over and pass the controller around — you’re gonna need all the help you can get.9.0 from IGN

Transformers: War for Cybertron
Transformers: War for Cybertron has taken the magic of playing with plastic and metal toys that turn into cool s**t both alone and with friends and have distilled that into something pretty special. This is a surprise, dark horse contender for best way to spend your time online this summer.9.0 from IGN

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits was essential WiiWare, and is now essential PC and Mac gaming too. If you’re looking for a clever side-scrolling platform filled with lovely ideas and puzzles and huge levels to explore, you should definitely check Nyx’s journey out (…)It’s one of the most enjoyable platformers you’ll play this year.9.0 from Gamezebo

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Those looking at Bad Company 2 as only a single-player game might come away disappointed. It’s an action packed, gorgeous, and explosive game but it doesn’t quite come together into a campaign for the ages. It more feels like an added bonus to the multiplayer game and for those in search of that, this is a great choice. Bad Company 2 as an online shooter is flexible and engaging, offering several features that the competition can only dream of. If you’re looking for a more strategic and team-based change of pace, look no further. This is the game for you.8.9 from IGN

Assassin’s Creed II
Assassin’s Creed II transforms a middling action game into an intriguing and consistently entertaining open-world adventure(…)The experience is layered, unique, and shows an incredible attention to detail. This is one case where the sequel has triumphed over the original by catching the gameplay up to the already excellent visuals. No matter what your preconceptions are about Assassin’s Creed II, the game is well worth your time and money.8.9 from IGN

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge – Special Edition
There’s something for everyone in Monkey Island 2 Special Edition. Fans will appreciate the colorful commentary from the franchise creators and unlockable art gallery, while those intimidated by the adventure games of the past will find comfort in the simplified controls, object highlighting and hint system.8.9 from IGN

Just Cause 2
I haven’t had this much fun with an open-world game in years. Just Cause 2 is over-the-top and insanely fun. There are some issues in the game’s presentation and the checkpoint system is far from perfect, but Just Cause 2 is otherwise a must-play for adrenaline junkies. Rico Rodriguez might just be my new hero.8.8 from IGN

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
If you enjoyed Borderlands and still wanted more, then definitely download The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. The main story line is still a blast even if you go it alone and some of the side quests will challenge the most hardened team of Boarderlands veterans. This is by far the best of the three add-ons for the core game, and the most fun I had since I completed the main game last year.8.8 from IGN

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great overall package that has a ton of content to enjoy. The multiplayer modes are largely based on what was established by Modern Warfare, but the twists that Treyarch throws in work well. My biggest issue with the multiplayer is that the new Wager Matches, while fun in their own right, don’t compare favorably to the high-quality and addictive leveling system and game modes from Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Single-player is as exhaustingly fast-paced as ever with large set pieces that try to take the attention off of the lackluster AI of both friends and enemies. That withstanding, the story is the best I’ve ever seen from a Call of Duty game. Couple both of those substantial offerings with more Zombie content than some full-fledged zombie games and Black Ops is certainly worth your time, even if you aren’t already a fan of the series.8.5 from IGN

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a great adventure, especially if you’re playing co-op. Despite the silly story and dialogue, I had more fun with it than any Tomb Raider in recent memory. With a great new look, clever puzzles, and loads of fun stuff to collect, this is an extreme makeover for Lara of which you will surely approve.8.5 from IGN

RUSE takes a while to warm up, but once it does, it’s cracking stuff, as the game’s unfailingly proper British generals would no doubt put it. The Ruse mechanics do much to breathe fresh air into the genre, allowing for a pleasing game of tank-based poker. Its faults – that slow, slow pacing and yawning, sluggish start – are largely the result of this approach, and we’re inclined to forgive them for the focus on the original psychological gameplay it creates.8.5 from IGN

F1 2010
But such teething problems don’t obscure the fact that F1 2010 is easily the best Grand Prix game since Geoff Crammond was on the beat. Its driving is second to none and is brought alive by a dynamic weather system, while its racing is as thrilling as the real thing. It’s an exacting take by a team that clearly understands what makes F1 tick, and while a handful of issues hold it back from challenging Forza and Gran Turismo just yet, for now racing fans can rest assured that the world’s fastest sport is in safe hands.8.5 from IGN

If you like sweet loot, hacking things to death, looking at beautiful landscapes and laughing at good writing, you might want to pick up DeathSpank. However, although the game shines in many areas, it does have its flaws. Questing can turn into a noticeable chore, and I would have gladly substituted some of the “go fetch” missions in favor of some more brainteasers. Still, DeathSpank is a fun adventure worth exploring.8.5 from IGN

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue
If you enjoyed the first DeathSpank, you’re gonna love Thongs of Virtue. It’s just as addictive, just as pretty, and I dare say it’s even a little funnier. Fans of quests and, more importantly, sidequests will find more missions here than they know what to do with. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of DeathSpank.8.5 from IGN

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
t should come as no surprise to fans of the original game that Dragon Age Origins Awakening is going to give you more of what you want. There’s an epic story with choices that really matter, fantasy combat with loads of amazing enemies, and a deep character system with lots of flexibility. It has a strong narrative connection to the original game, but the sense that your previous choices matter isn’t as strong as we’d have liked. I still miss the old companions, but the new characters are just as interesting once you get to know them.8.5 from IGN

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is a love letter to fans of the Boy Who Lived. The comedic cutscenes toying with canon, the hundreds of hidden things to find, and the general sense of a great LEGO game paired with a great series really makes this game a standout. There are still a few issues to buff out, but there’s plenty in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 to keep you coming back for more.8.5 from IGN

Split Second
In the end though, Split/Second has so much going for it that it’s easy to recommend for kart and arcade racing fans alike. The visuals are great, the sound impresses, and there’s enough game between the singleplayer season mode and fun multiplayer to last you quite a while. While there are flaws, these are more than made up for with strong design, and the power play mechanic brings the ever elusive addictive x-factor that so many games try and fail to capture. Even if racing games aren’t typically your thing, Split/Second offers enough action and fun to recommend to everyone.8.5 from IGN

Dragon Age: Origins – Return to Ostagar
Return to Ostagar doesn’t add anything revolutionary to the Dragon Age experience. You’ll know exactly what you’re in for from the moment you load it up. With that said, it’s every bit as good as the content that came with the original game, and it gives the Warden a chance to tie up one of the campaign’s loose ends. Throw in a fair bit of impressive loot, some of which will actually stay useful through the end of the main story, and there’s no reason to avoid returning to Ostagar.8.5 from IGN

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction
Conviction is a Splinter Cell game in name more than anything else. You could easily swap Sam Fisher for Jack Bauer or create an all new character and no one would give it a second thought. The gameplay is fast, and Sam has been transformed into the ultimate killer. It’s an amazing game, but so different from its predecessors you might not recognize it.8.5 from IGN

A Kingdom for Keflings
If you’re in the mood for a laid-back game with serious depth, A Kingdom For Keflings is the perfect choice. NinjaBee’s downloadable world-building game is whimsical, humorous, unique and has none of the high-pressure feel of your typical strategy game. Although it has some presentation quirks, Keflings rises above them to achieve a Zen-like quality of pleasant addiction.8.5 from IGN

Supreme Commander 2
It’s a real-time strategy game with a huge amount of depth and a fantastic interface that lets you stay in control of large-scale battles between warring robotic factions. The single-player campaign doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment, but if you’re looking at this for the online play, you won’t be disappointed.8.4 from IGN

Dead Rising
Again, Dead Rising 2 has issues. It’s not the smoothest game and it can feel like the last one, however that doesn’t mean a thing when the game’s this much fun. Using a car battery and a Street Fighter mask to electrocute the undead and a set of knives and a pair of boxing gloves to make Wolverine claws are all great times. Watching Chuck get covered in blood as he slays thousands of zombies, changing outfits so that one minute you’re in a toddler clothes with a LEGO head and the next you’re in a sundress, and listening to completely whacked out boss stories – that’s what I remember about Dead Rising 2. Any issue the game might have just falls to the backburner.8.0 from IGN

Alien Breed 2: Assault
Alien Breed 2 modernizes the top-down, sci-fi shooter, adding ornate graphics and elements of today’s popular first-person shooters without losing the charm of its predecessors. It’s a small game that feels big while you are playing it, a laudable accomplishment for a $10 title.8.0 from IGN

Without the extra musical layer, Chime could so easily have become a perfectly adequate, yet creatively stagnant, puzzler. With it, Zoë Mode has served up something genuinely progressive that entertains as much as it absorbs and, most importantly, proves that there are still games worth putting day to day life aside for.8.0 from Gamezebo

Sam & Max Season 3: The Devil’s Playhouse
If you’re looking for an adventure game that packs a lot of humor, interesting puzzles and psychic powers together in a Twilight-zone/science-fiction skin, you should give Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse a try. Although the beginning and end don’t seem as polished as the middle portions, the season in its entirety tells a fanciful story complete with an awesome cast of characters.8.0 from IGN

NBA 2K11
NBA 2K11 is meant as a love letter to basketball fans. If you’re serious about basketball, this will fill a long-standing void in your hoops-loving heart. This is the NBA. But come into this knowing that the performance issues are a real concern and that it will take some effort to enjoy the PC version long-term. Hopefully this is something that can get patched, but for now, it’s frustrating to see such a great game marred in such a way. That said, the robust feature set and attention to detail are commendable. It’s just the lack of attention to the PC version (framerate issues, last year’s crappy menu system is used) that holds this one back.8.0 from IGN

The list of modes might not be as lengthy or as innovative as what’s seen on consoles, but there’s no question that there’s a lot of fun to be had with the traditional Manager Mode and Be A Pro: Seasons. Just don’t expect them to deviate all that much from what you remember from last year’s console game. But hey, at least PC gamers will now be able to enjoy the same game engine as the rest of the next-gen FIFA world. It’s a huge improvement over the last few years of PC offerings, but it still isn’t quite up to par with the big boys of the FIFA world.8.0 from IGN

Pool Pro Online 3
Pool Pro Online 3 is the complete pool hall experience. Even if you have a passing interest in the game, rack up Pool Pro Online 3 and give it a break.8.0 from Gamezebo

Flotilla is one of those games you fire up for twenty minutes for a quick lunchtime play session7.5 from Out of Eight website

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
A recommendation for Dog Days isn’t hard, though it is filled with qualification. (…)But if you appreciated the promise of the last game, or you’re looking for something darker and more sophisticated content-wise than your usual shooter fare, then Kane & Lynch 2 is just the thing.7.5 from IGN

Toy Story 3: The Videogame
Toy Story 3 is an example of when a license game is done mostly right. The cooperative story mode is a nice touch, and the Toy Box mode is still fun despite it’s rather limited customization options, I just wish it’d have had a cooperative options like the other console versions do, as it’s less family or party friendly. Older players might be occasionally bored by how simple the game’s quests can be, but in general TS3 manages to be most everything your kids (or your own inner kid) wanted out of a Toy Story game.7.5 from IGN

Arcania: Gothic IV
While the PC version is certainly superior to the console port, Arcania: Gothic IV does very little to progress the genre – particularly in mission structure and storytelling areas – but what it ultimately does deliver is a loot-heavy dungeon crawling experience that doesn’t tax your skills. Instead it lets you leisurely enjoy the world and kill a lot of goblins and swamp flies along the way. In this way, the Gothic series has always filled in a more casual space than similarly minded RPGs. The combat has a decent level of depth, the island is sprawling though certainly not truly open-world, but at least varied and detailed. The story is distracting and disposable – kind of enjoyable but never subtle. It’s not going to please hardcore D&D purists or gamers looking for the next Elder Scrolls, but as a middle ground between deeper entries and linear adventures, Arcania: Gothic IV hits its stride.7.5 from IGN

Bit.Trip Beat
An appealing retro presentation mixed with an old-school challenge and addictive gameplay makes Bit. Trip Beat an easy choice for long-time gamers looking for something new that still conjures up a sense of nostalgia. It’s a rhythm game that requires fast reflexes and, even on its normal difficulty setting, can be a punishing experience. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to better appreciate the finely crafted challenges Gaijin delivers. The length of the game’s stages can wear on your patience and often there’s seemingly too much visual noise for the game’s own good, but that’s no reason to pass on this clever title.7.5 from IGN

Zen Bound 2
Even though the mouse controls for the PC version can be a bit fussy, Zen Bound 2 is still a worthwhile puzzler to unwind with after a stressful day.7.5 from IGN

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers
While it may be different from what Magic fans expect, is still an entertaining brand of card battle game, with plenty of depth, complexity, and unpredictability to keep you drawing from your library again and again.7.5 from IGN

Major League Baseball 2K10
he PC version doesn’t try to fix or correct any of the gameplay failings that I found in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, but its increased technical proficiency makes it the version to buy this year. You get the same exact functionality and feature set that’s present in other versions, but for $30 less and you get to enjoy a much nicer visual presentation if your computer has the muscle. This year’s MLB 2K10 is far from perfect, but the PC version – for a change when it comes to sports games – is the best version currently on the market.7.3 from IGN

Divinity II: Ego Draconis
Provided you’re willing to put up with the blandness of the first few hours of gameplay, Divinity 2 can be an interesting, rewarding experience. There’s little here that’s really unexpected or surprising, but what’s presented in terms of content is executed well enough. (…)Every bit of quirky humor and personality built into the game is matched by clichés in other areas that’ll make veteran gamers roll their eyes, but the promise of better accessories, weapons and armor are enough to keep you roaming across the game’s zones, smashing apart enemies and uncovering new dungeons. It’s an entertaining, rainy day role-playing game.7.0 from IGN

Fans of character action titles should pull out their virtual wallets without hesitation, but otherwise, Shank might just be too sharp to handle.7.0 from IGN

FIA World Rally Championship
It’s no Richard Burns Rally and nor does it hold a light to Codemasters’ DiRT games, but WRC is a surprisingly enjoyable take on the sport that gets the fundamentals right. It’s a shame that its often excellent and consistently exciting driving model is hidden under layers of turgid presentation and uninspired visuals, but those dedicated enough to see through it all will be as happy as pigs in mud.7.0 from IGN

Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song
It’s short but packs in a lot of plot twists, fully voiced cut scenes and a number of conversations, as well as experience gain, room to level up, and the opportunity to customize your party to a degree. It’s nothing revolutionary, but a solid addition to the ever expanding stable of adventures in BioWare’s Dragon Age.7.0 from IGN

If you’ve exhausted the library of stellar games that 2010 has already produced and are looking for something to help bridge the gap into this fall, Singularity isn’t a bad choice. The gunplay is solid and there are a few memorable set pieces. It is a game ultimately limited by a lack of imagination where a neat time-manipulation idea is handcuffed to a by-the-numbers first-person shooter.7.0 from IGN

If you love a more hardcore racing experience, and the idea of truly chaotic combat sounds appealing, than Blur might be for you. 7.0 from IGN

Mafia II
At last! A sequel to one of very best (9.3) action games ever made.

Alien Breed Evolution
The legendary Amiga series is finally back!.

Apache: Air Assault
New arcade-sim from makers of Winds of Prey (8.3 from IGN)

Bloody Good Time
New multiplayer action game from makers of The Ship.

Swords and Soldiers
Side scrolling RTS. Wii version scored 8.7 at IGN.

Sam and Max Season 3

Battlefield 1943
Downloadable-only MP game in vein of original Battlefield 1942.

Final Fantasy XIV Online
New MMO from Square Soft

DC Universe Online
Superhero MMO from Sony Online Entertainment (Everquest 1-2, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies)

Metro 2033

Medal of Honor

Fable 3

Off road racing game from Techland, makers of Xpand Rally (8.0 from IGN)

Death to Spies 3
Stealth action game heavily inspired by Hitman and set in Cold War era.The first one scored 8.0 at IGN.

F.E.A.R. 3
First one scored 9.2 at IGN, while the second got 8.2 on the same site.

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics
Videogame adaptation of classic card game.

Off-Road Drive
Off road racing simulator.

Skulls of the Shogun
Turn based strategy game from ex-EALA developers.

Puzzle Agent
Adventure game from Telltale, makers of Sam and Max Episodes and Tales of Monkey Island

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
PC version of fighting game that scored 9.4 on IGN,.

Toki Arcade
High res remake of the classic arcade game

Rocket Knight
Side scrolling sequel to classic Konami franchise

Roleplaying game from Deck13, makers of Anhk (7.3 from GS) and Jack Keane (7.0 from GS)

A New Beginning

Postal 3

Project Owlboy
Retro platformer

An open ended action/rpg game which takes action in space and on planets(think STALKER mixed with Privateer), from makers of BoilingPoint

Sky Gods
A tactical shooter from BlackfootStudios(made by Red Storm veterans), bassicaly this is a smaller game that will provide funding for Ground Branch as well as be a testing ground for the tech and gameplay ideas,

Front Mission Evolved
Third person shooter spin-off the famouse franchise.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
Unique puzzle platformer which gathered tons of awards at E3 2008

Max and the Magic Marker
Indie physics based 2D platform game.

Burn Zombie Burn
Indie action game. PlayStation 3 version scored 8.3 at IGN


  1. Great articles, One question though, Any idea on any games coming out with a similiar “view” as Diablo 2 and Titan’s Quest? (Other then Diablo3)
    My wife can’t play FPS due to bouts of vertigo, but is addicted to D2……
    Any help would be appreciated….


    • From recent ones Sacred2 would be the best solution. It’s not particularly innovative, but it’s fun and has insane ammount of content so your wife won’t finish this one quick. Just be sure to patch it up before she plays it, the initial release was pretty buggy

  2. Star Wars: The Old Republic? I Pray to all that is Holy and good in this world that it is true.

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