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War3D II- Gettysburg
Next-generation of Civil War real-time wargaming, created by one of two designers who brought us Take Command: 2nd Manassas (8.3 at Gamespot)

A-Train 8
A-Train is a series that enjoys quite a bit of popularity among japanese gamers. Only two A-Train games were ever released in english on PC, now after 17 years of absence the series is finally coming back to english PCgaming audience

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
The first game was console only release that scored at 8.6 IGN and achieved 84% avereage at Gamerankings. Now the sequel will appear on PC too

Battlefield 1943
Downloadable-only MP game in vein of original Battlefield 1942.

Dead Rising 2


World War Two Western Front Combat Mission
After disappointing affair with modern combat Battlefront returns to what they do best: WWII tactical wargames

The Turismo Competición 2000
new racing sims based on ISI’s Gmotor engine (the same engine that powers GTR and Race series, rFactor and Arca), a follow-up to Turismo Carretera.
777 Studios is publishing previous game in the series in US, so there is high chance this one will see an english release too.


GoldenEye: Source BETA 3 for Half-Life 2

Eye of the Storm for Half-Life 2
Single player mod

R e b e l l i o n for Half-Life 2
Single player mod

Icewind Dale (NWN2) for NeverWinter Nights 2 with Storm of Zehir add-on
It’s still not complete, but a large portion of the original IWD is already recreated

WR2: The Search for Paradise for NeverWinter Nights 2 with Storm of Zehir add-on

Celestial Chronicles Part 1 for Neverwinter Nights with all add-ons

The Arab-Israeli Wars for Squad Battles: Soviet-Afghan War.


Super Stacker 2
A game based on stacking objects on eachother in a way that makes them stable. It’s simple, but horribly addictive 🙂

Great little physics-driven platformer with havy puzzle focus

Sproing Reloaded
Physics-based action game where you destroy orbs by swining a ball on a rope/chain.

Twin Shot
Platform game where you have to get rid of all the enemies in each level using arrows (not just for attacking, but also for platforming)

Totem Destroyer 2
In each level you must bomb all of the destructible blocks (otherwise known as totems) by clicking on them, without allowing the golden idol(s) to touch the ground. While the charcoal-gray indestructible blocks provide the eventual resting place for the idols, you must still blast your way through all the plain brown totems, the bouncy green sloppy totems, and several new varieties that can explode, fly away, or only be destroyed when they touch another of their kind.– Jayisgames

“Din is a single-player audio recognition game. Bill has a lot of loved ones, who all need him, but he can sometimes get pretty overloaded with requests. The player must listen for audio cues to press keys requested by friends and family. A correct response within a few seconds earns a point. An untimely or incorrect response deducts a point. Neglect your friends enough and they will give up on you! Treat them too well, and you may just get overwhelmed by your popularity.”

You Probably Won’t Make It
It’s an extremely difficult platformer which involves spikes, double jumps and recorded deaths. That’s right – when you die, not only must you restart the level again, but your spilt blood and death path stick around. You’ll soon find each level becomes coated in red and your frustration rising. It’s a nice little time-waster for when boredom sets in – just don’t try too hard to complete all 20 levels, you might pop a vein.-Indiegames blog

The Black Yeti
A simple puzzle game by the developer of Rara Racer and Mirror Stage, The Black Yeti tells the story of large ape creature who has to devour all intruders to the cave without them noticing its presence.The game was created in under a weekend for a friendly Mini Ludum Dare competition, hence the lack of polish and content. There are about ten levels to play in total.– Indiegames blog

A to B Basset
A to B Basset is an arcade game created by Adam Lobacz for a friendly TDC competition, where players get to drag a Basset Hound around the rooms of an old house in an attempt to reunite the puppy with its favorite red ball.– Indiegames blog

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