Posted by: adrianwerner | June 14, 2008


I’ve updated the list with reviews for Europa Universalis 3: In Nomine, Supreme Ruler 2020, Dracula: Origin, Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, Age of Conan and Lego Indiana Jones.

New games added to the list:
Civilization IV: Colonization
Sid Meier brings back his celebrated New World conquest sim as a stand-alone Civilization IV spinoff,

Theatre of War II
Sequel to realistic WWII wargame that got 7.8 from Gamespot, the sequel will take place on African front

FIFA Manager 09

Fritz 11

Total Extreme Wrestling 2008
New Wrestling managment sim from Adam Ryland, the 2007 edition got 7.5 from Out of Eight website

Saints Row 2
The first Saints Row got 8.3 from Gamespot.

Aces of the Galaxy
360 version pf this arcade shooter got 8.0 from Gamespot

Dark Void
Action-adventure from Airtight Games, a team formed by people who created Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (8.9 from Gamespot)

360 version of this puzzle game got 7.6 from Gamespot


  1. you forgot Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, announced recently. It’s a new NWN2 expansion coming this fall

  2. Nah, I didn’t miss it, I’m just waiting for any screenshot or at the very least a concept art from it 🙂

  3. Replace Football Manager with the Fifa one

    and put in Space Rangers 2!! (Reboot expansion was just released last tuesday!)

    Also put in Demigod, Stardock and Gas-Powered Games’ joint project.

  4. Ranbir: we all know Football Manager will own Fifa Manager (altough Fifa has made great strides in recent years), but Sports Interactive still hasn’t annouced Football Manager 2009. Of course it obviously is coming, but untill they annouce it officialy and release some screenshots there’s no way to put it on the list.

    I see you’ve already figured out where Demigod is. But yes, I did overlook Reboot 🙂

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