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Archibald’s Adventures
or my money, it’s hard to find a game more playable than a simple, side-scrolling, puzzle platformer and Archibald’s Adventures is that to a tee. The game follows the adventures of skateboarding kid Archibald as he tries to escape the maze of dangers in a science lab filled with creatures and traps. The levels are short and sweet, the graphics are cartoon-y and clear and the challenges fit in wonderfully with the paradigm of a young hero attached to a skateboard. The puzzles are all timing and creative thinking and can really be taken on by anyone of any skill level.8.3 from GameTunnel

TWTPB is a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of game, and in this case, that’s actually saying something good.7.5 from GameTunnel

Ace of Aces
Arcade-sim made by Mad Otter games, a small indie company made of Dynamix veterans, headed by Damon Slye(co-founder of Dynamix and lead designer of Aces of the Pacific, Aces Over Europe, Red Baron and A-10 Tank Killer). And if you enjoyed any of those games, you will love Ace of Aces

Lore: Aftermatch
Follow up tpo Dark Horizons: Lore, a mech sim that has 74% average at GR

Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches Images
Welsh spooks, ancient myths, and subtle scares abound in this stylish point-and-click adventure.7.5 from Gamespot

Astro Tripper
Follow-up to Space Tripper


Emerald City Confidential
A noir adventure game set in a world inspired by Wizard of OZ, designed and written by Dave Gilbert (maker of Shivah and Blackwell series)

King’s Bounty: The Princess
First add-on.

Indie F-18 Flight Sim.

Resident Evil 5


Elemental: War of Magic
Turn-based fantasy wargame in vein of Master of Magic, from Stardock (their Galactic Civilization 2 plus both add-ons to it all got 9+ ratings on Gamespot)

Next Frictional Game
New horror adventure game from creators of Penumbra series (Penumbra: Black Pleague got 8.0 from Gamespot)

Indie RPG, with hardcore focus on roleplaying, inspired by Lovecraft mythos.


  1. Cyclopean and Elemental: War of Magic have caught my eye. Only a year of waiting, awesome!

  2. Just posting to say I appreciate what you are doing, making a compendium of all the upcoming games and whatnot. Great proof that the future of PC gaming isn’t in the toilet. As much as console developers would have you believe, or want you to.

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