Posted by: adrianwerner | May 17, 2008

New home.

moving to a new home

This is already a third home for my lists. I’ve started doing them on Gamespot, but constant changes in scripts made it impossible for me to update them as often and as efficient as I would like to. So I’ve temporary switched them to forums, it worked well, but had it’s disadvantages, including most of all the fact that to comment you had to register.

The lists prove to be pretty popular, which is a good thing, but also has one bad side: the SW forum was swarmed by spam bots who flooded the listings threads with porn šŸ˜€

So after a lot of thinking I’ve decided to do something I should have done long time ago: switch everything to a blog. It looks better, it’s easier to update as well as browse through, it will limit the spam, give me more freedom and also allow me to do normal blog postings with my humble (yeah, right šŸ˜‰ )opinions on various things related to PC gaming.

I apologize for all the troubles that this yet-another-switch might cause, if it’s any consolation I promise it won’t do another one in the near future, unless I will enter a realm of personal fulfilment and ownership of my own server šŸ™‚ But this won’t happen anytime soon

There are still some areas that need polishing, but it will all be done in time. The lists are on separate pages listed in the header. The main page will be updated whenever I add something to one of the lists (I will list only the additions, not the whole lists, I don’t want to kill your connections if I absolutely don’t have to šŸ™‚ ) as well as any more traditional blog posting I will do.
In future I will also convert the 2006 and 2007 lists, but it will take a lot of work (back then I didn’t include links for each game and wrote the whole lists in different format, so yeah, lot of work ahead of me : ), so I ask for your patience.


  1. Bookmarked!

    You know I love your PC exclusives lists. šŸ˜€

    The blog post style updates will definitely make the looking-for-new-additions process so much easier.

    Keep the good stuff coming, buddy. šŸ™‚

  2. šŸ™‚ fine job citizen

  3. great job!, i like this lists.. you summed up what i needed to research…. how i will be taking juice out of my new hd4850


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