StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Second part of StarCraft 2 trilogy.

The mod that started the whole genre is now getting a commercial sequel from Valve Software.

Wargame: European Escalation
Realistic real-time tactical wargame from Eugen Systems- makers of R.U.S.E. and Act of War (both scored 8.5 at IGN).

Legends of Pegasus
Classic-styled 4X game

Masters of Broken World
Turn-based fantasy 4X.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane
Fantasy TBS set in the world of Majesty.

Crusader Kings II
Epic strategy game from Paradox Interactive

Naval War: Arctic Circle
Realistic naval wargame.

Castle Story
Voxel-based indie mix of Stronghold and Minecraft

A Game of Dwarves
Dungeon Keeper-like game from Paradox Interactive

Kingdom Under Fire 2
MMO sequel to popular korean RTS.

Tower Wars
Promising and gorgeous indie tower defense

Total War: Shogun – Fall of The Samurai

Stand-alone add-on to excellent (9 from IGN) Shogun 2: Total War

King Arthur II

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Standalone add-on to a strategy game that scored at 8.9 IGN and 9.0 at Gamespot.

Mix of board game and card game from creators of Minecraft.

Tactical turn-based wargame

End of Nations
MMORTS from Petroglyph. Their last RTS was Universe at War, which scored 8.0 at IGN.

Anno 2070: Deep Ocean
First expansion pack to one of the very best city builders of all time.

Black Space
Space-based RTS made by veterans from EA Tiburon who went indie to realize their dream project.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods and Kings
Expension pack to newest entry in this classic turn-based franchise (Civ V scored 9.0 from IGN). It brings many improvements, including restoring religion system.

A Dungeon Keeper-inspired cooperative action game from Paradox Interactive where players take control of a group of adventurers in their visit to a crazy and dangerous medieval theme park.

Endless Space
Epic 4X game made by veterans from Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. The beta is absolutely incredible. This has potential to be one of the very best games this genre has ever seen.

FTL: Faster than Light
Awesome indie game that is a spaceship simulation roguelike. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy

Legend of Eisenwald
A King’s Bounty-like mix of RPG and strategy, with tactical turn based battles and a simple economic model.

Mech Tactics
F2P mech strategy game from makers of Battlestar Galactica Online

MechWarrior Tactics
TBS tactical wargame based on the classic Battletech license.

Nexus Conflict
Free to Play real-time space tactical combat game, set in the world of Black Prophecy.

Sins of a Dark Age
F2P game that mixes MOBA with full blown RTS mechanics. From makers of awesome Sins of a Solar Empire.

Promising indie action-strategy game where the goal is to build a space empire.

A multiplayer real time strategy game from Paradox, wrapped in the easy-to-pick-up and and easy-to-play structure of a first person shooter

Ghost Recon Commander
Surprisingly deep Facebook-based tactical TBS designed by Brenda Brathwaite – who worked on Jagged Alliance series at SirTech.

Team Assault: Baptism of Fire
Squad-based tactical TBS inspired by Jagged Alliance

Magna Mundi
Commercial follow-up to the best Europa Universalis 3 mod ever made.

Indie turn-based tactical game inspired heavily by X-COM.

Card Hunter
A mix of RPG and card game from one of the founders of Irrational Games (BioShock, System Shock 2 etc)

Dungeon Viva
Indie Dungeon Keeper inspired tower defense game.

Jagged Alliance Online
Turn-based browser game spin-off.


Diablo 3

Torchlight II
Sequel to a hack and slash RPG that scored 8.6 at IGN.

Cube World
Voxel based indie RPG

Drox Operative
Sci-fi space opera RPG from makers of Depths of Peril and Din’s Curse

Action RPG from makers of Lead and Gold


Eschalon: Book III
Third entry in the best indie cRPG series.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana
Finally an english version of classic PC action-RPG from japanese developer Falcom.

Ys Origin
An english version of classic PC action-RPG from japanese developer Falcom.

Mix of action, RTS and RPG, where we play a canadian lumberjack/traper who have to defend a little cabin in the forest against attacks of Devil’s hordes.

Pokemon-like turn-based RPG from Insomniac – a previously console-only developer, who made Ratched and Clank and Ressistance series.

Beautiful browser action-RPG made by ex-Pandemic people.

Forged by Chaos
Online action-rpg using CryEngine2

RPG from maker of great freeware game Notrium.

Online cooperative RPG with powerful adventure building tools, from Cryptic (makers of City of Heroes and Champions)

Wizardry Online
Hardcore MMORPG spin-off from classic PC series/


Phantasy Star Online 2

Royal Quest
A MMO from Katauri Interactive, which is a studio responsible for gems like King’s Bounty: the Legend (8.1 from IGN) or Space Rangers 2 (8.0 from IGN)

Crafting-heavy MMO with perma-death from Paradox (makers of series like Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron)

Guild Wars 2
Original Guild Wars scored 9.0 at IGN


Beautiful MMORPG with action-game like combat, by ex-Lineage devs.

Star Trek: Infinite Space
Browser MMO set in Deep Space Nine timeline.

Tactical MMORPG set in popular pen and paper roleplaying game setting.

City of Steam
Steampunko MMO


Lone Survivor
Regardless of how you approach it, Lone Survivor is one of those games that remain on your mind long after you’ve finished it. Even if you don’t share my predilection for nightmares, you’ll find that Lone Survivor’s masterful dedication to ambiance and setting far outweighs any concerns about its retro aesthetic. Embrace it on its own terms, and you’ll find a game that comes the closest a survival horror game has come to replicating the experience of the first Silent Hill game in recent years; indeed, in some ways, it’s even better. – 8.5 from IGN

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Sequel to the best horror game of all time. This project is pretty much dream team-up, because Frictional is working with Chinese Room, which was responsible for the incredible Dear Esther.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club
Awesome japanese indie adventure game, where we’re trying to recruit members for school comedy club.

Experimental indie adventure game centered on exploration.

Indie sciece-fiction adventure game heavily inspired by Sanitarium.

else { Heart.break() }
Innovative indie adventure game based around the idea of gamer reprogramming the reality.

Minimalistic horror game


Kickstarter funded psychological thriller that has Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight trilogy creator) in it’s development team

Secret Files 3: The Archimedes Code

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura
Adventure game from makers of Black Mirror 2-3

Jack Keane 2
The first one got 7.0 from Adventuregamers.

Against the Wall
Indie adventure game. You can play browser-based demo on the official site, which I really recommend.

Indie adventure game inspired by Myst where players explore vast abandoned monuments. It’s being developed by Richard Perrin, the creator ow awesome freeware the white chamber.

The Journey of Iesir
Beautiful indie adventure game.

From Pendulo Studios – makers of Runaway trilogy and The Next Big Thing.

Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements
Commercial adventure gamers with RPG elements from the indie team who created fan remakes of King Quest 1-3

Journey Down: Over the Edge
Commercial follow-up to one of best freeware adventure games of last few years.

The Mystery of the Wicked Village
Sequel to Murder in the Abbey.

Indie hard-sf adventure.

Black Sails
Pirate themed adventure game from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane.

Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw
New horror adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios, makers of Barrow Hill, which got 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Dead Cyborg
Unique science-fiction adventure game that mixes 3D first person perspective and text adventure-like command system.

Last Crown: The Haunting of Hallowed Isle
Follow-up to horror adventure game that scored 7.0 at Adventuregamers.

New adventure game from Amanita Design (Machinarium and Samorost series)

The Dark Eye: Satinavs Ketten
Adventure set in popular Pen and Paper roleplaying game setting. It’s being developed by Daedalic Entertainment, makers of The Whispered World.

New game from makers of Rhiannon (7.5 from Gamespot)

New horror adventure game from people who created Scratches, which scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Saturated Dreamers
Indie exploration game from makers or Immortal Defense

First commercial game from maker the incredible freeware adventure game “What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed”

Memento Mori 2: Guardian of Immortality

Abstract indie game that won IGF Award for Best Student Game.

Dear Esther
Commercial remake (made by one of Mirror’s Edge level designers) of one of the best and most artisticaly complete mods ever made.

A Valley Without Wind
Experimental adventure/exploration game from Arcen Games (makers of Ai War)

Hand painted post apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure game in glorious 1440×900 resolution

New aventure from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane

First person exploration puzzler that’s a commercial follow-up to one of best UT3 mods ever made.

Tower 22
Awesomely creepy FPP indie horror adventure game

Science-fiction Saga
Gorgeous sci-fi indie adventure

Harvey: New Eye
Sequel to Harvey and Edna, which scored 7.0 at Adventuregamers.


War Thunder: World of Planes
Flight Sim MMO from creators of Wings of Prey.

X Rebirth
New entry in classic Elite-like series. This time not only it runs on new engine, but the whole gameplay has been redesigned from scratch, while retaining all the freedom fans love.

Take on Helicopters
Civilian heli-sim from makers of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and ArmA series.

Microsoft Flight
Finally, a new flight sim from Microsoft.

Digital Combat Simulator: P-51D Mustang

Mechwarrior Online

Ressurection of classic franchise in a form of a multiplayer centric mech sim running on CryEngine 3.

SOL: Exodus
Combat space sim

Steel Armor: Blaze of War
Mew tank sim from the makers of Steel Fury (which was one of the best tank games of all time)

Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2
Sequel to the best sim of it’s kind.

Combat Helo
Indie heli sim.

War Wings: Hell Catz
Flight Sim from Mad Catz’s internal studio.

Star Conflict
Space-sim MMO

Jet Thunder
Historical air combat sim from Thunder Works

Naumachia – Space Warfare
A multiplayer space battle sim in which you can start piloting individual fighters with standard FPS controls (mouse/keyboard) and then when your rank advances it’s possible to command capital ships and their fighter squadrons with a dedicated RTS-like interface. Developed by people who previously made Specialist mod for first Half-life



Planetside 2
MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment.

Action game inspired by Defense of the Ancients from makers of Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend.

Super Monday Night Combat
PC-exclusive sequel to Monday Night Combat (8.0 from IGN)


Greek mythology-inspired platformer with heavy focus on stealth, exploration and combat. It’s designed by creators of Capsized (8.5 from IGN) and Nexuiz.

Audiosurf Air
Sequel to one of the early indie success stories.

This sandbox shooter allows players to create worlds, brick by brick.

Code Hero
A co-op first-person science shooter where you use the code ray to manipulate code. It can actually teach how to code Javascript!

Fighting Fairy
English version of popular japanese indie fighting game.

Multiplayer tactical shooter, that places empasis on stealth, teamwork and planning.

Mercenary Ops
F2P multiplayer shooter made by asian division of Epic Games

La Mulana
Remake of one of the best freeware platformers of all time.

Reign of Thunder
F2P multiplayer action game from makers of MechAssault series.

Salvation Prophecy
Ridiculously ambitious science-fiction game that mixes space-sim like ship battles, Third-person shooter-like ground battles and 4X-style empire managment.

Showdown Effect
Side-scrolling action game that’s a homage to 80s asian action movies. It’s being designer by creators of Magicka.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online
MMOFPS continuation of the popular franchise.

Under the Ocean
Commercial sequel to amazing freeware Under the Garden. It’s a sandbox platformer that puts empasis on survival the harsh wild enviorement

Indie old school platformer with gorgeous visuals.

Massive online FPS from RED5 Studios (ex Blizzard people) and lead designer of Tribes 1 and 2.

Tribes: Ascend

Natural Selection 2
Commercial sequel to one of best mp MODS of all time

Heroes and Generals
Online WW2 FPS from a studio formed by lead designers of Hitman series.

First-person medieval online combat game running on Unreal Engine 3.0. It’s being developed by a team behind Age of Chivalry mods.

Unique Unreal 3.0 powered action puzzler where you control a robot by programming set of multiple orders and then just watch him execute it in sequence.

Bounty Arms
Indie platformer running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

The Spire
Indie FPP action-adventure with strong puzzle element built on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Free military FPS from Crytek.

Snapshot is a 2d sidescrolling game in which the player takes on the role of “Pic” The player controls Pic as well as a camera that can take photos of the environment. Photos can capture objects such as boxes, enemies, and other things. The player can then use these photos to move objects around in the world to complete each level. One of finalists for 2009 Independent Games Festival’s Excellence in Design Award

Indie aquatic stealth game running on Unreal Engine 3. The team is filed with people who created the first version of Killing Floor.

Single and multiplayer horror FPS from makers of Zombie Panic! Source mod.

The Swindle
Steampunk platformer from makers of Time Gentlemen, Please!, which got 9.0 from Eurogamer.

Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone
Excellent japanese indie platformer translated by the fine crew of Carpe Fulgur (Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale)

Tactical Intervention
New tactical FPS from creator of Counterstrike

Delta Force: Angel Falls

Exploration game from makers of Cog (7.3 from IGN)

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
A revival of classic old school IP made by creators of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and ArmA seriesl

Awesome mix of shump and RTS genres that’s a spiritual successor to Herzog Zwei.

Untitled project from makers of Terraria

Indie action game based on voxel worlds

Spiritual successor to Descent series. Made by Cadenza Interactive – makers of Sol Survivor.

War of the Roses
Big budgeted melee combat-centric multiplayer medieval action game from Paradox Interactive and Fathark.

Pineapple Smash Crew
Indie action game inspired by Cannon Fodder.

Signal Ops
Spy stealth-action game inspired by Syndicate, Commandoes and most of all Hired Guns. Just like in that last title you get multiple small windows on your screen, each showing the viewpoint of single agent.

Tank’d is a 3D side-scrolling tank game where movement is not restricted to the ground. Players will have to use their tank’s wall-walking abilities along with a selection of powerful weapons to survive in a strange and dangerous world. One of the members of dev team is the awesome guy who created the glorious sidescrolling Team Fortress 2 mod called The Great Class Dash.

F.E.A.R. Origin Online
MMO adaptation of popular FPS franchise.

Ghosts n’ Goblins Online
A platforming MMO that’s an adaptation of classic sidescrolling series

Blacklight: Retribution

Black Sky
Open ended StarControl2 like game

Iron Seed 2
Follow up to forgotten classic (it’s not well known now, but back in the days it rivaled Star Control 2 in quality)

Seasons after Fall
Beautiful indie puzzle platformer where you use effects seasonal changes to overcome obstacles.

The Swapper
Very promising and unique puzzle platformer based around the idea of a device that can create copies of yourself with whom you can then swap placesIt features interesting light, shadow and relativeness based game mechanics blended with an ambiguous storyline embedded directly into and told throughout the game.

Indie platformer from the makers of Harvest: Massive Encounter.

Swimming Under Clouds
An indie 2-D physics-based puzzle platformer

Sky Legends
Online arcade flying game from the studio that made Snoopy: Flying Ace (console game that scored 9.0 at IGN)

Rising Storm
First add-on to Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, made as colaboration with mod teams.

As developer himself put it: “I like to think of it as a true PC fighting game. Dynamic and up-to-the-point, but very strategic, controlled by mouse and with strong character development elements.”


rFactor 2
The first rFactor became the rulling standart of PC racing sims and the most popular modding platform for fans of the genre, not to mention it’s engine was the basis for majority of other good PC racing sims of recent years (like GTR 1-2, Race series, Arca simracing or GT Legends)

Assetto Corsa
Hardcore racing sim from makers of netKAR – one of the very best games of this genre.

Finally a real sequel to one of the finest racing sims of all time (9.2 from IGN)


Formula Truck 
Hardcore truck sim from experienced Reiza Studio.


Arcada Mia’s
New puzzle game from the maker of Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble.

Fool and his money
Sequel to legendary Fool’s Errand.

Pontifex III
Sequel to one of best indie puzzle games ever made

By Caffeinated Games, a company founded by the former Lead Tools Engineer of Zipper Interactive (SOCOM fame) Greg Chudecke who prior to Zipper worked on Backyard Skateboarding (Atari) and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Black Label Games)


Might & Magic: Duel of Champions
Card game set in Might & Magic universe.

Stunningly beautiful science-fiction puzzle game.

An indie puzzle game that centers on one mechanic — the idea that you can move in 3D or flatten yourself against walls in 2D.


Grand Theft Auto V

Risen 2: Dark Waters PC
Sequel to a great (8.6 at IGN) RPG from makers of Gothic trilogy.

Mass Effect 3

Game of Thrones
Roleplaying game based on popular series of fantasy novels.

Far Cry 3

Max Payne 3
Max Payne got 9.3 from IGN, while it’s sequel scored 9.4

New action-adventure stealth game from Arkane (makers of Arx Fatalis) helped by Harvey Smith (Deus Ex’s designer) and Half-Life 2 art director.

Cyberpunk FPS from Starbreeze (Chronicles of Riddick)

Borderlands 2
The first one got 8.8 from IGN.

The Secret World
A MMO from makers of Age of Conan and Longest Journey franchise

Port Royale 3
New entry in one of the best economic series of all time.

Dragon Commander
Strategy game from makers of Divinity series.

Quantum Conundrum
Puzzle game from lead designer of Portal.

Project CARS
Community-funded racing sim from makers of GTR2 and GT Legends

Rayman Origins
Stunning 2D platformer. Console version scored 9.5 from IGN.

Shank 2

Adventure game from Double Fine. Console version scored 8.5 from IGN.

The Witness
Adventure game from maker of Braid.

Sniper Elite V2

Spec Ops: The Line

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Fantasy RPG from Big Huge Games (makers of Rise of Nations) and lead designer of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Legend of Grimrock
Oldschool indie RPG made in the vein of Eye of Beholder and Dungeon Master.

Project Owlboy
Retro platformer

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Skulls of the Shogun
Turn based strategy game from ex-EALA developers.

Cloning Clyde
Indie clayanimation platformer. Console version scored 8.1 from IGN.

The Darkness 2
Sequel to console FPS that scored 8.5 at IGN

The remake of original freeware gem will debut on Xbox Live Arcade, but will be released on PC too at later date.

Death to Spies 3
Stealth action game heavily inspired by Hitman and set in Cold War era.The first one scored 8.0 at IGN.

Incredibly looking indie mech game.

Fallen Frontier
Indie side scrolling shooter from ex-Bungie developers

The Walking Dead: The Game
Episodic adventure game from Telltale Games (makers of Sam and Max, Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island)

Sword & Sworcery EP
Sequel to one of the very best RTS-es ever made.

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
Action-RPG from American McGee that mixes Red Riding Hood fairy tale with japanese folklore.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
By rights, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare should be utterly underwhelming. The core game is changed not at all from its parent’s lukewarm style, the story is thin and hackneyed, hell it even has live-action cutscenes. But somehow, the gameplay is challenging enough to keep you clicking that left mouse button and listening to that weird, not quite Rod Serling voice telling you to survive until morning just one more time. – 7.5 from IGN

2D side scrolling MOBA game

Binary Domain
TPP shooter from the maker of Yakuza franchise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Seems like a first breath of fresh air for the IP in a long, long time.

Enemy Front
Oldschool FPS designed by Stuart Black.

Dark Souls
PC version of last year’s bloody brilliant console RPG.

Assassin’s Creed III
Finally a leap forward for this franchise

Jet Set Radio
Enchanced HD port of cult-classic Dreamcast game.

Omerta: City of Gangsters
Tactical turnbased strategy made by creators of Tropico 3 and 4.

PC version of fighting game that scored 8.5 at IGN.

Indie platformer which gameplay based on manipulating fluids.

Captain Morgane
Semi sequel to adventure game So Blonde, which scored 8.0 from Adventuregamers.

Indie Puzzle platformer. It’s being made by Might and Delight, a new studio formed by people who worked on Mirror’s Edge and series like Killzone or Battlefield. Most of all, the team consist of the core group responsible for the glorious Bionic Commando Rearmed (9.4 from IGN).

Defenders of Ardania
Tower defense set in Majesty series world.

MacGuffin’s Curse
Puzzle adventure game from makers of Jolly Rover (7/10 from Adventure Gamers).


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