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Update (8th May 2009)


Plan it Green
It might sound a bit odd, but Plan it Green is a great way to forget real environmental problems for a few hours by solving them virtually. No matter how much you are interested in ecological issues, this game is definitely one of the strongest entry into the resource management genre since its original pioneer, Build-A-Lot.8.0 from Gamezebo

Runes of Magic
While Runes of Magic isn’t the most polished or original MMO on the market, it does a lot of things right. The game is deep enough to appeal to hardcore veterans, yet is also flexible and addictive enough to appeal to more casual fans. If you’re seeking a game to scratch your primitive level grinding and loot hording itch, Runes of Magic is precisely what the doctor ordered. In addition, the game offers a wide breadth of options to the player who desires to seek it out. At its worst, Runes of Magic is a solid, by-the-books affair. At its best, Runes of Magic is a surprisingly deep game and is a great showcase for what a free-to-play MMO can be. Check it out; what do you have to lose?7.9 from IGN

Allods Online
A MMORPG from Nival Interactive, makers of games like Silent Storm (8.1 from IGN), Etherlords 1(8.1 from IGN), Etherlords 2 (8.0 from IGN), Evil Islands (8.7 from IGN), Blitzkrieg (8.2 from IGN) and Blitzkrieg 2(8.4 from IGN)

Cate West – The Velvet Keys
Cate West: The Velvet Keys beautifully shows that players should expect more from hidden object games than just a jumble of junk and a shopping list. It’s a long, smart, extremely polished game that sets the standard for the genre. Developers should look on Velvet Keys with a mixture of fear and awe, because it’s a yardstick by which future hidden object games should be judged.9.0 from Gamezebo

Paradise Quest
Infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, we’ll nonetheless be honest: Paradise Quest can get repetitious, and won’t truly wow so much as surprise and delight. But it’s obvious that creator I-Play rolled out the red carpet for this production, and it shows, with desktop veterans, wide-eyed newcomers and Mother Nature lovers of all ages the clear beneficiaries. All due respect given…8.0 from Gamezebo

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch
Uneven though it may be, Golden Touch works hard to make it up to you. It has a pleasant hand-drawn art style, great music, and is quite lengthy, even for pros. You may scratch your head at some of its wacky leaps of logic, but still find yourself charmed, just the same.8.0 from Gamezebo

Winemaker Extraordinaire
Winemaker Extraordinaire is definitely a recommendable game for both fans of and newcomers to the genre. The quest to help Maria bringing her family business up to its former glory is undeniably entertaining and compelling. It is up to you to find out if this wine is to your taste.8.0 from Gamezebo

Sliding puzzles appeal to a certain kind of puzzle fan, one who will dedicate a large amount of time to arranging the pieces to ensure that the picture or numbers work exactly the way they’re supposed to. Cogs will definitely appeal to these players, with a large number of puzzles and three modes that can keep players rather busy. However, the extreme difficulty, coupled with the lack of a hint system, makes Cogs more of a diversion that you’ll probably move on from quickly than something that you’ll sink a lot of time into.7.3 from IGN

Rail Simulator 2: RailWorks

And Yet It Moves
And Yet It Moves cements Broken Rules’ status as a developer to watch. Expect big things from these guys. While it’s only a few hours long, And Yet It Moves is one of the most addictive and refreshing games I’ve played this year. If you’ve been wondering what innovation is left to be explored in 2D platformers, spend some time in this bizarre world. The game empowers the player and lets us perform crazy stunts that have heretofore been impossible. My one complaint is that there isn’t quite enough gameplay here to justify the $15 price tag. But, hey, what other game lets you trick a chimpanzee into throwing feces at itself?8.4 from IGN

Stalker Call of Pripyat
Second stand-alone expansion


A MMORPG from the team who made Mythos

World of Tanks
A MMO PvP tank combat game set in World War 2 setting from,akers of Massive Assault (8.4 from IGN) and upcoming Order of War

Alien vs Predator 3


Otherworld Release 7 for Medieval: Total War 2
“This mod features: A large brand new fantasy map with lots of regions Playable Aztecs, Timurids and Mongols, with improved build trees and recruitment (especially for the Aztecs) A new playable fantasy faction: the Formosans Normans and Saxons added to the campaign”

Third Age – Total War for Medieval 2: Total War With add-on
Middle Earth mod

Dark World for Half -life 2
Single player survival horror mod

Project 25 for Half -life 2
A singleplayer mod

Boiling for Max Payne 2
Great noir Max Payne 2 modification by the authors of Mona: The Assassin and 7th Serpent: Genesis.

The Haunted for Unreal Tournament 3
“The Haunted is a fast paced thirdperson horror-action game with focus on a intense multiplayer experience that is all about making a stand and liberating cursed places from the minions of evil. The game features several multiplayer modes such as coop or demons .vs. humans where enemies are spawned and controlled by players.”

The Dark Times for Battlefront II
“The Dark Times is a singleplayer-driven mod with aims to reinterpret the original design behind Battlefront II. However, while making a number of changes to enhance the multiplayer experience, at its core, Dark Times aims to demonstrate how the singleplayer experience could be a more engaging one than it already is. The Dark Times uses the palette of the time period between Star Wars Episodes III and IV; drawing heavily upon material presented in Lucasarts’ recent “The Force Unleashed.””

BSG Galactica: Dawn of War for Freelancer

The Accursed Tower for Neverwinter Nights with Hordes of the Underdark add-on
Based on TSR’s 1999 Module by R.A. Salvatore and the Seven Swords.

Legends of Revolution for Civilization 4 with Beyond the Sword add-on
“The Goal of Legends of Revolution is to simulate a “commercially viable” expansion pack. As with any good expansion pack a new base concept is introduced: Revolutions, which carries with it concepts like barbarian civs, battles effecting national borders, and civil wars. Further certain gaping holes in the unit progression of default cIV are filled; like the much needed bombard, and steam ship navies of the Industrial era are flushed out. Overall Legends of Revolution has been built with the idea that more is not better, rather the goal has been to add in needed units for balance, and concepts that enhance gameplay.”


Runes of Magic
One of best free MMORPGs.

From the labs of Spil Games comes Bipole, a physics-heavy spin-cycle of a puzzler, conceived as part of the recent Global Game Jam. The goal is simple: annihilate all particles by colliding them with particles of the opposite charge– Jay is Games

A relaxing click-a-thon by a Mr Michael Todd (or Spyeart, as he calls his site). Supplied with a dull canvas, the idea is to use a combination of mana and focus to paint a beautiful garden scene.– Indiegames

Gray is a mob control simulation game created by Intuition Games’ duo Mike Boxleiter and Greg Wohlwend, where the challenge is to convince the rioters to change sides in an attempt to stop the conflict for good. This basically involves matching the wave patterns that appear when you try to strike up a conversation with any of the mob individuals.– Indiegames

Headspin: Storybook
Headspin: Storybook is basically a ‘Spot The Differences’ game, but the way it is all presented is rather lovely. Provided with an open book, all the pop-up on the right-hand page must be the exact mirror image of the left-hand page to progress. There’s a time limit involved, of course, and clicking each object will make it spin and face the opposite direction-Indiegames

Mind Wall
Mind Wall is a puzzler that is similar to Kokoromi’s Super Hypercube, where players would have to fit a coloured block through a wall before it is done automatically for them. The shape in play will always appear as a silhouette at the bottom left corner of the screen, and a one-square hole has to be made somewhere on the wall before this shape will pass through successfully.– Indiegames

Neon Maze
Playing equal parts as a maze, a hide-and-seek game and a guessing game, the idea is to run around a glowing labyrinth in your little mouse-controlled blur-pod while attempting to find the exit platform-Jay is Games

Short and simple Portal clone

Power Up
Power Up is a physics-based puzzler with a high-voltage bolt of challenging fun that lasts for up to 32 levels.– Jay is Games

The Bryant Collection
The Bryant Collection is essentially a collection of unrelated IF stories, originally sourced from a box of notes and story drafts that the developer had acquired from a yard sale sometime in 2008. The envelope marked ‘Undelivered Love Letter’ is this writer’s pick, simply because of the way the author has limited your mobility and actions to one single scene in an airport.– Indiegames

Despite not having quite the professional polish of some other high-quality room escape games, G-Sensor is nonetheless solid, well-plotted and very enjoyable; what deficiencies may exist are mainly made up for by the game’s excellent puzzles.– Jay is Games

Loom Blend
Japanese developer Place of Light has bequeathed onto us Loom Blend, another high-quality escape game to satisfy our mid-week cravings. Most excellent! The game’s scenario is nothing new: you are in a room filled with diabolical puzzles and more than a few secrets, and must employ all of your wits to escape. A simple premise, but one that Place of Light does very well.– Jay is Games

Mental Repairs, Inc
Excellent adventure game.

Quest in the Dark
Quest in the Dark is an exceptionally cute and surprisingly engaging point-and-click adventure. There’s not nearly the depth you’ll find in similar games, but the upside is that you can feel comfortable sharing this title with the little ones.– Jay is Games

Today I Die
Unique adventure/exploration game with wonderful atmosphere.

Windosill(…) lets you explore a surreal environment by touching things, watching their incredibly smooth animation as they respond to you, and unpeeling their internal logic. You do travel from place to place this time, but as with all of Smith’s work, the focus is always, always on playfulness and discovery.-Jay is Games

The Arrow of Time
An action game where you defend your fortress against the invading forces using only your bow and arrow.

Androkids 2
If my daughters were to make their own platform game this is exactly what it would look like.– Jay is Games

Bang! Heroes
Bang! Heroes is a western platforming shoot-em-up with some pretty nice Steampunk-style graphics and a lot of gun-totting.– Indiegames

Bummin’ a Ride
Bummin’ a Ride is essentially an Oregon Trail-type game with small arcade games replacing the usual random events found in the original. Your character is a bum who had just inherited a million dollars, but to collect the money he must make his way from one end of the country to the other in under twenty-five days or lose it all to a needy orphanage.– Indiegames

Crush the Castle
Crush the Castle is a remake inspired by Liam Bowmers’ Castle Clout, boasting much superior graphics and a better interface than the original had ever offered. The game basically involves knocking down one castle after another with your massive trebuchet machine, as you travel around the map visiting each of the twenty-four locations that the resistance had claimed as their own territories.– Indiegames

Glum Buster
Glum Buster is a charityware puzzle adventure game which took CosMind four years to create with the Game Maker engine. Comparisons to Seiklus are likely, since both share more than a couple of similarities in terms of sparseness in storytelling efforts and a heavy emphasis on exploration.– Indiegames

Paper Moon
Excellent little platformer with great art style.

Short platformer.

Incredibly frustrating, but at the same time strangely addictive platformer

Sentokun in Kamakura
Quirky 3d action-adventure.

Spewer is a new physics-based platformer created by the prolific Edmund McMillen and Eli Piilonen, featuring music by Gravity Hook and Meat Boy music composer Daniel Baranowsky. You are in control of a test subject named Spewer, who must escape from the clutches of a scientist by surviving all fifty-five rooms inside a maze-like laboratory, one level at a time.– Indiegames

Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre
Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre is an action platformer where you play any of the three members from the French rock band, determined make it to the venue of their own gig before time runs out. Every character has at least one special skill at their disposal, and you’ll be required to switch between them occasionally to overcome some of the obstacles that stand in your path to fame and fortune.– Indiegames

The Great War of Prefectures
The Great War of Prefectures plays like a cross between Risk and a Real-Time Strategy game, with Japan’s prefectures (analogous to other countries’ states or provinces) serving as the territories you fight over.-Jay is Games

Pirate Defense
Fun pirate themed take on tower defense genre.

Puzzle Defense
Puzzle Defence, from Dibblez, is a charming mash-up of the SameGame play mechanic with RPG elements. It’s not quite on the same level as Knightfall, but it gives you 20 levels of relaxed, undemanding gameplay, and the graphics are cute.– Jay is Games


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