Posted by: adrianwerner | May 31, 2008

Another update

I’ve added reviews for Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor, Mass Effect and Larva Mortus and updated lists with following new games


Beyond Good & Evil 2

Roleplaying game from Deck13, makers of Anhk (7.3 from GS) and Jack Keane (7.0 from GS)


Dungeon Party
MMORPG from Cyanide Studios, makers of Loki (7.0 from GS), Chaos League and upcoming Blood Bowl.

Wizard 101
MMORPG from KIngIsle Entertainment, a company formed by Tom Hall (co founder of both ID Software and ION Storm)

Gobliiins 4
Sequel to classic adventure series, it’s being designed by a small indie dev run by Pierre Gilhodes, the original creator of all three Goblins games

GTR Evolution

FIM Speedway Grandprix 3
Motorcross racing game from Techland, makers of Xpand Rally (82% on GR)

Street Fighter IV

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