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Update (28th May 2009)


Plants vs. Zombies
From the moment we saw the bizarre music video for Plants vs. Zombies we knew we wanted to play this game. The end product is really fantastic and stands right up there with PopCap’s other hits like Peggle and Bejewelled. It has that elusive “special something” that gets its hooks in you and convinces you to forego food, sleep, and other essentials just to see what the next level has in store. If you’ve never played a tower defense game before, this is the one you should try. And if you’re sick to death of tower defense games, this one’s gonna bring you back into the fold.9.0from IGN

The Chronicles of Spellborn
While The Chronicles of Spellborn is certainly a fun game, it has a very casual feeling about it. The sort of game that you can readily put away without having to get “just one more kill”. There’s a lot of solo content at your disposal, enough to make your way to the Level 50 cap. But the thought of doing it all over again with a new character isn’t particularly on my to-do list, and a lack of PvP content and epic battles will likely turn off hardcore players.7.5from IGN

MLB Dugout Heroes
At the end of the day Dugout Heroes is a free-to-play game that you’ll be able to enjoy for some time, regardless if you invest your hard-earned dough into campus currency. When you get down to it, it’s just a free-spirited, fun game of baseball.7.4from IGN

Sunset Studio – Love on the High Seas
You’ll spend quite a lot of time with Sunset Studio: Love on the High Seas, and enjoy every minute of it. 8.0from Gamezebo

Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction
Yard Sale Hidden Treasures: Lucky Junction is great fun, and pretty long, too, especially once you unlock Tour Mode by finishing the game.8.0from Gamezebo

Fallout 3: Broken Steel
Lifting the level cap breathes new life into a great game, but shouldn’t totally overshadow a new series of quests that is a lot of fun. By extending the game beyond the main quest, Bethesda has delivered exactly what the fans have been asking for.8.5from IGN

Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures: The Last Resort
A funny, faithful, flawed adventure for the inventor and his dog.7.0from IGN

Free Realms
With a nearly flawless launch under their belts and several updates already made to the game to fix minor bugs with the game, Free Realms is off to a really solid start. Even with its flaws, it’s a lot of fun and there is so much to do, that even though leveling a single class to the current cap of 20 might not take very long, leveling all of them and going through all the quest content in the world, as well as enjoying the trading card game and tower defense games, amounts to many dozens of hours of gameplay. It’s worth checking out for any fan of casual games, RPG games, trading card games, tower defense games (yes these games are so good that fans of the genre should check it out just for that!) or pet training games, whether you are 5 or 50.8.8from IGN

Gorgeous handpainted sidescrolling RPG

Tradewinds Odyssey
The good news is if you preferred the gameplay of earlier Tradewinds titles to last year’s Caravans, you’ll probably really like Tradewinds Odyssey. If you liked Caravans a lot, you’ll still enjoy Odyssey too — just be prepared for a simpler experience. And if you’re new to the series, but you’re up for some quest-based voyaging through Ancient Greece, hop on board! 8.0from Gamezebo

Modern Warfare 2
Sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which scored 9.4 on IGN.


VHR Stockcar 5.0 for rfFactor
VHR Stockcar have released a new version of their stockcar mod for rFactor, that brings NASCAR’s top divisions to the simulation.VHR Stockcar 5.0 is available both as standalone version and as a normal rFactor mod, it includes the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck

Deadlock v2.0 for Making History Gold
A mod that fully converts the Making History Gold to a WW1 game

Modern Combat for Men of War
“A multiplayer only mod featuring modern-day military vehicles and equipment.”

Unreal Tactics Beta 1.0 for Unreal Tournament 3
“Unreal Tactics is a turn based tactics modification for Unreal Tournament 3, in which you take control a security detail in the employment of the Liandri, Axon, or Izanagi Corporations as they attempt to harvest rare ores from a frozen ice planet.”

Bloody Pulp Fiction for Blood
18 levels long SP mod.

Respect and Honor 1944 for Counterstrike Source

Angels Fall First: Planetstorm beta for Unreal Tournament 3
“A team-based planetary assault game fought both in space and on the ground”

Archasis II for Unreal Tournament 3
“A moderately-paced first/third person shooter total conversion for UT3 set in a fantasy world of swords and magic. It features RPG-like player progression, objective-oriented gameplay, a variety of character classes, multi-path skill trees, and a hybrid of 3rd-person melee and 1st-person ranged combat”

Hostile Takeover 2050 for Unreal Tournament 3
A team-based multiplayer FPS mod

Leviathan for Unreal Tournament 3
“A fearsome armada of aliens is descending upon the city of Arteria, hell-bent on devouring every last thing in their path. You are one of them. Take control of an alien Drone and soar through the sky-high city of Arteria while protecting your Leviathan Mothership, destroying enemy fighters, turrets, and structures along the way. Collect energy cores from fallen enemies and feed them to the Leviathan to heal it. Then watch in awe as it devours entire buildings.”

Noontide for Unreal Tournament 3
“Noontide is a high-speed Hack’n’Slash in a similar spirit to Devil May Cry.”

Blight on the Barrow for Neverwinter Nights with both expansion packs installed
“A higher level module set in the Forgotten Realms north of the Great Dale in the former Rawlinswood.”

Lord Soth for Neverwinter Nights
Short horror module set in Dragonlance setting

Streets of Calimport for Neverwinter Nights with both expansion packs installed
City-based module

Labyrinth for Neverwinter Nights
Based on classic Jim Henson’s 1986 movie.

Chronicles of Reeb for Oblivion
Large SP mod that will take you to a new world with a new main quest and some sidequests.

The Blue Beanie
Charming little adventure game in vein of Samorost.

The Gutter
Exploration art game.

Llama Adventure
Quirky fun text adventure.

The Scene of the Crime
A detective-themed escape the room game with nice production values.

Small Favor
From the excellent gameplay to the rich storytelling, A Small Favor is one of the best online adventures out there.– JayisGames

Solid escape the room game.

Tomb of the Aztecs
A roguelike with raytraced graphics and real-time combat.

All Of Our Friends Are Dead
An atmospheric run and gun platformer. It’s pretty short (I finished it in under two hours), and what’s going on isn’t very clear, but it does a good job at immersing the player into a strange alien world and has nice and stylized visuals. To me it felt like a cross between Glum Buster and the final alien levels of Contra and Super C.

From the top of the gameplay area, drop the pixelated long-eared “droplets” in the right place and the right pixel, at the right time and the right angle, to collect carrots and enough points to advance to the next level– JayisGames

Fox Fyre
Fox Fyre is a stylish bunker warfare game with an old-school vibe, heralding back to classics like Scorched Earth and Death Tank– JayisGames

Ivory Springs
Ivory Springs is an incomplete project that is short on length but packs enough content to entertain for about half an hour or so. The game is an enjoyable exploration platformer which features great background art and sprite designs, a catchy soundtrack, directional shooting, Mega Man-type slides, and memorable boss fights.– Indiegames

Pizza City
In Pizza City, you play the role of a delivery boy who has to help Uncle Tony distribute five hundred tasty pizzas to his customers around all parts of the town. This requires going back and forth between Tony’s pizza place and the destination of each delivery, with occasional stops at the gas station to fill up the fuel tank of your car.– Indiegames

Miracle Witch
In Miracle Witch you assume the role of an apprentice magic caster named Polfe, chosen by her peers for a quest to defeat the evil king Yeah Walusa and his invading party of monsters. This involves going around the island dispatching creatures, acquiring new spell books and searching for treasures to loot.– Indiegames

In Replicat, from Mindless Labs, we see the same innovative mouse avoidance mechanic employed in Time 4 Cat, only this time with the warp drive pushed all the way to “insane.” – JayisGames

Seed of Destruction
Okay, so at first glance, Seed of Destruction, the newest title from Florian Himsl (Komix) of Twin Hobo Rocket and Coil infamy, may not seem like it’s for everyone. Playing the role of a gleeful fellow perched atop a gargantuan sperm, you zip through the city at breakneck speeds, squashing people beneath your impressive girth and deflecting missiles back at their shooters. But I’m sure there’s a very good reason for it! A– JayisGames

Shift 4
In Shift 4 you’re in control of an astronaut whose ship was attacked by a giant squid, forcing our protagonist to make an emergency landing at the closest planet– Indiegames

The Spider’s Bride
Spyke Games is here to tell you a story of love surpassing all odds, and bug juices in The Spider’s Bride, a fast-paced game of mop-balancing skill.– Jayisgames

Squid Yes, Not So Octopus 2: Squid Harder
Sequel to a great arena shooter.

Stunt Pilot 2
Stunt Pilot 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Rock Solid Arcade’s original precision aerobatic flying game. While the basics of the original are carried over, Stunt Pilot 2 adds a number of features that make it well worth a look.– JayisGames

Swords & Sandals IV
Mario Party-like collection of minigames

Tower of Greed
Tower of Greed, by Epic Shadow, is a game about the banker’s favorite deadly sin, in the form of an aggressively retro, fast-moving platformer. You’ll need agile fingers for this one, and a realistic attitude about your own compulsions.– JayisGames

Vector Locust
Abstract geometric shooter with an in-cockpit perspective.

Cargo Bridge
Physics based building game

The objective is simple, as it is in all great casual games. Each level shows you a molecule made up of number atoms and modifier atoms. Your job is to combine connected atoms until there is only one left, which then vanishes in a puff of total existence failure.– JayisGames

Striptease is a story-oriented puzzler with some inappropriate images that should not be viewed by younger audiences, although Stephen has made it rather clear from the title of his latest work. It also happens to be another one of his experimental releases which explores the use of gameplay elements in surprising new ways.– Indiegames

Super Karosh
A crazy puzzle game where your goal is to figure out ways to commit suicide

This introguing card-based RTS from Phenomic and EA is now avaible for free.

Mars TD
Nice little tower defense game.

Metalix TD
Metalix TD offers a refreshing change of pace to the tower defense genre– JayisGames

Sandbox building game

Moon Rocks
Moon Rocks is an impressive little shooter-defense game that’s pretty challenging and fun. Loosely inspired by the classic arcade game Missile Command, you’re tasked with defending your little chunk of the planet’s surface from an onslaught of asteroids, ice comets, enemy ships and plenty of other things that threaten to turn your base into Swiss cheese.– JayisGames

Volvo The Game
A driving simulation containing various Volvo cars and two tracks from Simbin (makers of GTR and Race series)

Base jumping sim


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