Posted by: adrianwerner | May 17, 2008

First update

New games added:



A hybrid of RTS and card-game from creators of Spellforce series

Gary Grigsby’s War Between the States
Civil War grand strategy from the people who gave us Grigsby’s World at War (8.4 from Gamespot)

The Amazing Brain Train
New puzzler from GrybbyGames (Professor Fizzwizzle was named best casual game of 2005 by Game Tunnel while it’s sequel won 2nd best casual game in 2007)

Trials 2 Second Edition
“A fun but exceedingly tough physics-based motorcycle racing puzzle game”7.5 from Out of Eight website

Larva Mortus
Top-down splatterpunk action game from Rake in Grass (makers of Jet N Guns. one of the best PC shumps of last decade)

Droid Assault
New retro shump from Puppy Games (their Titan Attacks was named the best action game of 2006 as well as 3rd best indie game of that year by Game Tunnel)

Cortex Command
Amazing team-based combat game with great graphics and wicked physics. It was the first Indiegamer blog’s Game of the Month


Prince of Persia

Burnout Paradise
Port of a great arcade racer that got 9.0 from Gamespot

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
What Pandemic did to Star Wars with their Battlefront series they will now do to Tolkien’s world giving us a multiplayer-centered action game.



BlackStar Chronicles
An action MMO described as a mix of the single-player traditions of Wing Commander with the multiplayer feel of Descent. It’s being developed by a team of people who previously worked on sadly canceled Privateer Online as well as on Star Wars Galaxies


Arcania: A Gothic Tale
This game is effectively a Gothic 4.It’s tainted with plenty of drama with Gothic 1-3 developer breaking away from the publisher, which resulted in other developer (Spellbound), but at the very least it will be interesting to see how it will compare to Pyranha Bytes’ (Gothic creators) own RPG


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