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Update (18th march 2009)


Restaurant Empire 2
Sequel to a good economic sim (Restaurant Empire 1 gor 7.8 from IGN and 7.7 from Gamespot)

Casebook: Episode II – The Watcher
A significant improvement over the first episode both in terms of story and gameplay, The Watcher is a must-play for mystery buffs, fans of noir/crime adventures and FMV nostalgics.8.0 from Adventuregamers

Sea Journey
Sea Journey is not just another clone. The fantastic atmosphere and the exciting battles are well worth a try, obviously even for people like me, who generally associate match-3-games with boredom. It is interesting to see that games of this genre can work even better without time pressure. In particular, gamers who really enjoyed Puzzle Quest should play Sea Journey, since the basic premise of both games is the same, while the games are strongly different. Set sails, catch a parrot and make the best of this dangerous journey.8.0 from Gamezebo

Women’s Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey
A smart, inventive and thoroughly entertaining game. If you feel like every hidden object game you’ve played recently is indistinguishable from the one you played before, you’ll be thrilled at how refreshingly different A Darker Shade of Grey is. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of the genre, the mystery and puzzles are more than enough to keep you playing right up to the very end. 9.0 from Gamezebo

The Serpent of Isis
If you enjoy the kind of hidden object game that mixes in some other types of puzzles as well, then The Secret of Isis shouldn’t disappoint.8.0 from Gamezebo

Eternal Eden
Nice (old-school) 2D graphics and traditional, spot-on gameplay are the draws here. Nostalgia will grab fans of the classics, but new-school gamers will be satisfied as well. Everything Eternal Eden does, while not necessarily unique, is polished and well-planned.8.5 from GameTunnel

Ragdoll Cannon
’m not ashamed to admit that I found sick pleasure in firing the ragdolls at whatever I could, watching the bodies pile up, and chuckling as their interactive environment fall into chaos, even if I ended up having to restart the level.(…)-out, kind of like they just wanted to screw with your head. The game is a pick-up and play game, and it has significant replay value (beat your score—which becomes an obsession), all on top of the fact that there are tons of levels: 170, to be exact.7.9 from Gametunnel

The Maw
The Maw is a fine little romp for people who feel the platformer genre doesn’t get enough respect these days. It’s also a great game for parents searching for something to hand off to a young child. The Maw is fairly linear and there isn’t a great amount of depth to it, but its two main characters are adorable and the pacing is spot on.8.0 from IGN


rFactor 2
The first rFactor became the rulling standart of PC racing sims and the most popular modding platform for fans of the genre, not to mention it’s engine was the basis for majority of other good PC racing sims of recent years (like GTR 1-2, Race series, Arca simracing or GT Legends)

Split Second
New racer from Black Rock Studio (makers of PURE, which got 8.4 from IGN)

Mass Effect 2
Sequel to 9.2 (IGN) RPG

2009 MODS

NLC VLN 2005 for rFactor requires GTR Evolution for cd check
This mod brings over 180 GT & touring cars from Germany’s most popular endurance racing series to rFactor.

The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex
A huge singleplayer mod for Deus Ex based on the gaming community, finally released after 7 years of development.

The Intern’s Story part 1 for Half-life 2
Cthulhu inspired SP mod taking place in 1920s

Back to school for Left4Dead
First map(Train station) from upcoming campaign.

Blood Hospital for Left4Dead

Brain 4 Dead for Left4Dead
First map (Suburbs) from upcoming campaign

City Naniwa for Left4Dead
A new 5maps long campaign taking placing in Japan you will travel through a shopping mall, arcade, highway and subway until you end up at the Naniwa Tower.

Dead City for Left4Dead
Three maps (River Side, Back Alley, Draw Bridge ) from upcoming campaign

Death Aboard for Left4Dead
Three maps ( Prison, Prison Yard, Docks) from upcoming campaign

Escape from Toronto for Left4Dead
First map (Subsystem) from upcoming campaign.

The Mortuary for Left4Dead
First map (Metro) from upcoming campaign.

Resident Evil 3 for Left4Dead
First map (Racoon City Streets ) from upcoming campaign

Road to Hell for Left4Dead
First map (The Warehouse) from upcoming campaign.

Spray and Pray for Left4Dead
First map (Basement) from upcoming campaign

Good vs Evil III for Neverwinter Nights with both add-ons!
Mod that turns NWN into capture the flag RTS

The Haunting for Neverwinter Nights 2
Short horror module.

Purgatorio Demo for Neverwinter Nights 2 with Mask of Betrayer add-on!
Demo of an upcoming epic Planescape mod!


Bloody Fun Day i
Very fun and polished arcade strategy game where you control Death as he reaps through little critters.

Hex Empire
Fun turn-based wargame

Mofuya Defense
Tower defense game with retro graphics

Unknown Horizons 2009 demo
A 2D realtime strategy simulation with an emphasis on economy and city building.

Wizard’s Defense
Great tower defense game with spectacular production values.

Death vs. Monstars
You know how sometimes you just want to put down the clever puzzle game and grab a dose of mindless shooting fun? Death vs. Monstars could fill that void. It’s a Geometry Wars style blaster containing such silly gimmicks as ‘Berserk Mode’ and ‘Bullet Time’ and it’s great fun.-Indiegames

Music Catch 2
Music Catch 2 is a simple, relaxing browser game which asks the player to catch notes with their mouse. The sequel to (would you believe) Music Catch, Reflexive Games have taken a great concept and improved on it, adding a host of beautiful arrangements to listen to and making the game look and play a lot nicer.– Indiegames

Physical Combat
A 3D tank combat game

A quirky fps where you kill robots by drawing shapes with your mouse

Social Experiment
A puzzle platformer for one or two players, where the objective is to get both characters to the checkered point safely while avoiding pitfalls, enemies and traps carefully laid to hinder your progress.– Indiegames

Tiny Trials
A series of arcade mini games.

A Typical Wednesday Afternoon
A score-based vertical shooter with plenty of bullets to dodge and enemies to shoot at– Indiegames

50 Comedies
50 Comedies asks you to identify the titles of fifty movies (of the comedic variety) based on visual puns. Just scroll around the collage full of oddities and mutants, and click on a clue when you think you might know what film it represents. Good for movie buffs, trivia toughs, and fans of fun, light-hearted stuffs.-Jayisgames

Kagi Nochi Tobira 2
A simple, but addictive puzzle/exploration game where your goal is to simply find a key and use it on a door.

Leaf Blight
Leaf Blight is a puzzle game based around picking dead/dying leaves off trees to keep the branches healthy. – Indiegames

A short experimental puzzle game based on perspective changes.

Sew ‘Em Up
Sew ‘Em Up is a stitching simulator with an arcade feel to it, created by the famed developer of IGF finalist You Have to Burn the Rope. The game is surprisingly relaxing to play, although floating buttons do add a bit of challenge by bouncing you off your path whenever you collide with one

Yellow Goo Love
The objective of Yellow Goo Love is to guide an elastic goo ball to the end position marked by a red flag, simply by using the mouse to launch it in a forward or upward trajectory motion– Indiegames

4 Hour RPG
JW’s 4 Hour RPG is an action game with randomized maps and player class, created for The Poppenkast’s friendly four hour competition. All characters start out with the sword as their primary weapon, but they also have access to an ability unique to their class.-Indiegames

A Death Foreordained
A Death Foreordained is another entry in RPGDX’s Lofi RPG competition, the same contest which featured Sophie Houlden’s The Linear RPG. Here you play as an agent who must travel back in time and join forces with the local resistance group to assassinate a political figure. The rebels have ordered two of their finest soldiers to follow you on your mission, doing their utmost to help you take out any enemy units encountered during infiltration.-Indiegames


  1. jumpin jesus, that’s alot of l4d mods. were they all just released or something?

  2. @jbp
    Nah, all were released in last month or two, it’s just that only recently somebody directed me to a frequently updated L4D mod site 🙂

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