Posted by: adrianwerner | January 16, 2009



Venture Dinosauria
Third in Pocketwatch’s series.The first one (Venture Africe) was Independent Games Festival finalist, the second one (Venture Artic) won GameTunnel’s Sim of the Year Award.

Unique puzzle platformer, which was awarded Best Overall Game and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards 2008.

Simon the Sorcerer 5
After succesfuly restoring the series to it’s former glory with Simon the Sorcerer 4(78% at Adventure-treff and overall a huge improvement over disastrous Simon 3) the series is back once again. This time with ATARI support, which hopefuly means it will see a release in US.

Legends of Zork
The legendary series returns, as a casual MMO, but who the hell cares?! IT’s ZORK!!!. Plus the series already had huge changes along the way (from text adventure to point and click one with Return to Zork and from comedy to horror with Zork Nemesis) and it always managed to deliver.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
A prequel to a 7.0 western FPS.w

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Movie based games rarely deliver, but at the same time they rarely are developed by as experienced and respected developer as RavenSoft and they have proved with their previous Marvel games they can make it work.

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