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Update (7th June 2009)


East India Company
Epic strategy game based on the exploits and adventures of the infamous 18th century East India Companies

Dark Wind
When it comes to strategic vehicular combat there has never been a game as engaging and as robust as Dark Wind.(…)Anyone who is interested in turn based strategy games, car combat, or an MMORPG that has perma death and permanent losses look no further. Now if you’ll excuse me, I looted a heavy gattling gun yesterday and I need to go slaughter some hapless victim with it.8.1 from GameTunnel

Dark Souls
While not the BEST RPG out there, if you’re an RPG aficionado, you’ll find yourself parting with twenty dollars and feeling completely fine with it. The strong characters and the impressive battles define Dark Souls, and are sure to make fans swoon.7.4 from GameTunnel

Black Mirror 2
The original scored 7.2 at IGN.

If a little bit of action dog fighting is on your palette Altitude is a sure fire cure for those blues. The demo is extremely open, giving you access to two great planes, one of which is the plane I use anyway even with the full version. This game is absolutely worth downloading.8.0 from GameTunnel

The Adventures of Rick Rocket
While there’s not a lot to Rick Rocket, it does what it does pretty well.(…) Is Rick Rocket unique? No, not really. Is it still fresh and fun to play? Most definitely.7.1 from GameTunnel

Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame
Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame is a truly wonderful game for anyone: young or old, new to the series or well-acquainted, and has rightfully proven itself as one of the best time management titles released yet.9.0 from Gamezebo

Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases
Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases doesn’t offer anything new or startling, but it’s a fun, well-designed game that most players will enjoy. 8.0 from Gamezebo

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
Browser based golf sim.

Left 4 Dead 2

Front Mission Evolved
Third person shooter spin-off the famouse franchise.

Tales of Monkey Island
The classic adventure series is returning as in form of episodic game developed by Telltale, makers of Sam and Max episodes.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
Ramake of one of the very best adventure games ever made

Just Cause 2

Rogue Warior

Fallout 3: Point Lookout
4th DLC for Fallout 3.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
The original got 8.0 from IGN

Arcade racer from Bizarre Creations, makers of Project Gotham Racing series( PGR 1 and 3 both got 8.8 from IGN, while PGR2
score 9.5)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Sequel to 8.2 action rpg.

The Saboteur
Sandbox stealth action-game by Pandemic set in Nazi occupied Paris.


15 Days
Thriller adventure game from House of Tales, makers of Moment of Silence and Overclocked, which both got 8+ reviews at Adventuregamers

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
Monkey Island inspired comedic adventure game from Autumn Moon, company created by ex-LucasArts guys. Autumn Moon’s previous game: Vampyre Story scored 7.6 at IGN

Jade Dynasty
Martial arts MMO from company that developed Perfect World Online (a MMO that scored 7.5 at IGN)

Supreme Commander 2
Sequel to one of best RTSes of 2007 (it recieved 9.0 from IGN)

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Final Fantasy XIV Online
New MMO from Square Soft

TPP Shooter from Splash Damage, makers of Quake Wars (8.5 from IGN)


ClickPLAY! is a short puzzle game that is similar to Nekogames’ Hoshi Saga series, where players would have to find a play button hidden somewhere in every level to progress. This usually requires completing a certain task, solving a puzzle, or finishing an arcade sequence so that the play button is revealed for you to click on.– Indiegames

Go Home Ball
Physics driven platformer

Azul Baronis
Retro space shoot-em-up

This is simply fantastic. Using the arrow keys, the aim of Chaser is to catch a small stick man who is running away from you through a black, grassy world of randomly placed trees, rocks and bushes.– Indiegames

Oldschool platformer with unique jumping mechanics.

De Toren
A delightful puzzle platformer from the developer of Lightmare and Consumer Culture, where the player’s objective is to reach the top of a tower safely with at least the minimum amount of points required to clear a level– Indiegames

Heavy Weapons
Quality arena shooter with abstract graphics.

Polkadot is a charming little platformer created by the developer of Sworrd Buster and Social Experiment, in which you play a rabbit searching for a party to attend. This will require solving a couple of puzzles and also conversing with the characters you meet during your short trip.– Indiegames

Time Warp
A Guitar Hero like rhytm game.

Typing game where scripted action sequences are played out according to how well you do when prompted to type a set of words.– Indiegames

Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Factory
We all know what Bianco-Bianco does best, and they do it again. Everything we know them for is here: puzzles that make sense without being too obvious, photorealistic graphics (and a nice panning system from screen to screen), a little pixel-hunting (but not a lot), and (*sigh*) no soundtrack whatsoever. I know some games are over-the-top with it, but I wouldn’t have minded at least a *ping* when you picked up an item.– JayisGames

Lights is the new room escape game from Neutral, the authors of Vision, which was our choice and yours for the best escape game of 2008. Once again, Neutral doesn’t shake up the formula, choosing instead to focus on inventive puzzles, gorgeous rendered scenes, and lasering your mind with likability rays.– JayisGames


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