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Update (19th October 2009)

2009 GAMES

Island Realms
Island Realms is definitely on the challenging side, with comparatively long and complex levels right from the beginning. Interestingly enough, the game is another example of the successful approach of the casual and the hardcore gaming market. The trial version should suffice to assure whether the game is to your taste or not, but especially those of you who already liked the old classic The Settlers will absolutely adore Island Realms.8.0 from Gamezebo

I’ve been working through many hidden object games lately so I have plenty of recent titles with which to compare this one, and Gardenscapes is easily one of my current favorites. I just wish it lasted a little longer.8.0 from Gamezebo

PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville
PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville is as masterfully constructed as one of its mechanical puppets, creating an atmosphere of dread and foreboding with just a few journal entries and cleverly staged scenes. Its dark tale is perfect for Halloween, and leaves the door wide open for a sequel that will hopefully be coming sooner rather than later. It’s a bit on the short side, unfortunately, but if you enjoy all things spooky and creepy, you’re sure to love every minute you spend in Joyville. 8.0 from Gamezebo

Campfire Legends: The Hookman
There is some good news for those who want more though: Campfire Legends: The Hookman is the first of an upcoming trilogy. With a stunning soundtrack, gorgeous artwork, handmade environments, and memorable gameplay, this is an outstanding title. The most amazing thing about this game? This is the very first hidden object title created and developed by GameHouse Studio Eindhoven (the Netherlands-based studio formerly known as Zylom). One can only hope there’s more where that came from, but prospects look promising.9.0 from Gamezebo

Romance of Rome
Romance of Rome is one of the most challenging hidden object games you’ll ever play, but not in a cheap or aggravating way. I wish there had been more strategy to gaining status – you simply buy every item in the store at the end of the chapter – but overall it’s still a fun and rewarding experience.8.0 from Gamezebo

Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour
In a nutshell, Jojo’s Fashion Show World Tour is incredibly cool. It’s impossible to put down, with great production values and a completely engaging fashion theme. If you’re looking for a time management game with real fashion and lots of excitement, this is one game you shouldn’t miss. 8.0 from Gamezebo

Gridrunner Revolution
A number of things make Gridrunner Revolution stand out against the typical arcade shooter: the distinctive graphics and sound, bouncing off enemies to avoid dying, switching ship types, and the exaggerated use of sheep.(…)Gridrunner Revolution is actually pretty different from Gridrunner++ (I downloaded the demo), although it uses some of the same sound effects, and doesn’t suffer from sequel syndrome. The graphics and sound are trippy, and although they can negatively impact the gameplay, they do make for a distinctive look and feel. Fans of arcade shooters will find an approachable and unique game made so by several distinctive features.7.5 from OutofEight website

Grappling Hook
Indie first-person puzzler

New indie art game from makers of Path and Graveyard

NBA 2K10
With solid, fast paced gameplay and an excellent presentation that’s easily the best the series has ever had, NBA 2K10 continues its strong pedigree of great basketball. While the presentation holds down the fort, the inclusion of the NBA Today and My Player modes, as well as the addition of the developmental leagues make an already good title even better.7.9 from IGN


Return to Pacific Assault for Men of War
Pacific theatre based campaign

DarkMod for Doom 3
Amazing singleplayer stealth mod that successfully recreates Thief gameplay in modern engine.

Terraland for Neverwinter Nights
“Terraland is a high-end 3D roleplay adventure game using the highly acclaimed Neverwinter Nights engine that helps Informatics students develop strategic thinking and problem solving skills. It introduces conceptually difficult computing concepts, such as sorting, functions and recursion by presenting the student with interactive challenges and activities relative to the subject matter”

Norman Invasion for Rome: Total War with Barbarian Invasion add-on
” Norman Invasion starts in the year AD 1066. William, Duke of Normandy, has landed his troops at Pevensey bay and King Harold II of England has just arrived at Hastings, fresh from victory at Stamford Bridge, to hurl the Normans back into the English Channel.As the player you can choose to take up the Fighting Man banner of Harold and defend your shores against the Norman dogs, or you can – if you really feel the need! – take up the Papal Banner of William “le Batard” and put the English firmly under the Norman yoke. You can also play as one of the three minor factions – the Welsh, Norse or Scots. ”

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon’s Revenge for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Large singleplayer mod.


Addicsjon is another experimental project by the developer of G-E-N-E-R-I-C and FallOver, where you are in control of a drug addict who automatically tries to collect any pills he sees. Your objective is basically to guide him towards the white flag in each of the five levels included, although that can prove to be difficult as the protagonist doesn’t really feel like cooperating with the player at all.– Indiegames

Angry Gorilla Machine Monsters
Quirky little shump

Cave Chaos
A nifty little platform game from Nitrome

Evidence of Everything Exploding
Surreal action game where you navigate around press articles and everything you touch explodes to reveal new bits of information. It’s hard to explain, you simply have to play it yourself.

Graveyard Shift
Rail shooter from Nitrome

Hell Is Other People
Hell Is Other People is an ‘asynchronously multiplayer’ according to creator George Buckenham. The path that each player takes is recorded and future players are then pitted against their recordings.This means that no two games are the same. It also means you are technically playing against humans – albeit humans who aren’t actually aiming at you. It’s a beautiful idea which starts off pretty easy and soon develops into a full-on war. Try taking on 15 ghosts at the same time. Chaos.– Indiegames

In Another Château
Physics based puzzle platformer.

Miami Shark
Miami Shark is all about causing destruction by leaping out of the water and eating men, women, children, swans, boats, helicopters, planes and space shuttles (amongst other things).-Indiegames

Miner 2049er Again
Great remake of classic Manic Miner.

In RedRive you destroy enemies by drawing a rectangle around them, with the size of the shape that can be drawn determined by a gauge shown at the bottom of the screen. The smaller the rectangle used to take out enemy ships, the higher the score multiplier will be– Indiegames

Robin the Archer in Pixeland
Retro platformer

Spectro Destroyer
Action game based around ricocheting bullets

The Tickler
Arena-based action game

Cute little physic puzzler.

Legend of the Golden Mask
High quality hidden object game.

Magnello involves electricity and lots of magnets. The aim is to guide a magnetic ball through a series of challenging courses and into the electric hole at the end.– Indiegames

Alien Assault
Space-Hulk inspired turn-based tactical wargame that actually started as straight Space Hulk conversion, but was modified to avoid legal troubles with Games Workshop


Asylum 626
FMV horror adventure game

Endless Anesthesia
Spooky escape the room game.

Short, but surprisingly spooky horror adventure game

Submachine 6: The Edge
A new instalment in classic escape game series.


  1. Please add “shatter” to the list. great indie game. Also a good indie multiplatformer that just hopped over from 360 is “Beat Hazard”

  2. Nice list of very good games:)

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