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I’ve finally looked through all the news and sites I’ve missed during my stay in Scotland, so now the list is once again up to date.


Warbands – Rise of Baron Muntu

Warbands is a decently well done turn-based strategy game obviously inspired by the seminal Advance War series. They’ve kept the core of the gameplay similar, but iterated enough of the design elements to address some of the shortcomings of its predecessors. It doesn’t quite have the polish or sheen of the Advance War games but there is plenty here to entertain fans of the genre. The cartoon-y graphics don’t quite mesh with the somewhat serious story elements or music, but as a whole package the game works. The interface has a clean design and for the most part stays out of your way. With a built in level editor and multiplayer support, there is plenty here to get your money’s worth. Two thumbs up for Warbands.7.0 from Gametunnel

Mines of Moria
Add-on to 8.3 MMORPG.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!
‘ve never played a game quite like this. It is part board game, with a distinct Clue feel to it, and part mini-game collection. I’m a sucker for unique experiences, and this certainly is one. The visual style is consistent from start to finish and really enhances, along with the audio, the flapper theme. The mini-game challenges aren’t especially deep, but each one packs just enough charm to keep it interesting. As a whole the story elements presented are intriguing and compelling enough to keep you hunting for just one more clue to help solve the mystery. There are a plethora of characters to pick from and interact with, each with their own distinct personality. Backed by some fun and quirky writing, it rounds out the great experience that is Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble.8.3 from Gametunnel

bulis is…mesmerizing. There are so many great things to say about this game, I’m not really sure where to start. The presentation is stunning, the gameplay is intriguing and fun, and the challenge is superb. Be warned, once this game hooks you, hours will vanish. (…)Obulis has that ‘something extra’ which makes it exceptionally fun, extremely addictive, and even more rewarding.8.3 from Gametunnel

Summer Session
Dating simulations have never really interested me and Summer Session was my first experience with such a game. Summer Session’s presentation is very solid, with an intuitive UI system and vivid characters. The writing, which is what the game is largely focused on, is very good, and makes the experience compelling. The major issue with the game is its extreme brevity and lack of depth. Thankfully there are multiple endings to encourage replaying the game but eventually the dialogue and other writing repeat very frequently. Despite its shortcomings, Summer Session piqued7.3 from Gametunnel

Puzzle Hero
Puzzle Hero suffers from a complete lack of originality. As I played, I constantly had the feeling of ‘been there, done that (…)flawless. The full 3D character and monsters look great and have fluid animations. The monster design is often hilarious, and the game captures the light fantasy setting extremely well. The simple character creation is a nice touch, and the game has lots of polish. If the gameplay had been more substantial and original to meet the terrific style, Puzzle Hero could have been a great gaming experience.7.3 from Gametunnel

Stardrone is a blast. The gameplay is fun, unique, and addictive. The experience is fast, exhilarating, and challenging but also generally not too hard. The graphics and atmosphere are great and they are supported by subtle audio choices that results in a very hypnotic experience. It earned some extra brownie points for its Starcontrol references. The biggest gripe I had with Stardrone is that I found the controls totally confusing at first. After I realized what was going on though, I spent the next few hours in Stardrone bliss. This is definitely a game worth taking for a spin.7.5 from Gametunnel

Time of War
Time of War has tons of action, loads of explosions, and steady pacing. Couple all of this with a strong presentation and you get a pretty good game out of the deal.(…)My largest complaint is with the view, which is an odd hybrid of third person and overhead views, that always keeps the forward looking distance rather short. Despite this, and the lack of original mechanics or the need for sound strategy, the game is a solid and enjoyable shooter. 7.0 from Gametunnel

Freight Tycoon
Freight Tycoon is one of those niche games I come across that is good, but will be completely boring to people not interested in the genre. There are a couple of missteps when it comes to the user interface, but, in general, the game is polished and makes finding information very easy(…) Obviously this game will not appeal to everyone, but those looking for an entertaining economic simulation with a couple of minor hiccups will enjoy Freight Tycoon.7.5 from Out of Eight website

Master Poker
Is it worth $60? For avid players, it is. Master Poker features that best AI I have encountered: take that, Canucks! While the game is limited to no-limit Texas Hold’Em and lacks internet play, you are able to practice any real poker tournament (online and off) against knowledgeable AI opponents. The user is also given a suite of learning tools that can give as much (or as little) advice and information as desired. While the graphics and sound are elementary at best, I would much rather have the fast games in Master Poker than a slow and boring poker experience. Although it lacks well-rounded features to appeal to a more general audience, if you are looking to improve your skills as a poker player, than an investment into Master Poker is a recommended venture. Is Master Poker a quality simulation? You bet. Ha ha ha ha ha!7.5 from Out of Eight website

Football Manager 2009
New edition of the definitive football managment sim, for the first time ever with 3D match engine.

NHL 09

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

MotoGP 2008



Shattered Horizon
Muliplayer FPS that takes place in zero gravity setting from Futuremark

Sky Gods
A tactical shooter from BlackfootStudios(made by Red Storm veterans), bassicaly this is a smaller game that will provide funding for Ground Branch as well as be a testing ground for the tech and gameplay ideas,

Godfather 2
The first one was scored 8.1 by Gamespot

FPS from Raven Soft.


Overlord 2
First one got 7.5 from Gamespot

Open-world racing game from Codemasters

Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two
First episode recieved a respectable 7.5 from Gamespot

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