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Update (26th March 2009)


Monster Trucks Nitro
This is a game that is extremely easy to learn but hard to master, but not at the same insane level as its predecessor. This ultimately makes the game more enjoyable, as the tracks are less severe and the vehicles are easier to handle. The game strikes the right balance between precision and forgiveness, something Trials 2 Second Edition lacked during its more difficult levels. The graphics continue to be quite strong as well. (…)Monster Trucks Nitro is a game in desperate need of a level editor: it would seem to be easy enough to execute because of the 2-D nature of the levels, so I am at a loss explaining why this feature is still not here. Allowing user-created content would elevate Monster Trucks Nitro into the must have・category of gaming, but it is still a very solid intricate arcade game.7.6 from Out of Eight website

Killing Floor
FPP co-op survival horror/shooter from TripWire Interactive, makers of Red Orchestra (8.5 from IGN)

Dark Fall: Lost Souls
Third game in the series that started the whole “indie adventure horror game” craze that brought us so many great games.

The Legend of Crystal Valley
The Legend of Crystal Valley is an ambitious undertaking that, in spite of having a slight “rough around the edges” feel, is an engrossing adventure with a thoughtful story and a respectable, though not quite epic, length. Adventure game fans should at least try the demo to see what it’s all about.7.5 from Gamezebo

Lost in the City
Lost in the City may be an uneven experience, but it’s certainly never boring. The story keeps you guessing and the atmosphere of conspiracy and dread it creates will have you thinking twice about accepting a cup of coffee from anyone. It may ultimately leave some questions unanswered, but its journey is an unusual and intriguing one.8.0 from Gamezebo

, Annabel is a highly enjoyable hidden-object puzzler that takes a chance on a different approach and succeeds. It might not be for everyone ? especially those who get motion sickness easily ? but the clever gameplay, many mini-games, story and production values all make this a recommended pick for fans of the “HOG” genre.8.0 from Gamezebo

Curse of the Pharoah: The Quest for Nefertiti
Napolean’s Secret takes a fresh approach to the stale hidden object genre by placing the emphasis on spot-the-difference levels, rather than item searches (…)Even though Napolean’s Secret goes a bit easier on the player than it really needs to, it’s still a very well-done game that’s far more challenging and polished than the vast majority of hidden object games currently available. 8/0 from Gamezebo

Wandering Willows
Unique game play, beautiful artwork, and a funny storyline with colorful characters will prove Wandering Willows a winner among adventure and sim game fans young and old. This game offers a challenge without the pressure of time constraints, and since it will likely take you at least 20 hours to complete all the quests, it’s a great value for the price.9.0 from Gamezebo

Mevo & the Grooveriders
While the game “borrows” heavily from popular rhythm games on consoles, it adds a fun story, adorable characters and memorable worlds. Mevo & the Grooveriders is wacky, addictive and challenging, and is sure to amuse and entertain for many toe-tappingly hours.8.0 from Gamezebo

Dark Sector
Dark Sector’s fun. Hearing guards scream for help just before they take a glaive to the face, marching around in this Metal Gear-looking Jackal tank while rocketing bad guys into the air and wielding a pimped-out shotgun make the experience something any action fan can get behind. However, when the really similar levels and waves of opponents get too repetitive towards the end of the game, Dark Sector’s weak storyline might not be enough to carry the more fickle fan to the finish line. Still, $20 is an attractive price point for the game. It’s fun, but it’s not perfect.7.7 from IGN

WWII RTS from Eugen Systems , their previous RTS (Art of War) scored 8.5 on IGN


Vampyre Story 2: A Bat’s Tale
Sequel to one of the best adventure games of 2008


Touring Car Legends 1.0 for rFactor

Invasio Barbarorum II Beta for Medieval 2: Total War
A provincial campaign focusing on the Vandal invasion of Africa, where you can play as the Vandals, The Western Roman Empire, the Visigoths or the Suebians.

The Greek Wars for Rome: Total War
A mod set in ancient Greece. The mod starts in 360 B.C., and lets you choose between one of eleven factions: Athens, Thebes, Megara, Corinth, Argos, Sparta, Messenia, Elis, Arcadia, Achaea & Sicyon. Your objective is to take control of one of these factions and achieve hegemony on a map of southern Greece consisting of forty regions.

Colaboration for Left4Dead
5 maps long campaign

Starflier for Freelancer
Early version of a mod that aims to completely rebuild Freelancer world. This release has two brand new star systems as well as modifying and tweaking the existing ones

DefeatMe is a simple shooter which involves attempting to kill the enemy with as few shots as possible. See, the problem is that on each subsequent level, you’re put up against clones of yourself from each of the previous rounds.Put simply, the less shots you fire off, the less shots will be fired back at you next round. And vice versa, of course – take your time killing the single ship in the first round, and you may find it rather difficult to complete the next.-Indiegames

In DungeonMinder, you play as an invisible fairy tasked with assisting an adventurer as he makes his way into the catacombs in search of treasure. This requires casting spells which immobilize enemies, increase the adventurer’s stats or even change the shape of dungeon walls and floors.

Fun retro platformer.

Smoking Barrels

Transmover is a platform puzzler based around the classic ‘grab the key, take it to the door’ scenario. Our little stickman can walk over obstacles which are just 1 block in height or depth, but to get past bigger problem areas, the zapper must be used.– Indiegames

Ice Breaker: The Red Clan
Follow-up (a much improved one might I add)to my favorite freeware puzzle game of 2009

Imagination Reality Paradise
Possibly one of the strangest acid trips you will play this year, kanoguti’s I.R.P. is an adventure game where players would have to figure out the solution to the puzzle found in each room, simply by using the right combination of buttons on their keyboard. Every playthrough yields a different set of random sequences, so by replaying the game you might find some new areas that were never discovered in previous attempts.-Indiegames

Open Doors 2

Pandora’s Gearbox
Great physics puzzler

Physical# is a physics-based game where the objective is to roll a ball Marble-Madness style from the starting point to the checkered goal platform. Thing is, you only control the platform the ball is currently on, so to move it you would have to tilt the platform using the mouse and help the ball build momentum. If you’re skillful enough, you can even bounce the ball across several platforms using quick back and forth movements.– Indiegames

Dead Like Ant
“Dead Like Ants is a low-fi, fairy tale-ish game for an Interactive Fiction (i.e. text game) environment competition. ”

Foreign Creature
Foreign Creature is a rather disturbing point and click adventure revolving around a small creature with abnormal powers and quite a lot of blood and guts. The aim is to help the little critter escape his science lab cage and get away from the complex completely unseen.-Indiegames

Host Master and the Conquest of Humor
Hilarious retro adventure game where you play as Tim Schafer, who’s supposed to host Game Developers Conference, except he’s totally unprepared and you have to help him find enough jokes to make it through.

Online Front Lines
Online Front Lines is an Advance Wars style war battler. If you’ve played this kind of game, you’ll know what to expect – strategic movement, using certain units against others to gain the advantage, achieving extra cover in specific areas – it’s all there-Indiegames

Drift Runners


  1. Yeah, Ice Breaker: The Red Clan is a good one, I would like to play it.

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