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Update (18th July 2009)

2009 GAMES

Artist Colony
After spending nearly a week with Artist Colony, the similarities to Virtual Villagers are merely cosmetic. This engrossing single-player game stands on its own merit and proves to be highly enjoying and gratifying twist on the simulation genre. (…)This surprisingly deep and enjoyable game is well worth your time and money, especially if you’re a fan of people simulations. The unique concept is well-designed and successfully executed, and should provide many engaging hours of fun.9.0 from Gamezebo

Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition
Overall, CoG: EE is a complex game with a lot of features that can provide you with very in-depth game play—or a high level of frustration. Gamers who don’t want a steep learning curve and desire a more graphical experience would be wise to look elsewhere. But players who enjoy methodical game play that allows them to get intimate with all details from shaping their economy to determining the best strategy for their army and navy will find themselves so absorbed in Napoleonic Europe it will be difficult to turn the game off. In the end, this game is best for veterans of Crown of Glory and for those who are willing to trade off flashy graphics for a compelling and intricate game that can provide the user with a rewarding finish.7.9– from Armchair General

Conquest! Medieval Realms
Scared by hardcore wargames? Well, Conquest! Medieval Realms might be just the game for you! Although the tutorial and online manual leave a lot to be desired, the game is easy to learn thanks to straightforward, non-random combat and simple unit relationships. The random map generator is excellent, the campaigns are long, and the editors that allow you to create custom scenarios and campaigns in addition to sculpted battlefields.(…)Conquest! is a bit less impressive overall than I initially thought because of the lack of total originality. Nevertheless, Conquest! Medieval Realms is still quite fun for novice strategy fans and different enough to warrant a purchase.7.5 from Out of Eight website

World Supremacy
Turn based “conquer the world” grand strategy game from Malfador Machinations, makers of Space Empires series.

Making History II: The War of the World for
Sequel to turn based WWII wargame that scored 7 on IGN and 7.5 at OutofEight.

Heroes of Newerth
DOTA-inspired game from makers of Savage 2

G.H.O.S.T. Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance
Phantom of the Renaissance Faire is a beautifully done, smart game that masterfully accommodates a variety of skill levels and is still fun even on your second playthrough. (If you played on the easier setting the first time, switch to the harder version for your second try. It’s a completely different experience.) Hunting down the hint fairies is a fun mini-game by itself – you’ll find yourself revisiting scenes just to track down the fairy you missed, whether you actually need her help or not. If you’re looking for just the right mixture of puzzles and hidden objects, this is the game for you.8.0 from Gamezebo

Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light
Shortcomings aside, this game should satiate fans of HOGs and adventure games. If you’re a fan of the series then you most certainly won’t be disappointed in this sequel – and be sure to keep a few extra bucks in your pocket for the fall when the third game in this franchise will be available.8.0 from Gamezebo

As developer himself put it: “I like to think of it as a true PC fighting game. Dynamic and up-to-the-point, but very strategic, controlled by mouse and with strong character development elements.”

SF action RPG from Clockstone, makers of Avencast

Hardcore MMORPG from guys who previously did the cult classics like Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol and Demise: Rise of the Ku’tan

Sacred 2: Ice & Blood announced
Add-on to 7.5 (at IGN) hack and slash RPG

Crystal Cave
Puzzler from Rake in Grass, makers of JetNGuns (8.5 from GameTunnel), Archibald’s Adventures (8.3 from GameTunnel)

Kitten Sanctuary
Cute puzzler from Pi Eye Games, makers of Scavenger (7.8 from GameTunnel), Darkside (GameTunnel’s 2007 Action Game of the Year) and System Mania (7.0 from GameTunnel)

Droplitz is a nice puzzle game to zone out with. Its system of unlocking new levels and game modes by reaching certain scores is very rewarding. Some might regret the lack of multiplayer, but there’s plenty of solid single-player puzzling to be done here. The art style and music don’t show a lot of personality, but the gameplay is simple and addicting. It’ll claim several hours of your life before you even notice they’re gone.7.5 from IGN

Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD
Remake of FPS that scored 9.0 at IGN

2010 GAMES

Command and Conquer 4

Avernum VI
The final chapter in the long running indie RPG series

The classic series returns.

Alien Breed Evolution
The legendary Amiga series is finally back!.


Return of the Shadow: The War of the Ring for Civlization III
Long scenario set in JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
Blitz II is a massive World War II total conversion for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, where you can fight as the Allies, Axis or the Soviets.

WING: Commander – Invasion for Star Wars: Empire at War

Defense of the Ancients v6.60 for Warcraft 3

Heart of Evil: Napalm Editon for Half-Life
“Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition (HOE: NE) is a remake of the old mod Heart of Evil, a Vietnam themed war/survival horror FPS”

NeoTokyo for Half-Life 2
Incredible tactical cyberpunk mod.

Broken Crescent 2.0 for Medieval 2: Total War
A total conversion n centered on the Middle East starting from 1174 and concluding in 1400, featuring a new campaign map spanning from Anatolia to India and allowing the player to take control of one of 17 new factions.

Third Age for Medieval 2: Total War with Kingdoms add-on
A massive total conversion that brings Total War into JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth

Westeros: Total War for Medieval 2: Total War with Kingdoms expansion pack
A total conversion recreating the world of George RR Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels..

Wind of Scandia for Medieval 2: Total War with Kingdoms add-on
A provincial campaign mod which starts in year 369, includes new factions(Veneds, Saxonians, Angles, Yuti) and covers territory of Scandinavia, the south of the Europe spome of the western western Russia.

Diadochi – Total War for Rome:Total War
This mod gives depth and accuracy to Diadochi factions, focusing on the era between the rise and fall of the successor states around 305 BC – 147 BC. Introducing two main campaigns, 279 BC and 305 BC.

The Fall of Rome for Rome:Total War with Barbarian Invasion expansion pack
Mod that recreates with great detail the last years of Rome, starting in 375 AD with the desruction of Ostrogoths’s empire by Huns and ending in 476 AD. The mod also expands the map to cover the entire sassanian empire and the entire roman Egypt.

The Hundred Years War for Mount and Blade

Shadow Rising for Mount and Blade
A Wheel of Time mod

Star Wars: Conquest for Mount and Blade
Star Wars total conversion

Fighter’s Challenge II for Neverwinter Nights with all expansion packs.
A conversion of a classic pnp DnD module from 1994 by Drew Bittner of the same name.

I, Strahd for Neverwinter Nights with all expansion packs.
Ravenloft module.

The Land of Thuul V2 for Neverwinter Nights with all expansion packs.
Large module with an oldschool DnD 1st edition like feeling.

Omegaptolemus, The Last Myrmidon for Neverwinter Nights with Hordes of the Underdark expansion pack

Trials of the Academy for Neverwinter Nights with all expansion packs.
A romance based module.

Arithel for Neverwinter Nights 2 with Mask of Betrayer expansion pack
You arrive at the small town/village of Elton which is located close to the Moonwatch Hills, along a trade route, between Phlan and Melvount. A few of the houses are charred and burned. They seem to be victims of a recent attack. And so an adventure begins.

The Wedding for The Witcher

The Grunt Invasion for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Japan Formula 3 2007 3.0 for rFactor


Deep and extremely addicting wargame of medieval warfare

HRmageddon is a great office-based strategy game. Two players take it in turns to spread around the office, claiming cubicles as their own and destroying the opposition via staples to the eyes, server crashes and sexual harrassment.-Indiegames

World of Battles
Massively multiplayer real-time strategy game.

Warfare 1944
Awesome little tactical game that plays like a rewerded tower defense (ie you’re the attacking force and you have to plan waves of attack correctly)

Battlefield Heroes

Puzzle platformer

Dungeons and Dungeons
D&D is a Castlevania parody involving S&M. Yes, you read it right. Guide Sadie and her little… ‘friend’ Max through 6 dungeons filled with explicitly dressed enemies and extremely crude weapons. It’s not just the naughty factor that makes this fun though – it’s an enjoyable platformer in its own right that’s actually pretty challenging in areas.-Indiegames

Get Off My Lawn
Arena action game where you mow down little critters that threaten your lawn.

The Great Red Herring Chase
In this game your goal is to tail numerous cars untill they reache their destination, the trick is that you’re a passanger in a taxi and you have to manualy type the commands for taxi driver (like “faster”, “turn left” etc)

The Hunter
HUnting sim with incredible graphics

KOI2 (Party-Tencho)
A score-based arcade game created by the developers of Kissma, where players are required to tap the forehead of their partner as many times as they can before time runs out. A rather bland concept if not for the power-ups, of which there are plenty of it. By collecting a special item you are temporarily bestowed with a random ability to use and a costume change to match the theme as well.-Indiegames

Abstract arena shooter

Great little platformer where you play evil alien parasite on his quest to turn peaceful forest into his private mining plant.

Ultra retro FPS inspired by Quake

Andy Wolff has created an incredibly erratic and confused shmup which is simple yet quite beautiful looking.-Indiegames

Swordless Ninja
Platform game.

Aubergine Sky
A short puzzle game which is controlled entirely using the mouse, with no keyboard input required from the player. The story follows a man who is taking a quiet stroll on the outskirts of his town, lost in his thoughts and deeply troubled by some personal worries. Your task is to figure out a solution to the puzzle in each location, and to execute the action correctly in order to progress.-Indiegames

Demolition City
Another physics-based tumbler by the guy who brought us Crush the Castle. Demolition City is all about blowing stuff up. You can’t say no to that. On each of the 20 levels, the idea is to place dynamite on the structure and them press the BOOM button and watch it fall. The rubble must fall below the displayed line and not collide with any of the surrounding buildings.-Indiegames

Gravitex 2
Abstract puzzler where your goal is to launch a ball to reach a black hole, collecting coins on the way. THe twist is that the game takes place in deep space, which affects physics (for example ball can get caught in planet’s gravity and circle it couple times before launching off in a slighshot maneouver)

Red Remover
Unique physic puzzler

Elder Scrolls Daggerfall
Bethsoft has released their classic cRPG for free.

Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition

Being One: Episode 1 – Escape the Lab
Quality SF adventure game

Bunni: how we first met
Reminiscent of Animal Crossing or Wandering Willows, Bunni combines role-playing, simulation and a non-linear format, resulting in a distinctly underused genre of gameplay– JayisGames

Covert Front 3: Night in Zurich
Spectacular spy-themed adventure game

Escapers #05 Space
Polished and refreshing escape the room game.

Short, but cute adventure game from Ben Chandler (Annie Android, Shifter’s Box)

Wonderful adventure game based on concept of exploring and arranging memories in attempt to solve the mystery.

Waiting Room
Lighthearted escape the room game.


  1. Your link to Rosemary just goes to a screenshot to some random game. 😥 Otherwise a great article, loved going through all the descriptions and screens.

    • Upps…sorry, I’ve fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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