Posted by: adrianwerner | January 20, 2009

Freeware and Mods sections are up!


So much hard work….

Yes, you’ve read the title right. The sections for 2009 freeware games and mods are finally up.

This blog has always followed it’s title and let’s be honest: modifications and freeware games are something that’s (aside from few rare exceptions) pretty much exclusive to PCgaming.  It’s an ultimate expression of love for games: putting dozens or even hundreds of work into something that you won’t make any money from.  A lot of people who work on  modern commercial games started their careers by doing freeware games or being in a mod team. Nowadays we often see whole groups who previously made freeware and mods switching to commercial development. So mods and freeware games always were a big reason why it’s worth to be a pcgamer and it was about damn time that they  got the attention they deserve here.
Those of you who remember my lists from Gamespot forums know I did freeware list in 2007 once. After that I didn’t follow new releases and after a while continuing was too much work to be realistically possible. I always wanted to return to doing it though and a beggining of a new year seemed like a perfect opportunity to start from scratch. And since I’m already going all out I thought: why not do a section for mods  too? Of course listing every new weapon or model would be too much for one man to handle, so I’m going to concentrate on big mods: total conversions, long SP campaigns and modifications that add a lot of new content.

IMPORTANT: The info about freeware games and mods is far more scattered through the net than about commercial games, which makes it a lot harder to make comprehensive listings. So if you know any good freeware games or mods that I, in my horrific ignorance have missed 😉 and they meet the above criteria (ie: they’ve came out in 2009 and in case of modifications they are big mods, adding tons of new stuff ) then please PM me so I can check them out and see if they should be placed on this list. Thanks in advance.

Enough talking from me then, happy browsing 🙂

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