Posted by: adrianwerner | February 23, 2009

Update (Feb 23 2009)


Be A King
A well-executed casual city builder (…)Be A King is an enjoyable ride while it lasts, and it’s clear that a focus on simplicity was successfully executed here. People looking for a more straightforward approach to the genre will be pleased with Be A King7.5 from Out of Eight website

Empire: Time of Troubles
A grand strategy game with healthy dose of RPG taking place in Eastern Europe during 1350-1640 period. Made by Lesta Stusdio makers of Pacific Storm (8.0 from IGN)

Kharkov 1943
A realistic wargame from makers of Steel Fury (one of the best and most realistic WWII tank simulators ever made and winner of SimHQ’s best amor sim of 2008 award)

Steel Fury Add-on;
Add-on to Steel Fury (one of the best and most realistic WWII tank simulators ever made and winner of SimHQ’s best amor sim of 2008 award)

Mount & Blade Multiplayer Expansion
The base Mount and Blade recievied 8.0 from IGN.

Out of the Park Baseball 10
New entry in the greatest baseball manager series. 2007 edition was a huge success and a vast improvement over previous one,recieving 92% from PCGamer, perfect score from Gamespy and having 96% average on Gamerankings.

Drakensang: The River of Time
Prequel to Drakensang

American McGee’s Alice II
The first one got 9.4 from IGN

2009 MODS

Chivalry I: Total War for Rome: Total War
Finally a 1.0 release! This mod brings Rome:TW into medieval setting that spans 1072 to 1222 AD, and aims to represent the typical timeframe’s flavor of the early and high middleage. Includes two brand new campaigns

HEGEMON: Battle For Greece for Medieval II: Total War with Kingdoms add-on
A Classical-Era Mod

Lithuania Mod 2: Baltic Crusades for Medieval II: Total War with Kingdoms add-on
A mini modification that brings Lithuanian faction into the game

Prophesy of Pendor for Mount and Blade
A great fantasy mod adding new world, quests, items, units etc.

Fury of Odin for Mount and Blade
A viking mod.

F1 1979 for GTR 2
Goresh has ported over one of the most popular rFactor mods to GTR 2 – Formula One 1979. Originally created by Grand Prix Classics, the mod includes the full field of the 1979 Formula One season when Renault, Ferrari, McLaren and many others battled for championship points and

The Below for Oblivion with Shivering Isles add-on
“The Blow is a massive expansion to Oblivion, which adds a interconnected system of tunnels and ruins that run under the entire province of Cyrodiil. There are many, many gates to this underworld scattered around the area, and the distance between them is the same in both the tunnels and on the surface, providing a consistant and realistic experience”

The Last Hope for Fallout 2
Large singleplayer module.

Strider Mountain for Half-Life 2
Large singleplayer mod (this release has first 5 out of planned 15 levels)

Deception for The Witcher
A module that’s a preview of much bigger project called Strands of Destiny

Grey Wolves 3.0 for Silent Hunter 3
A new vastly upgraded version of megamod that turns Silent Hunter 3 from “a very good game” to the best game of it’s type and overall one of the best sim experiences you will find anywhere


Green Terror
A physics-based puzzle shooter where killing aliens is your goal. The object is to aim the cannon and fire to kill the alien, whilst making sure you don’t hit the human at the same time.– Indiegames

Retro platformer

Mirror’s Edge 2D
New version of a great 2D platformer (with new levels, objects to collect etc)

Pac-Man Physics

Typomagia! is a typing game in which you quickly enter words on your keyboard to build up magic power, which can then be used to conjure creatures to battle enemies.– Indiegames

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