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Cloudphobia is not without faults; it has a suspect translation and isn’t very long, but it is a fantastically fun action game.7.3 from GameTunnel

Tropico 3
A sequel to great city-builder (first Tropico got 8.8 from IGN)

Hotel Giant 2

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
A crazy arcade game about base jumping, plus it has like best game title ever 😀 From makers of Wonderful End of the World.

Need for Speed Shift
The series is getting complete revamp and turning into more sim-like experience. And to achieve this EA has hired the team that brought us GTR2 and GT Legends


4bidden Fruit
Simplified remake of Pixel Junk’s Eden, taking merely 4KB.

lockOn 2
Arena shooter with abstract graphics

Space Pips
A nice Flash Geometry Wars clone.

Spring: 1944
An open source WWII RTS

Annie Android
A charming minimalistic adventure game.

For their contribution to the first Global Game Jam, in which thousands of people made games in 48 hours this weekend, Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel paired up once more to create AVGM. It’s possibly important to note the game carries the following warnings: “Excessive Nudity, Excessive Violence, Explicit Audio, Mild Text, Explicit Adult Themes”. Although only the most puritanical of people would take a great deal of offence. (…) It’s a simple Flash game in which you flick a light switch on and off in order to cause objects to appear in a room. These objects can be moved around and arranged, as you progress. The name of the game is not revealed until you have completed it.-RockPaperShotgun

Bars of Black and White
Escape the room game from Gregory Weir(the guy responsible for the awesome “(I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors”) which spices the gameplay up with a unique barcode-scanning mechanics.

A prelude to the Blue Lacuna utilising popular web 2.0 sites in unique and frankly fascinating way to tell a story

Blue Lacuna
In author’s own words :”an explorable story in the tradition of interactive fiction and text adventures. It’s a novel about discovery, loss, and choice. It’s a game about words and emotions, not guns” Highly recommended

The Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge
, House at Desert Bridge is a wonderful work to behold. It’s a story book for grown ups, a fairy tale for philosophers and parents. It instills in you the memory of what it is like to view the world as a child, to see everything with wonder, and at the same time it bears the burden of age, conflict, and struggle. It is a labor of love that is a story that is about labors of love, and while it’s not for everyone, if such things appeal to you, I suggest you check out the manual from Bob the Spider (comes with the download, for your convenience), and step through the window that leads to the House at Desert Bridge.– Jay is Games

T2B Escape 4
Nw entry in one of the very best escape-the-room series.

Perfect Balance
Perfect Balance is an 80-level puzzle game that asks you to… wait for it… balance a collection of shapes… wait for it… perfectly on a tiny jutting spire, or maybe a slanted line, or a sprinkle of floating cubes. It never looks easy, although some of the really hellish-looking levels turn out to be rather straightforward, and some of the relatively simple-looking ones are fronting for explosive migraines.– Jay is Games

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