Posted by: adrianwerner | May 18, 2008

2007 list added

I’ve converted the 2007 list from GS forums to this blog, you can get to it by clicking on the “games of 2007” link in this site’s header. Now about this list, there are two things I need to talk about.

First of all, it’s a straight conversion of 2007 list, ie there are no links to game sites for every title as I’ve started including them only with 2008 list. I will add them sooner or later, it will just take some time as it will be really a lot of work, but It will be done . First I will convert the 2006 list though.

Second, as I was transferring the list here I also updated it. I’ve removed all the games that got delayed till 2008, removed games that turned out be be disappointments as well as added those that weren’t included and yet turned out to be worthwhile titles. While doing that I’ve encountered a big problem: there were many games that Gamespot didn’t review (at least their PC versions), when that happens I always turn to Game Tunnel, Out of Eight and Adventuregamers. But even those weren’t often enough. Since 2007 ended long time ago I didn’t want to leave those games without any score or review. After some thinking I’ve decided that the easiest and most fair way is to take a look at Gamerankings and Meta Critic and then post a score and review quote from a site that scored the game close to the average rating it has on Meta Critic and Game Rankings. It’s a pretty fair solution IMO

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