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Update (20th April 2009)


Wonderburg delivers a top-notch gaming experience in a unique setting which can be recommended to every fan of the genre.8.0 from Gamezebo

Order of War
a WWII wargame published by SquareEnix and developed by, makers of Massive Assault (8.4 from IGN)

The Filmmaker
Indie horror adventure game from maker of Lifestream and Shady Brooks (both got 7.0 from Adventuregamers)

Caster is a game with distinctly more advantages than pitfalls and provides a couple of hours of good blasting fun.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child
The third instalment in the Dream Chronicles series, Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child is another visually stunning Myst-like adventure that transports players into a fantasy world of fairies. Like its predecessors, the excursion is immersive and fun but over all too quickly.8.0 from Gamezebo

Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect
In spite of a few nitpicks here and there, chock up another enjoyable, if not entirely original, hidden object / adventure game hybrid in Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect.8.0 from Gamezebo

New Star Grand Prix
New Star Grand Prix generally does a good job adapting the finer aspects of New Star Soccer to F1-style arcade racing. If the top-down perspective isn’t enough to hamper your enjoyment, then you’ll find close, intense racing (much more so than the real-life series)(…)In all, the transition to motorsport has gone smoothly and fans of top-down racing games will find competitive racing with some career management options.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Assassin’s Creed 2

Painkiller: Resurrection


Six Days in Fallujah

Forged by Chaos
Online action-rpg using CryEngine2


FSONE 2008 for rFactor
Mod that recreates 2008 Formula One season

Indycar Series 2009 for rFactor

Megane Trophy Eurocup 2008 for rFactor

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079-0083 for Homeworld 2
Final version of this total conversion

Middle-Earth RolePlaying: There And Back Again demo for Oblivion

WGRealms 2 for Duke Nukem 3D
5 levels long SP mod

No Escape for Half-Life 2
Large SP mod

Death Knell for Left4Dead
On a small boat, the survivors have run out of fuel and supplies. They must travel up cliffs, through tunnels, a small town and an automotive manufacturing facility to a military heli-evac.

SubAway Train for Left4Dead
Survivors start off down in what seems to be a storage/workplace in the subway. With most the exits collapsed, the survivors need to battle through the infested subway system

Battlestar Galactica Tactical for Mount and Blade

Mad World for Half-Life 2
Bizarre SP mod based around exploration

Murder in Dunlop for Neverwinter Nights 2 with Mask of Betrayer add-on

Drakensang: Conspiracy at Ferdok
Great browser RPG adventure (the German version won Best Browser game at German Developers Awards 2008)

Captain Dan vs. Zombie Plan
Action stealth game

Cavern Klamrisk
A physics-based 3D action game which features a man inside a semi-transparent basket, on a quest to descend into the Earth’s core with only a trash bin as their solitary companion for the entire journey. Your objective is basically to keep the man inside the elevator for as long as you possibly can, a task made complicated by random sharp protrusions of the cavern walls that can knock the brave explorer out of his ride.– Indiegames

Effing Hail
Effing Hail is a score-based action game where players attempt to damage as many buildings and airborne objects as they can under the strict time limit, using a hail storm and gusts of wind to create large hails of destruction.– Indiegames

Enviro-Bear 2000: Operation: Hibernation
“Here is a game where you play as a bear who must fatten up to prepare for a long winter hibernation.”

Fox Fyre
Fox Fyre is a bit like Tanks-style gameplay minus the turn-based play and with tons of different options to choose from– Indiegames

I Love Traffic
In this action game your goal is to avoid car crashes by controlling. traffic lights

In 60 Seconds
A speed run platformer with multiple power-ups to collect, a couple of small areas to explore and a boss encounter to defeat.– Indiegames

Kissma is a score-based horizontal shooter with large blocky sprites and liberal use of vibrant colours, in which players must try to score as many points as they can under the strict time limit of sixty seconds per game. The mouse is used to move the disembodied female head around, kissing is done by left clicking, and pressing the K key activates the special attack that clears the entire screen for just one time only.– Indiegames

Stylish 3D shooter

Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When they Roar
A short, character-driven side-scrolling shoot-’em-up, controlled with the mouse– Jay is Games

Rockabilly Head
According to creator Jasper Byrne, Rockabilly Head may or may not be about rockabillys (or should that be rockabillies? Who really knows) at all. The last dream of a dying man sat on a train, Rockabilly Head follows his train of thought as he sets out to be a great rockabilly.Of course this involves stepping into his own head and tapping keyboard buttons in rhythm to impress other rockabillys who have quite a lot to say. Yes, this is your crazy fix for the weekend and it’s pretty fantastic. Everything about the game is special – the graphical style, the music you just can’t help bounce along too – it even has 4 different endings to find, depending on how well you dance.– Indiegames

Scary Girl
Marvelous platformer. Simply incredible

spidr is an action game not unlike messhof’s You Found the Grappling Hook or String Theory, measuring only a measly 96 kilobytes in size. The objective is to grab all gems in each level before time runs out, using only a string of web to launch yourself from one place to another.– Indiegames

Star Cannon: Invasion Formation
A 3D shooter.

Super Ear Man Bro
Super Ear Man Bros (Super 耳男 Bros) is an extremely difficult platformer in the style of The Life Ending Adventure, I Wanna Be The Guy and Syobon Action, where every step could be deadly and all traps are designed to take you by surprise.– Indiegames

Fun physic puzzler where you construct bridges to let the creature reach it’s objective

A good freeware Obulis clone

Using proprietary physics simulation technology, Collider lets you in on the particle-smashing action!-Jay is Games

(Don’t) Save The Princess
A Chu Chu Rocket-like puzzler.

Kyobi is a Columns-style stack-em-up with a physics twist. Your job is still to match 3 or more of the same colour, but once the blocks land they are not stuck down – any square can be grabbed and thrown around the playarea. All the surrounding blocks will react when collided with and launch themselves around too.– Indiegames

MateMaster takes chess and moves it a step further into the casual gaming realm by turning the classic board game into strategic puzzles. – Jay is Games

Me and the Key
Me and the Key is a series of mini-games that all have the same end ? getting the titular key. That’s right. There’s no zombies, no spaceships, no power-ups. Just you and a slowly evolving set of puzzles designed to test your common sense, and your ability to think outside the box– Jay is Games

mimi-Panic is an audio version of the age-old Memory game where every speaker will play a tune when selected, and the player has to match speakers in pairs to remove all of them before time runs out. A time penalty is incurred whenever you pair up the wrong set of speakers, although there are enough seconds on the clock to make a couple of mistakes and still get through to the next round.– Indiegames

Prizma Puzzle
Tile-based puzzler.

Puzzle Bloom
Puzzle Bloom is a 3D puzzle game created by a group of DADIU students, where players get to assist a kind tree spirit named Canotila restore life to a cluster of islands which have lost all of their greenery in the name of development and industrialization. This basically involves floating from the back of one creature to another, as she subtly persuades the inhabitants to carry out tasks that her frail body could not do.– Indiegames

Another great puzzler from Nitronome, makers of my beloved Icebreaker

Casebook Episode 0: The Missing Urn
Freeware prequel to excellent FMV Adventure series

The Fog Fall 2
Excellent escape the room game.


Loom Above
Japanese escape the room game

The Malstrums Mansion is
A retro point-and-click adventure in the style of the old Apple Macintosh version of Shadowgate, – Jay is Games

Tower Core
“The latest installment of the Core point-and-click series. An ancient enemy is approaching Earth and it’s up to you, the caretaker of the planet, to activate the defenses!”

The Wedding Anniversary
Fun short escape the room game.

Station’s Golf
Station’s Golf is a golf simulation game created by SKT Products (of Moai fame) which offers just one hole to play. Only three shots are allowed per game, and after you’ve used up all of your swings the session ends with a results screen showing the final score and grade achieved by the player. Two options are then presented to you, where you can choose to watch a pointless and long-winded replay of your last game or attempt to pocket the ball into the hole once again.– Indiegames

Gemcraft Zero: Gem of Eternity
Very nice tower defense game.

Orbital Decay
A mix of sidescrolling shooter and tower defense gam

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