Posted by: adrianwerner | December 31, 2008

Last update this year :)

I would like to wish all my visitors a happy new year, year that will hopefully once and for all make all the nay-sayers understand exactly why do we game on PC so much 🙂

Till next year then


War Plan Pacific
War Plan Pacific is a grand strategy game truly designed with the more casual user in mind. A lot of the tedium and frankly unnecessary complexity found in similar games is removed while still keeping a satisfying level of depth. War Plan Pacific is easy to manage, with great unit organization and simple mission assignment. The multiple victory conditions are fantastic and reduce the amount of repetition seen in subsequent matches. War Plan Pacific also doesn’t waste your time with drawn-out contests. For gamers on a time budget (or those easily distracted by other games or shiny objects), War Plan Pacific is a great way to taste strategy gaming without devoting too much time to the endeavor.8.5 from Out of Eight website

Defense Grid: The Awakening
For a budget game, Defense Grid easily delivers plenty of gripping gameplay; it’s easy to lose track of time while playing it. In fact, there were quite a number of times where I defeated a wave of aliens only to realize that I had made it through the entire level. I actually wanted another wave or two in order to test the effectiveness of the mouse trap I had designed. It’s always a good sign when a game leaves you wanting for more.8.0 from IGN

For what you’re paying Puzzlegeddon is a great value and provides gameplay with a surprising amount of depth. The interplay between matching colored blocks and attacking and defending opponents is well done, and the game gives you three difficulty levels worth of bots to practice against online and off. The real test, however, is against humans, something that will likely prove difficult to set up given how few are actually playing online. If you’re bored of standard Bejewled match-3 type games and want something well designed that feels quite a bit different, Pieces Interactive’s Puzzlegeddon is a solid choice.7.9 from IGN

Chains is dripping with innovation and individuality: there is nothing quite like it. Don’t let the short review trick you: there is a great puzzle experience here that is only hindered by the amount of content. Almost every level is a new objective and with a new layout: rare is the puzzle game that has this much variety. One of the main problems with puzzle is repetition, but Chains solves this with a great amount of variety in both objectives and layouts. The objectives fall into a number of categories (clearing a number, survive a time limit), but the layouts help to accentuate the unique nature of the game. Just add more levels and we would have a pretty complete and quite enthralling puzzle gaming experience.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Football Mogul 2009
Football Mogul 2009 takes the next logical step of the franchise, adding in a spectacular play editor on top of an already solid game. My main problem with Football Mogul 2007 was the lack of content, and this version almost completely solves that shortcoming. The play editor is fantastic, and when you add updated rosters, custom leagues, and the host of other additions, Football Mogul 2009 is an enjoyable product. Add in some more playbooks (one per team) and online play and we would have a complete product. Still, Football Mogul 2009’s budget pricing makes it an affordable and satisfying option for those looking for a football simulation instead of a mindless arcade game.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Casebook: Episode I – Kidnapped
Not only a very good pilot for a promising mystery series, but in its own right Kidnapped is an entertaining, if brief, adventure game – oops, “interactive movie”.7.5 from Adventuregamers

Tennis Elbow 2009
Tennis Elbow 2009 is chock full of features: single and practice games, a robust fifteen-season world tour mode with character progression (both yours and everyone else’s), and online play that’s easy to join. The character animations are poor and result in some wacky looking shots and slight influences on the outcome, but for $25, I am willing to forgive sub-par graphics and revel in the quality of the gameplay. As long as looks don’t matter, Tennis Elbow 2009 will appeal to anyone looking for a more realistic simulation of tennis7.5 from Out of Eight website

Europa Universalis: Rome – Vae Victis Review
If I played Rome extensively, I would purchase Vae Victis. The expansion provides meaningful, albeit a bit subtle, enhancements to the basic game that make it a more complete product. 7.5 from Out of Eight website

Battle of Tiles
Overall, Battle of Tiles has many standard and creative features that makes it a must-have for anyone looking for something quick and satisfying to play. I strongly recommend buying this if it is possible for you to do so.8.0 from it also won GameTunnel’s 2008 Strategy GOTY

New Star Soccer 4
This game is obviously not for everyone, but if you’re interested in soccer, you’d be hard pressed to find a more complete game dedicated to the life of a rising soccer star.8.0 from GameTunnel

My Tribe
My Tribe has taken the Virtual Villagers formula, improved the visuals and some minor gameplay features, and the result is a good, yet unoriginal, gaming experience.7.8 from GameTunnel

Forgotten Lands: First Colony
Forgotten Lands is exemplary in making a complex game easy to understand and play, without sacrificing depth or fun.7.5 from GameTunnel

Kudos 2
I’ve consistently found it remarkable how a mundane activity in real life somehow becomes invigorating when it’s on screen, and so buying a newspaper or feeding your dog is confusingly exciting, but it has been captured very well in this title. If you want a casual, non-life-consuming life simulation game that will run on just about everything but your wristwatch, Kudos 2 is for you.7.0 from Boomtown

Zombie Shooter
Do you like to disengage your brain sometimes and just let loose with over the top weapons? Slaughtering untold hordes before bedtime? You’re insane! Quick, call the police! Oh, sorry, you meant in a game, oh, ok. Just buy it then, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Aim, fire, smirk and repeat. -GameTunnel’s runner-up for 2008 Action GOTY


Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir
Horror adventure game, sequel to Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit’s Eye(which got 7.5 from Adventuregamers)

Unique music puzzle game


New game from makers of Rhiannon (7.5 from Gamespot)

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