Posted by: adrianwerner | June 17, 2009

Update (17th June 2009)


Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw
New horror adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios, makers of Barrow Hill, which got 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Faerie Solitaire
The game’s simplicity and rudimentary artistic design aside, there’s well over a dozen hours of content here. And since there is an inherent randomness to each hand, replay value is very high. Simply put, Faerie Solitaire gives you plenty of solitaire for your buck.8.0 from Gamezebo

Prototype is a game with many cool features. However, it lacks many of the finishing touches that make for a great and memorable game. To say the graphics and game engine need work is a massive understatement and many of the missions are cookie cutter in design without any real focus or attention to detail. Thankfully, Alex Mercer’s absorbing and shape shifting powers manage to overcome many of the shortcomings of Prototype. Though the missions themselves aren’t anything special, the vast array of powers provides their own variety and flair.7.5 from IGN

Ghostbusters: The Video
If you dug the movies, you should dig Ghostbusters: The Video Game. There are some moments that cause the game to stumble, but you’re getting a new tale in the Ghostbusters canon, fun gameplay, a whole bunch of stuff to destroy, and some cool ghosts to scan. I felt that the game’s ending was a bit flat and the romantic interest was forced, but Ghostbusters was fun — too bad you don’t get the multiplayer action the home consoles do.7.5 from IGN

Alternative history shooter from Kaos Works, makers of Frontlines: Fuels of War (7.8 from IGN)

Max Payne 3


Lantan University for Neverwinter Nights with all expansion packs.
Fun little module that takes place in magic university.

The Seven Shades of Mercury for Thief 2

Action Half-Life 2: The Sauce Of Death for Half Life 2
A mod that turns HL2 multiplayer into a insane rendition of the kickass old american and hongkong action movies

Curse for Half Life 2
“Curse episodes is an egyptian themed action/horror/puzzle/exploration FPS where you can kill mummies, evil wizards with a huge spiky club and break expensive egyptian furniture and pottery using telekinesis!”

Radiator Episode 1 for Half Life 2
Experimental, one-room Half-Life 2 mod Radiator successfully creates a sad, beautiful sense of moment and place through minimalistic events and controls. Oh, and it also teaches basic astronomy to boot.– Rockpapershotgun

Darkest Hour: Europe ’44-’45 for Red Orchestra
“Darkest Hour: Europe ’44-’45 is a western front modification for Red Orchestra. It focuses on the Allied invasion from the Normandy campaign in 1944, through the failed Operation Market Garden in Holland and beyond the Battle of the Bulge. It covers not only the intense infantry battles the campaign is so well known for, but also includes the epic large scale tank battles that took place in the later stages of the war.”

Entrapped for Witcher
“The witcher, tired after a long day of travel through Temeria, arrives at a village, which seems like any other. He wants to stay for a night at the local inn and to move on, but he will have to face a serious danger. He will find himself entrapped in the village and the way out will not be peaceful.”

Star trek-Universe at war for Nexus: the Jupiter Incident


Fun little browser game where your objective is to fly a ship while avoiding crashing into pillars.

Shy Dwarf
Short, but adorable platformer.

Somnia is a 3D first-person perspective outing revolving around light and shadows. Each of the puzzles must be completed by flipping between the shadow and the 3D-world. Platforms which seem unreachable are quite easily accessed through 2D shadow platforms.– Indiegames

Little Wheel
Atmospheric and original point and click adventure game.

Creepy adventure game that takes place in XIVth century Europe, just after the end of black plague.

The Mirror Lied
A weird, surreal and hella creppy game made with RPGMaker

The Pretender: Part One
Very nice puzzle platformer

Takishawa is Dead
Difficult and surreal platformer.

Star Beacons

Awesome space shooter with elements of exploration and a great storyline

Casual Space

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