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Update (11th August 2009)

2009 GAMES

King Arthur
An empire-building strategy game set in a medieval, mystical Britain.

SIMS 3: World Adventures

Time Gentlemen, Please!
Fat men in suits keep telling us that the PC is dying; grandfathers scare nippers on their knees with tales of adventure games emerging from their crypts in the twilight hours to say “boo”. However, as Time Gentlemen, Please! and a million in-form games (Violet, Slouching Towards Bedlam, etc.) prove, big publishers can’t produce the best adventures and scripts – even the Telltale titles are clunky and formulaic compared to the anarchistic invention of games like this and the Discworld. We think it’s intelligent, witty, absurd, and, at GBP 2.99 we heartily recommend it. And, for once, it’s not because we’re enormously corrupt.9.0 from Eurogamer

Big Brain Wolf
This game will entertain some people, and drive others absolutely insane. Don’t let it deceive you with its looks: Big Brain Wolf is one tough cookie. That being said, don’t let the challenge scare you, either. It’s a fun and engaging game, and it’s one of the few games that will make you work some brain cells as you play.8.0 from GameTunnel

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures: Episode 4 – The Bogey Man
With a few rough spots and a few strokes of genius, The Bogey Man is the first of the Grand Adventures to pose any real challenge, though instead of being a series-ending spectacular, it’s mainly par for the course.7.0 from Adventuregamers

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
An english version of one of best german adventure games of 2008 (it gathered 84% average of scores from german sites and magazines, including 83% at Adventure-Treff and 87% at Adventurecorner)

Burger Shop 2
It’s safe to say that if you liked Burger Shop, you’re going to love Burger Shop 2. The fast-paced assembly-line time management game is just as fun as the original and, like any good sequel, expands on the formula with additional levels and fun new twists like extra dishes, characters and trophies. (…)As long as you don’t mind your time management games a little on the frantic side, Burger Shop 2 is a must-download.9.0 from Gamezebo

Build-a-lot 4: Power Source
Altogether, we nevertheless strongly recommend Build-a-lot 4: Power Source, even if you have already played the three previous games. Despite some minor points of criticism the game still manages to deliver a top notch gaming experience, and you won’t feel like you have already played this three times before. Give it a shot and the game will provide you with easily more than twenty hours of intense gameplay and fun.8.0 from Gamezebo

Kelly Green: Garden Queen
All in all we highly recommend everyone to give it a try, because there is no clearer sign for a high-class game than a reviewer searching for flaws with a magnifier, yet still without success. Kelly Green: Garden Queen definitely sets a new standard when it comes to farming games, and earns high grades in every aspect that is important for a game.8.0 from Gamezebo

Revenge of the Titans!
Tower defense game from Puppy Games, makers of Droid Assault, Titan Attack and Ultratron.

Creeper World
Indie tower defense-rts game

Blitz 1941
MMO Tank action game with light simulation elements from the makers of Navy Fields (it was similiar MMO action game with sim elements)

Yankee Air Pirate 2
A sim that recreates actual missions from Air War in Southeast Asia, designed by people who actualy flew in those missions.

Evochron Legends

Lunnye Devitsy
Lunnye is a mystery/puzzle platformer.

Super Laser Racer
Super Laser Racer delivers exactly what I expect from a $10 game: solid, enjoyable core gameplay. The racing is adapted well from New Star Grand Prix, easing back a bit on the difficulty to compliment the combat more effectively. The fast pace of the races works well, with turbo pads and plentiful pick-ups to dispose of those pesky enemy racers. The AI is quite competent and less robotic than before, successfully using their weapons and utilizing alternate paths along the way: they are a good foe. The quality of the AI almost makes up for the lack of a multiplayer component, but the lack of a compelling career mode makes this a more glaring omission. Every racing game needs online play, and Super Laser Racer is no exception. The points-only tournament mode borrows none of the interesting career options from other New Star games, and the only motivation to play a series of races is to unlock additional content. Even with these limitations, the appropriate low price point of Super Laser Racer makes is a good choice for fans of arcade combat games7.5 from Out of Eight website

Trine is great fun in single-player and it’s worth experimenting with the three-player co-op even if the game works best as a solo experience. Players are given a set of tools (three characters with unique abilities) and are presented with problems that can be solved in several ways, resulting in an adventure that feels wide open despite being relegated to a mere two dimensions. The beautiful visuals and sound bring this world to life and there is something new to discover around every corner. A lack of enemy variety, disappointing conclusion, and the wonky multiplayer keep Trine from greatness, but this is still a highly recommended puzzle platformer.8.2 from IGN

World of Zoo
Zoo managment game from Blue Fang, creators of Zoo Tycoon series.

2010 GAMES

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Sequel to 8.5 WWII tactical shooter. What’s more, RO2 will singleplayer campaigns for both Russian and German sides.

Post apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure game in 1440×900 resolution

Wing Commander Standoff Episode 5 for Wing Commander: Prophecy
The epic SP campaign comes to an end.

Stargate Mod: War Begins Public Beta for Nexus: Jupiter Indicent

Endurance Series 1.0 for rFactor
Enduracers have released the first version of their highly-anticipated Endurance Series mod for rFactor, adding some of the world’s most exciting prototypes and GT’s to rFactor.The initial version of the mod includes 11 sports car models from the Le Mans Prototype and GT classes, allowing you to relive the exciting action of series like the Le Mans Series and the FIA

TPSCC 3.0 for rFactor

Lord of Ravenloft II for Neverwinter Nights with all add-ons


Hive Rise

Online card game.

Boxgame is a puzzle platformer in which gravity is ruled by big, transparent boxes in the centre of each level. Jumping off a ledge will result in some crazy re-orientation, after which you most likely won’t be standing on the same plane anymore.-Indiegames

A Cold Heart
A Cold Heart is a short underwater-themed shooter where you play a cold-hearted mermaid, out to take the lives of ten different sea creatures by singing for them with your beautiful voice.-Indiegames

The Competitor
Fun twist on shump genre where you control the swarm of enemies and your goal is to place them in a way that will overwhelm the small little ship at the bottom of the screen.

Physics platformer

Isabelle Poppy And Bling
Art game consisting of several mini games

Roll Roll Pirate
Action game where your goal is to roll your ball to the treasure by means of manipulating your perspective.

Sticky Situation
Sticky Situation is a shooter with an interesting concept. Both yourself and the enemy are constantly firing sticky darts at each other, and when enough darts have secured themselves firmly to a ship, the weight will become too much and said ship will fall to its doom.-Indiegames

Tasty Static
Brilliant Skyroads clone.

The Beggar
Exploration game about a hobo who got thrown out of castle and not attempts to get back in.

The idea is to draw lines of paint across the screen which float upwards, destroying similarly coloured blocks until the level is cleared. Some blocks are concealed behind other colours, so you’ll need to eliminate them in order.– Indiegames

Bermuda Triangle Escape
Underwater adventure game with strong escape the room elements.

Physic puzzler.

Being One: Episode 2 – Bloodbath

Quality escape the room game

The Next Floor
Great little horror game that plays like a mix of shooter and tower defense game


Pixel Grower
Your mouse controls the paddle with which you must collect as many falling pixels as possible. Much like certain elements in falling sand games, the pixels stick to your paddle wherever they strike it, so before you know it, you’re wielding a Christmas tree rather than a simple paddle. Your goal is quite simple: catch as many pixels as possible before your health meter runs out from letting too many pass you by.– JayisGames

Deep Chalk: Phase Three
Abstract exploration game with plenty of fun and difficult puzzles.

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