Posted by: adrianwerner | July 10, 2008


I’ve added reviews for Droid Assault and The Amazing Brain Train

New games on the list:

Chaos Theory
The puzzles are very well designed with only a couple that I would consider annoying or luck-based. The flexibility of the game design shines through and makes Chaos Theory a strong puzzle game7.5 from Out of Eight website

System Mania
It’s a perfect example of creativity in casual, something that we don’t get enough of.
7.0 from GameTunnel

A brain relaxing puzzle game based on more than a decade of research and findings by Dr. Mark Baldwin of esteemed McGill University in Montreal,

Penumbra: Requiem
Add-on to Black Plague and final part of Penumbra trilogy

X3 Terran Conflict
Stand-alone add-on to 7.2 space-sim.


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