Posted by: adrianwerner | October 1, 2008

Update time!:)

New additions:

The Spirit Engine 2
The Spirit Engine 2 does just about everything right. The graphics and animations are marvelous with interesting character designs, NPCs, monsters and backgrounds bringing to life vibrant and compelling scenery and environments. The music and audio are some of the best you’ll find in a game anywhere. The different characters you can pick from and their in-depth stories really help create an inviting setting that compels you as you move through the game. This is achieved with some excellent writing. The gameplay, in the form of its pseudo turn-based engine, is fun but it does take some getting used to. The game ramps up the difficulty rather quickly, but luckily you can adjust it mid-game if you’re not picking it up as quickly as you should. My only requests for this game would be the ability to save anywhere and a slightly more intuitive combat interface. Otherwise, it is an indie masterpiece.9.0 from GameTunnel

Now Boarding
A click management game with a number of features designed for longevity and efficiency:8.5from Out of Eight website

Loco Mogul
A distinctive casual title that is part Minesweeper, part transportation simulation, and part click-management game: 7.5from Out of Eight website

Hunting Unlimited 2009

I read some reviews of Hunting Unlimited 2008 (which is probably not much different that this game) and they were all very negative. Why? Two main reasons: you are shooting animals and the graphics. Now, Hunting Unlimited 2009 is not a great game, but it is what it is: a hunting simulation. I’m sorry that not every game can have stellar graphics, and while the graphical quality is certainly not high, it doesn’t negatively impact the gameplay. So get over it, hippies. Is there room for improvement? Sure, but it’s still enjoyable if you’d like a realistic game. There’s a lot of stuff here for $20, so if you’re looking for a satisfying hunting experience, look no further.7.5from Out of Eight website

A flexible multiplayer tactical strategy game that thrives on unit variety7.5from Out of Eight website

Peggle Nights
With Peggle Nights, PopCap offers a bunch of new boards and a few new features, though the gameplay is more or less unchanged. Still, Peggle fans should absolutely dive in, and if you’ve never tried Peggle, you really should. Just make sure you’ve got some time to spare before you load it up.8.3 from IGN

4 Elements
Wonderfully presented, generally addictive, and filled with good intentions, 4 Elements is a very, very happy game. That it all boils down to a series of Match 3 puzzles isn’t really an issue because Playrix’s version of Match 3 is so visually and practically impressive that the excellent presentation is mere icing on the cake. It’s even difficult to peg an ideal demographic for the game because it’ll grab the attention of adults as much as it will children. A must-have for Match 3 and puzzle addicts and anyone who’s forgotten that gaming magic can be found where you least expect it8.0 from IGN

Strong Badia the Free
Improved gameplay structure makes for a markedly better–and funnier–second episode.7.0

Line Rider 2: Unbound
In Line Rider 2: Unbound, you’ll experience a love-hate relationship with the Bezier curve.7.0

NBA 2K 09
2K’s basketball game is at last coming to PC!


The Book of Unwritten Tales


Kivi’s Underworld
A casual hack and slash game from makers of Depths of Peril

Delta Force: Angel Falls

A New Beginning


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