Posted by: adrianwerner | March 9, 2009

update (8th march 2009)


A satisfactory and highly customizable 2-D racing game(…) If you are looking for a customizable racing game and you won’t be deterred by the 2-D presentation or high difficulty, then Roadclub would be a good choice/7.5 from Out of Eight website

Unwell Mel
Unwell Mel is a great addition to any game collection. It is challenging, clever, and guaranteed to keep you laughing at Mel’s hilarious disorders such as “Luck B. Malady”, “Ringaround A. Cholera” and “Midlife Psoriasis.” Also, with easily over 30 hours of gameplay offered in two modes, this game is a great investment. 8.0 from Gamezebo

Light of Altair
Indie sci-fi colony building strategy game.

One of the coolest freeware games of recent Global Game Jam is now being turned into full game

Virtua Tennis 2009

2009 MODS

CC4 Creta for Close Combat 4

International GT Open 2008 for GTR Evolution

Maugeter – The Keys to the City for Neverwinter Nights
Amazing SP module.

Hearts of Endia for Neverwinter Nights 2 with both add-ons
SP module


Atomic Super Boss
A score-based vertical shooter.

Blade Gardener
Short tech demo for upcoming sword swining game

Beautiful oceanic action game. Every self-respecting gamer owes it to himself to try it out

Cursor*10 2nd Session
A new follow-up to Yoshio Ishii’s popular mouse click game, where players have to once again collect all pyramids in each of the sixteen floors with only the ten cursors they’re allowed to use as lives. You will direct the action of every cursor, one at a time, with events beginning to loop once the allocated time for that cursor runs out.-Indiegames

A hefty multiplayer combat/strategy game done completely in real-time. Players pick a dinosaur, give him a name, dress him up, kit him out with weapons, then aim in the direction of the enemy and blow them to pieces.-Indiegames

Don’t Look Back
A retelling of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in form of retro platformer

Hey Wizard
Very fun and unique (both visualy and gameplay-wise) platformer where most interactions with the world are handled through spells

Portal Defenders
If you liked a bit of Castle Crashers, you’re going to love this. Portal Defenders sees players taking control of the Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp (and a cast of other Newgrounds regulars after you’ve unlocked them) as wave upon wave of enemies are sent in your direction. Your mission? Button-bash them all to death -Indiegames

Schizophrenic platformer 😀

Bowja 3: Ninja Kami
Very fun quirkly point and click adventure game. I especially liked how it handled action-scenes through normal adventure gameplay

Kid’s Room
A nice escape the room game.

Terry Cavanagh’s Pathways is another entry in this line of interactive storytelling, where the progression of a tale is dictated by your choices, and hence the key moments and endings will be directly affected as well. As hinted by the title, players are offered the options of taking one route or another at many of the junctions to be found inside the game, with all paths previously explored conveniently marked by a fuzzy snow effect seen commonly on old television sets. A good selection of music and sound effects help accentuate the experience, although the conclusion of this adventure may surprise a few people because of how little resolution it provides to many of the questions that might arise from playing.-Indiegames

Sagrario’s Room
Great escape the room game

Shifter’s Box – Outside In

Card Game!
Card Game! is exactly what it says on the tin… except that it’s like no card game you’ve ever heard of. In fact, it’s no card game that anyone has ever heard of i.e. it’s a joke.– Indiegames

Opera Omnia
In this game you play a state historian who is charged by his politician friend to come up with convenient theories about migration in the past (of their people and “the others”).-Indiegames

Doom: Fall of Mars
Diablo clone set in the classic world of Doom

The Linear RPG
The Linear RPG is Sophie Houlden’s entry into RPGDX’s “LoFi” Indie RPG Jam. Play is set along a single line and battles happen automatically, with health and experience being altered randomly. (…)It’s not a breakthrough in RPG gameplay, but it’s an interesting concept and the story which is simultaneously told in the background adds to the experience. – Indiegames

Puzzle game about hacking

Fun new spin on puzzle RPG genre

Magic Pen 2
A good Crayon Physics Deluxe clone.

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